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  1. Neeraz, I would use a Node2i not a Powernode2i for your purpose, you will get a better signal out, and can take digital out to a DAC also. If you look at the Power node and see the only outputs are speakers and headphones that should tell you that this device will not be well suited to sending its output to anything else. The Node, however, is provided with many ways to communicate to DAC or amp. As a streamer I like mine a lot.
  2. I'm getting a big kick out of my setup - 926's driven by a Weston Acoustics Tempest. I have kt88's with about 100 hours on them and no lack of power at all. Such amps can be secured at excellent prices here, just wait and move quickly when your amp comes up.
  3. Why 'modern audiophiles' do anything is often because they think its going to improve some part of their audio experience. Sometimes that might be audible, sometimes visual, sometimes purely conceptual. Sometimes social. Try it, if you like it then keep it. There is in reality no other rule. Later on you will want to try something else, that's just life. There are so many ways to change your experience - change a component setting, a component, the room, the recording, EQ, DSP, volume, the source, vibration isolation, ... it never ends. Also remember you do
  4. Wallet Emptying Acoustic Tech - let us lighten your $ load - we guarantee less for more
  5. Yes it looks similar to one of Eric's amps. You should ask him.
  6. I am running a tube amp of 60 WPC driving my 926 with no trouble at all, so naturally I'd suggest you go that way too. Less expensive option... Could be your room and the speaker/listening positions. If you don't get it right you could be sitting where the bass is being cancelled. If you move around you will hear the bass sounds great in some places and terrible in others, so find a sitting spot that sound good. Maybe you need a bit of room treatment, or else DSP room correction.
  7. Total bargain...will make an excellent Xmas prezzy. If had not just bought same 3 weeks ago I'd be on this like a shot.
  8. I'm loving how my 926's pair with my tube amp, see signature.
  9. I'll take them if you still have them. How would you like me to pay? Details in pm
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