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  1. IMHO the theoretical reduction in bandwidth when doing analogue to digital conversions at high sampling rates is negligible/completely inaudible , and the physical limitations of the TT system (distortion, SN ratio) become very obviously the bottle neck.
  2. Thank you. It is not that I do not Ike my current DAC (Naim Dac V1), in fact I like it very much, but I was thinking of streamlining my system and using my portable DAC/headamp (Woo Audio WA8 - has USB only)) as a DAC/preamp for the main system too, and selling the Naim to get some $$. However I have now decided to keep the Naim, so my original question has become something more academic.
  3. I was not able to detect any degradation when I was using it in my previous system with Magnepans and Sanders amplification. Haven't used it in my new system cause I reduced the number of digital sources.
  4. Hi, no damage, just led lights in ceiling reflecting on subwoofer
  5. Item: Audio Authority 4.1 digital switch Price: $99 including shipping (RRP $199 US) Condition: 9/10 - one of the toslink plastic caps is missing Location: Inner Sydney Reason for selling: NLR Additional information: Thus is a hifi grade digital switch. I purchased this from Cable Solution in the US a couple of years ago (paid $291 AU) and used in my previous system. It basically provides 4 toslink or coax inputs and one toslink or coax output. It can switch automatically between inputs when it detects a signal, or it can be done manually. Works flawlessly. https://www.audioauthority.com/product_details/1177A
  6. Item: Rel T5i subwoofer Location: Petersham, Sydney Inner West Price: $600 plus postage Item Condition: 8.5/10 - some swirls in the gloss, noticeable upon close inspection Reason for selling: Upgrading to m8audio sub to match my speakers Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Comes with original cables, booklet, receipt, box and packaging. Shipping can be done easily at buyers cost. Donation to SNA included.
  7. Thanks mate. Are you able to point me to any objective tests or measurements indicating that any ADC reduces the bandwidth of an analogue phono signal and introduces the artifacts you mentioned? I'd be interested to read because as I said there is no audible difference to me even when listening through highly revealing gear ( Focal Utopias).
  8. Thanks for the advice. I do not have a dedicated room for music so physical room treatment is not an option, especially to manage bass response. Hence digital room correction is the corner stone of my system, in fact it generates the most obvious audio improvement than any other component I have ever owned. Especially when entirely done in the digital domain like I am doing. Digitising the phono signal is not a sacrilege to me, in fact when done properly (I am using a PS Audio phono converter -which does hi res conversion live), it is absolutely indistinguishable from the analog out.
  9. Thanks mate. my sources are: 1. Roon via a streamer that outputs in toslink 2. Record player which is converted to digital coax by the phono stage 1 and 2 enter a Minidsp box, which is all digital and performs the Dirac room correction, then outputs the signal in digital coax. This then enters a DAC. I would like to replace my current DAC with a different one that I prefer but has USB input only. Hence my question.
  10. I have a USB only DAC which I like a lot, but use digital room correction with Dirac so all my sources go through a Minidsp which outputs in coax.
  11. I just bumped into this review of the Chromecast audio digital output from audiosceincereview: https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/review-and-measurements-of-chromecast-audio-digital-output.4544/ The conclusions are that: Conclusions There are a few here: 1. The CAST audio functionality of Google Chrome is horrid. There is no excuse for it to be butchering even simple 16-bit signals as it did. While audibly it is not as dire as it looks, I still would avoid it if you can. 2. Roon's implementation of Chromecast streaming is superb. It is bit accurate up to 24 bits and 48 kHz that I tested. Congratulations to Roon for job well done. I assume they received support from Google to implement it as the protocol otherwise is not open to the public. 3. The Chromecast output has more jitter than an audiophile/instrument grade Toslink output. This is evident when used with low quality DACs like Schiit Modi 2 Uber. 4. Using a well-designed Dac like the Topping D50, there is no difference at all between Toslink from Chromecast or higher fidelity sources. All the jitter is filtered out resulting in the performance of the DAC itself being the limit. #4 is a great news here. It means that if you have a good DAC and use Roon, you can turn your DAC into a streamer/renderer using the Chromecast Audio. For just $35, that is a superb addition. As such, the combination of Roon and Chromecase audio is highly recommended! So, it appears that, whilst being mildly jittery, the jitter is filtered out by any decent DAC resulting in the chromecast audio performing just as well as a multi million dollar streamer, when used with Roon and a decent DAC. Can anyone explain how jitter is filtered out by the DAC in layman terms?
  12. Hi there, Is there a way of converting spdif, or toslink, or AES signal to USB so it can feed a USB only DAC?
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