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  1. Item: SVS SB2000 Pro subwoofer Price Range: 1000-1200 depending on age/condition Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I am in Sydney but could entertain postage .
  2. Further information: I have only very recently purchased these new (one month ago, maybe less, have to check the invoice) and I like them so much that I have decided to sell some gear and upgrade to the $7,500 Revel M126 Be model. The M106 that I am selling is a current model, retailing for $3,495. Being one month old, the almost full warranty applies. https://audioinfluence.com.au/products/revel-performa-3-m106-bookshelf-speaker They are obviously in mint condition with no signs of use I can see. I have all the original packaging and accessories. The stands are not included. There are a number of glowing review and measurements online. They all agree on the sound excellence but particularly on three points: - incredibly low distortion, which was also measured - balanced frequency response with above average extension at the extremes (down to 35Hz in small rooms) - excellent in-room response, meaning that these sound great pretty much in every room. This is due to the proprietary design of the tweeter and its wave guide. Some reviews below: Stereophile "I've reviewed several dozen bookshelf speakers since that Mirage in 1985, and I don't think I've enjoyed music of all genres through any of them as much as have through the M106. Kevin Voecks is a genius. No ifs, ands, or buts." https://www.stereophile.com/content/revel-performa3-m106-loudspeaker Audio Science Reviews The Revel M106 is not cheap in a sea of bookshelf speakers selling for 1/5 its price or even lower. But I am here to tell you that it achieves a level of fidelity many of us strive for. Its objective frequency response is very good. But I think part of the superb fluidity and clarity it brings to delicate notes is its extremely low distortion. I wish you could be here to listen to it and experience what I did. To say that I am impressed by it is an understatement. The Revel M106 is one of the most perfect bookshelf speakers I have heard. As such, I am going to give it my strongest recommendation. https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/revel-m106-bookshelf-speaker-review.14363/ Home Theatre Hifi Many audiophiles dream of being able to afford the sound of million dollar system shown in rooms on the 34th and 35th floor at Venetian Hotel during CES week. […] The simple fact is the Revel M106 exceeds the measured performance of almost all these speakers within it bandwidth limit. Subjective evaluation, using techniques to enhance perception of spectral imbalance, correlated with the measurements I presented in this review. The M106 provide bass extension to the lowest frequency of most musical instrument in a small room. […] As much as I hate to say it, my favorite speaker has been overthrown. https://hometheaterhifi.com/reviews/speaker/bookshelf/revel-performa3-m106-2-way-bookshelf-monitor-loudspeaker-review-part-one/ Sound Stage Hifi For me, the M106 ticked all the right boxes: Its ultraclear sound uncovered plenty of detail while boasting a gorgeous, open midrange that was neutral and natural. Perhaps best of all, it maintained these qualities at any volume at which I played them. Add to this its high quality of fit and finish, and Revel’s Performa3 M106 is a compelling package. I hope only that it won’t be another decade before I review another Revel model. Highly recommended. https://www.soundstagehifi.com/index.php/equipment-reviews/839-revel-performa3-m106-loudspeakers Photos (can provide some better ones upon request:
  3. Further information: Just a few months old and barley used. Purchased in early 2020 at Addicted to Audio. Sounds really awesome, will drive anything at ear bleeding level with inaudible distortion (unlike A&K DAPs). Can also be used as Roon end point. The interface is fats and snappy just as a modern Iphone. Currently retailing for $1,249 without leather case, which costs another $100 bucks. Comes with original box and all accessories and paperwork, plus the leather case. Photos:
  4. Further information: This is as new and comes with double box, all accessories and paperwork. Purchase on 20 March 2020 from Addicted to Audio (still under warranty) and used sparingly as I have many other headphones. Current discounted RRP is north of $1,100. Photos:
