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  1. What sub do you have? How many ohms? RMS power? single or dual voice coil?
  2. Mono, they are more stable at 1ohm etc
  3. I am trying to decide on what amps to use for my car audio build. Mosconi AS series or Phoenix Gold Elite x or Helix C4. I am running Scan Speak Gold 3 way active drivers, Brax Matrix 10” sub and the audio control LC1.1500. i will need two four channel amps or a two and a four depending on brand. Has anyone heard any of the above amps? What did you think of it? Or any other suggestions of class a/b amps?
  4. OK I was told that any hi quality amp would double its power from 8 to 4 to 2 ohms, is that true?
  5. George...The parasound or the Luxman 507u Amp?
  6. George...The parasound or the Luxman 507u Amp?
  7. Is Elson still making amps?
  8. A friend of mine has a Vitus RI 100 for sale............ SN member Snake
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