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  1. 44 minutes ago, Kensell21 said:


    Thanks my friend. Could you direct me to his store?
    Also what sort of oil did you use?


    Here you go


    Audiosilente Idler Wheel


    Regarding oil for the idler bearings you can use sewing machine oil, motor oil, or what a Garrard specialist in the UK advised me to use who rebuilt\restored my deck. 3-in-1, he said spending on anything more extravagant is just a waste of money.


    3 in 1 Oil Lubricant


  2. 1 hour ago, Kensell21 said:

    Very interested. Did you buy it directly from their web site?
    I’m a novice, was it hard to install?

    I bought it from his fleabay store. 


    Its very easy to install, just remove the 2 screws from the top bracket, the bracket lifts off as does the wheel.


    He also provides 2 new sintered bronze bushes and removal tool. I didnt need to replace mine as I did this not so long ago. If the idler wheel has no wobble, you bushes are more than likely fine.


    Before installing the new wheel i cleaned up the old oil with a cotton tip and isopropyl acohol, then refreshed the bushes with fresh oil.


    It's a 10 minute job.

  3. I just installed a new Idler Wheel made by Audiosilente on my Garrard 401.


    To say I am gobsmacked is an understatement.


    Rumble gone and platter stability is rock solid. Infact the platter comes up to speed in under a second compared to about 3 seconds with the old wheel.


    Very worthy upgrade for any Garrard owners. 



  4. 1 hour ago, aussievintage said:


    My favourite combos - big idler, particularly Garrard, and SME tonearms in a big wooden plinth.   Lovely.

    There is so much involved getting this old gear working at an optimum level, but gee it is so much fun and beautiful to look at.



  5. Item: Clearaudio Innovation TT
    Price Range: Negotiable depending on condition and other options such as tonearms.
    Item Condition: Preferably used, but as new or excellent condition.
    Extra Info: Preference for Sydney where I can pickup, but willing to consider interstate shipping. 


    Ready to purchase if I can find this TT.




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  6. Haha, not much swapping with me, more a case of multiple tables, carts and phono stages! And I don't play in the same end of the pool as a $25K budget - actually I'm in the kiddies paddling pool by comparison![emoji3]

    Needs to talk to @@Metamatic or @@rossb for the high end stuff!

    With that kind of budget, I wouldn't be thinking about a step up at this stage. Get the TT and cart sorted first and then look at phono stage options to suit the chosen cart. I'd look at splitting the budget around 50 to 60% on the table and arm and 20 to 25% each on the cart and phono stage.

    Look forward to hearing where you go on this journey!

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    Thanks for the info. Will start a new thread in the TT section in due course.


    Only high end table I have listened to at this stage is a Clearaudio Innovation. Seem to get good reviews but very pricey once loaded with their better arms and carts.


    I dont know, it all depends  on the sound I am happy with. See what happens.

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