  5. Further Information: Geshelli Lab (US) make extremely high performing and beautifully measuring gear at affordable prices. I have compared (ABX test) this DAC and headphone amp to much more expensive gear (e.g. Naim DAC v1, RRP $2,400 or so) and could not tell the difference. The DAC review and measurements are available on Audio Science Review. Note that this is a balanced DAC (has both RCA and XLR out), however the RCA out measures better (the XLR out still measures very good). The headphone amp has two line ins, and power to drive anything with inaudible noise or distortion (to my ears at least!). Very clean and powerful sound. Photos:
  6. Further information: This is the sub matching the main speakers from M8 Audio (Rocket 5.1 Super Resolution) which I am also selling separately. They should really go as a system but I have decided to sell separately as they work absolutely beautifully also individually (the speakers) or matched to other brands (the speakers and the sub). The SubOneTen is a current model retailing for $2,400 AUD, designed in Denmak and manufactured in Australia by @m8audio. Here is a link to the website and specs: https://m8audio.com/product/sub-oneten/ And this is a review I wrote for Mark when I got the sub, which is available on its website too: The Sub One Ten replaced a REL T5i in my system. The sound upgrade was immediately obvious, with a much faster and deeper bass presentation. The sound is also less boxy and integrates beautifully with my speakers, the Rocket 5.1, which were far too fast for the REL to keep up with. Finishing and aesthetics are also top notch. I cannot think of any other subwoofer brand offering such a great combination of sound quality, speed and aesthetics, especially at this price point. The sub presents in excellent conditions, with only a couple of minor marks only visible on very close inspection. I have all the original packaging (fancy fabric bag and cut-to-shape hard foam inserts) except the cardboard box, which I have lost. For this reason pick up is preferred, however I could easily get a heavy duty cardboard box made to measure by Pack and Send if required. Note that I have included a photo of the sub and the speakers together to show how well they match however this AD is for the subwoofer only. I am happy to sell the lot, including the stands, at a discounted price (PM for details). Photos: SPEAKERS AND STANDS ARE SOLD SEPARATELY SPEAKERS AND STANDS ARE SOLD SEPARATELY
  7. Further information: These are gorgeous, extremely compact and exceptionally well built bookshelf speakers designed in Denmark and made in Australia by @m8audio. This is a current model, retailing for $2,800 AUD and built without compromises. The cabinets are incredibly heavy, extensively braced and with virtually no parallel surfaces, so there are no resonances at all. The drivers and crossovers use among the best components on the market. Please refer to the specs on the website: https://m8audio.com/product/rocket-5-1/ On top of that, these are gorgeous and have he highest WAF possibly achievable. They present in good condition, with one of the two speakers being almost as new and the other one having a small mark on its side which was touched up with the original paint, however this is still visible on close inspection (see photo). They also come with pre installed wall brackets, should you want to put them on a wall. After owning a wide range of brands and models, including Magnepan 1.7s , ATC SCM40, Wilson Benesch Discovery and Bowers & Wilkins 805 D3, I landed almost by chance on the incredible products manufactured by Mark and found these superior by a good margin to everything I had tried before. I started with a pair of Rocket 4.1, the predecessor of the speakers I am selling, which was only a prototype. This is a review I wrote for Mark at the time, if you are interested in my subjective impressions. This is a review of the Rocket 4.1, not the 5.1. The 4.1 is a prototype of the 5.1 which did not go in production. It uses basically the same cabinets of the 5.1, but has inferior drivers. Yet, as you will read, they sound absolutely incredible. Mark explained that once he realised how expensive was to build the speaker's cabinet, he decided it deserved better drivers than those originally selected and installed in the 4.1 prototype (which I am reviewing here). I purchased a pair or Rocket 4.1 without having ever auditioned these speakers, nor any other speakers from M8 Audio before. I bought them for their small size to organise a near field set up in a room much smaller than the one I was using before. The incredible looks and superior finish came as a bonus. Before these speakers I had owned Martin Logan, Magnepan, ATC, Harbeth and Wilson Benesch speakers. As soon as I set them up I was very impressed by their incredible clarity, detail, punch (for the size), and imaging. The addition of a good subwoofer simply made this set-up the best