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  1. OK I was told that any hi quality amp would double its power from 8 to 4 to 2 ohms, is that true?
  2. George...The parasound or the Luxman 507u Amp?
  3. George...The parasound or the Luxman 507u Amp?
  4. Is Elson still making amps?
  5. A friend of mine has a Vitus RI 100 for sale............ SN member Snake
  6. When I was 20 I purchased a pair of Brand new Dali 18 MKII's and I had a ME24 Pre and Luxman MO3. 30 years later it would the Cymer 35w set mono's.......Awesome
  7. Thought I would start a thread by asking "What are the best three amps (integrated or pre/power) that you have ever heard?" I borrowed from Elson Silva back in 2012 a pair of 200w SET (His words not mine) mono's using 16 x 6l6 tubes per amp and 2 x coke can size cap's on each amp....Unbelievable New stuff.....dan d'agostino momentum integrated......Unbelievable Gryphon Mephisto Mono's..........as per above
  8. http://classaaudio.com.au/index.php?id_category=23&controller=category
  9. http://audioconnection.com.au/collections/second-hand?_=pf&pf_pt_product_type=Integrated Amplifier&pf_pt_product_type=Power Amplifier Cant go wrong.
  10. Hmmm if my speakers were not so big I would bring them with me when I come to your place.
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