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  1. I sent my Garrard 401 back to the UK last year for a full strip down and rebuild to be performed by a renowed authority. I was advised to use 3 in 1 oil as posted earlier in this thread from bunnings.
  2. Is it still in warranty, what do they think the fault is ?
  3. No issues with mine, however I have not used MM. Only MC - Denon DL301 mk2 on one arm and an Ortfon Cadenza Red on the second arm. Gain is set at 60 db for both cartridges.
  4. Can the op be more specific, what exactly does he want to know ? What does comparative info mean ? Am i supposed to be comparing it to something ? I can try and answer if some context can be provided in what they are seeking to find out specifically.
  5. Here you go Audiosilente Idler Wheel Regarding oil for the idler bearings you can use sewing machine oil, motor oil, or what a Garrard specialist in the UK advised me to use who rebuilt\restored my deck. 3-in-1, he said spending on anything more extravagant is just a waste of money. 3 in 1 Oil Lubricant
  6. I bought it from his fleabay store. Its very easy to install, just remove the 2 screws from the top bracket, the bracket lifts off as does the wheel. He also provides 2 new sintered bronze bushes and removal tool. I didnt need to replace mine as I did this not so long ago. If the idler wheel has no wobble, you bushes are more than likely fine. Before installing the new wheel i cleaned up the old oil with a cotton tip and isopropyl acohol, then refreshed the bushes with fresh oil. It's a 10 minute job.
  7. I just installed a new Idler Wheel made by Audiosilente on my Garrard 401. To say I am gobsmacked is an understatement. Rumble gone and platter stability is rock solid. Infact the platter comes up to speed in under a second compared to about 3 seconds with the old wheel. Very worthy upgrade for any Garrard owners.
  8. S2 improved = removable headshell , effective mass 9.5grams Series II Improved = fixed headshell, effective mass 6.5 grams Very confusing from SME.
  9. Ill take it if you cant sell local and willing to post to Sydney
  10. There is so much involved getting this old gear working at an optimum level, but gee it is so much fun and beautiful to look at.
  11. I have gone through bottles of the stuff with my Consonance RCM over the last couple of years
  12. Hard to explain , my downstairs is a big open floor plan, the area they sit in is around 5m wide by 11metres length
  13. I would be all over these, but I have a pair of Canturbury SE's. Cant beleive no one has jumped on these yet!
  14. How does it compare to their universal arm ? where is the best place to buy clearaudio gear ? keen on an innovation.
  15. Thanks for the info. Will start a new thread in the TT section in due course. Only high end table I have listened to at this stage is a Clearaudio Innovation. Seem to get good reviews but very pricey once loaded with their better arms and carts. I dont know, it all depends on the sound I am happy with. See what happens.
  16. Thanks. Any tips on getting to listen to different rigs, setups. I dont frequent here often, perphaps I should, attend afew GTG
  17. budgeting around $25k. Problem is there are so many different tables, arms, carts, phonos. and of course somehow make it integrate and work, with my amp and speakers
  18. Lol, this is giving me a headache. I am looking at a substantial outlay for my new analogue front end, and I just dont know where to start. I really, really ,really need to evaluate and listen somehow.
  19. So if starting with a clean sheet, a MC phono stage with adjustable loadings is preferential to using a SUT and MM phono stage ?
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