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  1. Thanks for the comments Andy, have taken all on board. This TT is just a placeholder until I decide what my endgame table will be. So many options I don't want to rush into it at this stage VPI HRX, Cleaudio innovation, and a tone of others Im considering at this stage.
  2. Project Carbon Debut DC, decided to swap out the OM10 for a 2M Bronze. Seems to be a popular cart for this TT. Removed OM10 and disconnected wires, was surprised to find a shim installed. I wrote to project asking if I need to use this with the 2M, they said no. Connected up new cart, and using the protractor that comes with the TT. Placed the stylus on the X and ensured the cantilever is parallel with gridlines on both null points Is that all I need to do ? No VTA adjustment on this TT. VTF I used my digital scale ortofon DS3, azimuth seems OK with mirror check and antiskate set per TT recommendations. I noticed that I have the cart installed right at the front of the headshell slots, is this an issue, should I have aligned it further back ? Does this affect overhang ? I know the cart needs time to break in but the difference between it and my OM10 is dramatic to say the least. To say i am pleased is an understatement. The detail, soundstage, separation is incredible. For now, this modest little table is my front end to Earles incredible Artisan 300B and a pair of Tannoy Canturbury SEs, whilst I keep auditioning for my new TT.
  3. Earles amps are stunning, i waited 9 months for my artisan 300B, and well worth it !
  4. i have Earle's Artisan 300B driving a pair of Tannoy Canterbury SEs rated at 96db. There is very slight hum, but once the music starts its inaudible to my ears
  5. What are the dimensions of the record racks, might be keen if I can get them in the back of the Golf.
  6. Earles Artisan 300B with Tannoy Canterbury SE.
  7. Hi Craig, can you let us know what time suits to pickup the record brushes, also where exactly at 275 Kent can we meet up. Tried to PM you but your inbox is full regards, Paul.
  8. I work in the CBD and can pickup two. what is your address ?
  9. Skipped the yorkies. Have a pair of Canterbury SEs now
  10. I went to audition and listen to tannoy prestige range. Stupidly i took my wife. She is dead keen on the yorkminsters. RRP $25k
  11. Very excited. Ordered an Artisan 300B from Earle.
  12. Hi all, ive recently rediscovered my interest in my vinyl collection and thought I would sign up and start building up my knowledge My system is currently geared around home theatre. I am looking at seting up a new system for audio only in a sperate listening room. Options include: 1. Pulling out my old 70's gear. Have them serviced and refurbished for use or 2. Buy an entirely new system and looking at valve amp/preamp options on the market now. Lots to consider....
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