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  1. What we don't hear at SNA is the folks who buy a node and have no issues and don't read SNA anyway. So we hear a vocal few who have trouble...a pretty unrepresentative sample of the population. I'm reminded of Samuel Beckett " there's man for you, blaming on his shoes the faults of his feet." I think its a great product. I also am of the opinion that streaming should be sorted at $1k and that anything more is for rich people who can afford to waste $. So why do I have an external DAC? I'm a bit of a poser too. Plus I can use my headphones too v
  2. Very high volumes stimulate release of adrenalin, and it may be that adrenalin is what you crave. You will be causing irreversible ear damage listening at the levels you report. Be careful or you will have to cope with either hearing loss or tinnitus. Pushing your gear so hard just does not sit well with me. You will damage the speakers even more, and perhaps the amp too. Maybe you should try to find your sweet spot where it all comes together...which may be more in 85 dB area than the 100+ dB danger zone. I don't mean to sound patronising but please don't
  3. I'd like to offer some thoughts on the new DAC. I can make some qualitative observations on things I think are changed since swapping out the SMSL. It feels like "no more changes needed now, thanks". I think the synergy of the various components is working nicely. The size of the illusion of the soundstage is taller, deeper and wider. At the same time the image is more focused. Music that is really shining is The Raconteurs "Help Us Stranger". I heard them live in Sydney. All that raucous energy is there, the music jumps out at me...as it shoul
  4. I had a pair of these for 7 years and loved every second. Very engaging and punchy, driven easily by my amps, one SS 175 WPC, the other my tube amp 70 WPC. Go on, buy them! You won't regret it.
  5. It's a bit early yet...to be honest It's not so different in sound from my previous SMSL SANKSKRIT, and I could easily go back if not for the XLR out which means my headphone rig is now fully balanced which is a improvement. There are also confounding variables such as new preamp tubes... So I'll wait a bit more before I say any more. I will say I will not change anything else for a good while, I'm really enjoying it. I'm also becoming more hesitant to use a lot of subjective language...so when (a) I have an opinion and (b) I can express it....I will write more.
  6. I had some initial issues with wi fi. I was running an NBN router with a good strong signal but not optimised for traffic such as streaming. Bought a mesh system, and zero node issues ever since. Bluesound should probably have made that issue more public than they have, as their product is fine in some implementations and obviously fairly poor in others. The mesh was purchased to solve a different problem, but l'm certain it solved all my node problems too. I also accept that anything involving any kind of IT has a minimum unavoidable quantum of pain that
  7. I use some free (I think, but not expensive anyway) software on my Windows pc, its called Playlist Creator. I made a long playlist of about 800 songs from across a collection of 12000 files stored on NAS in about an hour. I use a bluesound node to read and play the tracks, no problem. So I don't think you need any other hardware.
  8. Ouch! I paid full price for mine...what an idiot I was. Truly excellent gear, now at bargain price.
  9. I have today taken delivery of a new Kompakt DAC with the Wolfson chip set. So far it sounds excellent. After I've lived with it for a while I will describe my impressions. All I can say now is those who recommend not obsessing over the chip are correct, I've had AKM based DACs and this is just as good. How it matures time will tell.
  10. Buying second hand through SNA classifieds is the only way to go. I have spent $6.4 k here over the last 8 years, made $3.8 in sales, and am listening to what would have cost $13 k if bought new. All items in immaculate condition. Have no fear, SNA is not ebay, sellers here are good people.
  11. 2.5 years with my node 2....no stickiness at all
  12. Yep, and I'll add "Mr Oysterhead" to that. Les C at his funky best.
  13. I'm thinking it's how your AVR's preamp works is fine for movies but only OK for music in your situation (including room acoustics). Maybe your subject to "fear of missing out". Its hard to resist. I fail regularly to exercise appropriate self discipline when that happens. I just try to limit the cost...sometimes. Its your life...do what you can live with. I used to have an emotiva power amp controlled by my AVR, which sounded great to me until plugged in a tube preamp to it one day...I liked the new sound much more...the rest is history.
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