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  1. It is also worth considering whether you are buying new or used. Going used can mean your money could go twice as far at least if you are doing it right. I'm listening to a rig with a total $RRP of around $10k and paid actually $6k. I'm happy with both the quality and the value. Honestly, the only thing worth buying new are speakers, and vendors are so competitive that your desired item will surface at a price you are prepared to pay.
  2. In my estimation, the further you go above $2k purchase price the less likely you can flip it without significant loss. Significance being defined by your circumstances. Where to buy is simple. Here. What to buy... is why we all are here, as we cannot hear each other's systems we wonder endlessly if we get what the others claim to get. We ask "if I get this, do that, etc will improve my system? " Or we nurse each other and give sage advice about listening to music rather than gear. Then sell them a gizmo to play with. When it comes down to it hi fi are just toys. If someone else wants to play with your toy you can sell it. I like having new audio toys and the thought that there are others who want to play too, so if I don't get too expensive then it won't go pear shaped. Bad outcome is when you get stuck with something you paid a lot for, but the market now abhors, and you want to move it on but can't.
  3. I recommend you do what I did and just wait for one to come up for sale here. I got mine for $2200. When new these are $4k. It takes about the same time (I waited for about 6 months and then bam there it was!) as ordering new, and no loss of quality. Really good things come to those who wait.
  4. You can ask in the Weston Acoustics owners thread if there is a member with the amp you want hear here in Sydney. Then one day when we feel safe with strangers post-pandemic you could go listen. If you want hear a Tempest, let me know. I'm in Strathfield..
  5. When it comes to great HiFi purchasing advice, look no further, you have arrived by joining SNA. I really like the following: The variety of gear that comes up, The quality of said gear, The low prices that can be secured, The ability to get unbiased advice, The facility to sell your existing gear to fund your journey, And, most importantly interacting with others of like mind. I like reading the great bargains and the joy they help promote. Just got to watch those late night red-wine fuelled trigger pulls....
  6. I don't understand what the value add is that Roon offers. I can do everything I want via the Bluesound App, so I don't want to pay for more of that. The Node 2 is a great streamer, and with an external dac SQ is fine, especially once my amp gets a hold of the signal. I think a great value proposition is a 2nd hand Node 2, a giant-killer DAC, and the rest is up to you.
  7. My gear has always given me succor, since music is like food to me, nourishment. Through music's abstract language I escape. When I improve my gear that aspect is enhanced. Changes which don't produce more of that intangible ephemera are not improvements and are not sustained. It's a conundrum, to try to separate the music from the sounds through which the music manifests. They are coupled variables. I hear the music via the sound. When it's good I am reinforced, otherwise not.
  8. Calling Tempest KT120 owners out there! Has anyone tried the Psvane uk-6sn7 or Northern Electric 6sn7 tubes? 1 - do they fit? 2 - how about sound? Cheers, Carl
  9. One aspect of my interaction (I won't call it an experiment) not predicted was the power supply issue, where I estimated that the Hegel, would give better result on the basis of transformers vs op amps. Seems like bias on my part. On paper one might view the SMSL as inferior in quality of the parts that go into the power supply. It certainly was a first for me to use a phone charger. Great result.
  10. I see you can feed each sub via one RCA. So one is left and then the other right channel. With a pre out, L and R go to each sub separately. Same with AVR, pre out, if available, one channel to each sub. Use a switch with 2 RCA in, and one out. With the output of the switch going to the subs, you switch the source that feeds them. Connectivity is easy, acoustic integration will be more problematic. Without a switch, using y connectors, you run the risk of having both preamp and AVR powered on simultaneously and feeding signals, which is dangerous, at least to sanity, but never wise to have two outputs connected.
  11. Here's mine. I bought a Bluesound Node 2 and lived with the on-board DAC for 6 months. Then I pull my old Musical Fidelity V90 DAC (RRP $400) out, connect the Node via optical. Not a huge difference. Ok, methinks, try something better. I look at ASR find a low cost option and order a SMSL Sanskrit 10 V2 for $180 AUD. Being 2020 it takes a while to show. Meanwhile a Hegel (RRP more than that by a long way) DAC comes up here, so I grabbed it. Substantial difference to both Node and V90. Nice. Two weeks later the SMSL turns up. Ok let's hear it. Excellent! Let it burn in two weeks. Put the Hegel back in. Nice. Put the SMSL back, better. Looks like I'll sell the Hegel, and wait for my pennies to add up to some tubes... It's an anecdote. That's all.
  12. I can now imagine an amp that looks like a Dalek. Scary.
  13. I'm a little surprised/bemused by the people who ask me what I did during the break (I'm a teacher). Upon my telling them I bought a tube amp I get a pause, an "oh yes" and further conversation seems rather one sided...me. showing pics gets total bewilderment - They have never seen anything like that before and do not understand it. At least my partner likes anything made of glass, and does like the sound, and did not interrogate me over the purchase, which was never goingto be a stealth job..oh no. And you folks are enlightened, too, in the way of tubes.
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