I have ever owned, prompting me to start a search of an adequate amplifier. I drove the 4.1s initially with a Naim Supernait 2, and then with a Primaluna Dialogue. They responded very well to both solid state and tube amplification, and are also very responsive to any changes in the sources (I had never fully appreciated how different DACs can affect the sound before owning the 4.1s). The curiosity to test how different amplifiers sounded with these speakers took me to what is possibly the best known, ultra hi-end hi-fi shop in Sydney. I took the speakers with me. While I was auditioning the amplifier I was interested in, the shop owner and two senior staff members could not stop praising the speakers and ask me questions about the manufacturer. 'Gobsmacked','unbelievable', 'shockingly good' are some of the words they used to describe the speakers. The owner in particular, who has been in the ultra hi end industry for at least a couple of decades, said he'd never heard anything like that from speakers of a similar size, regardless of the price, and he said he'd tested speakers that were tens of thousands of $$ worth. Right now I am very happy with my system, which is in itself something that happens rarely, but I hope to be able to try different models from M8Audio soon. Mark, the owner of M8Audio, was always extremely helpful and has promptly addressed any of my queries regarding placement, set up and amplification via email and telephone. I change my audio gear very often, but I cannot see myself moving to another speaker brand anytime soon Later down the track Mark came at my place and demoed a few of his best models. They sounded absolutely great but my room at the time was a bit small, so I decided to upgrade the speakers to the same-sized small Rocket 5.1 Super Resolution, and the sub to the matching M8Audio Sub OneTen. The synergy between the sub and the speakers was seamless and the presentation became even fuller, faster, and extremely detailed. I have lived with this system for over one year now, which is by far the longest time a system has lasted at my place. With the COVID isolation thing I started to get a bit restless and contacted Mark for an upgrade to the Maxwell series. Mark informed me that unfortunately at the moment the production has halted due to COVID (he has moved his lab back to Denmark before COVID but he is currently stuck here in Oz), so decided to temporarily try something different and went for a pair of Revel M106 with their sub. I will probably go back to M8 Audio as soon as Mark is able to restart its supply. I am also selling separately: - a pair of suitable stands from Q Acoustic (you will need a stand with a very small top plate if you want them to look their best), - The matching sub-woofer from M8Audio (Sub One Ten). Note that I have included a few photos of the speakers and the sub to show how great they look together, however this AD is for the speakers only. I am happy to sell the lot, including the stands, for a discounted price (please PM to discuss) I have all original packaging but pick up is preferred (with masks and social distancing). SUBWOOFER AND STANDS SOLD SEPARATELY SUBWOOFER SOLD SEPARATELY, TALISKER WILL BE SHARED UPON PICKUP
  8. I am now offering the the whole system also as a discounted package, namely: - M8Audio Rocket 5.1 Speakers (RRP $2,800, selling on stereonet for $1,550) - M8Audio sub One Ten subwoofer (RRP $2,400, selling on stereonet for $1,500) - Q Acoustics 3000i stands, perfect for the Rocket 5.1, RRP $349, selling on stereonet for $220) If anyone is interested in the whole system I will do it for $2,800 (note that the RRP is $5,549, so selling for about 50% of retail price). Again, the brand is relatively new but IMHO superior to any offers from most well known brands in same price range (most definitely) and in most cases also superior to speakers selling at 2x or 3x the RRP (e.g. B&W 805 D3, Harbeth 30.2). Come and have a listen for yourself.
  9. I am now offering the the whole system also as a discounted package, namely: - M8Audio Rocket 5.1 Speakers (RRP $2,800, selling on stereonet for $1,550) - M8Audio sub One Ten subwoofer (RRP $2,400, selling on stereonet for $1,500) - Q Acoustics 3000i stands, perfect for the Rocket 5.1, RRP $349, selling on stereonet for $220) If anyone is interested in the whole system I will do it for $2,800 (note that the RRP is $5,549, so selling for about 50% of retail price). Again, the brand is relatively new but IMHO superior to any offers from most well known brands in same price range (most definitely) and in most cases also superior to speakers selling at 2x or 3x the RRP (e.g. B&W 805 D3, Harbeth 30.2). Come and have a listen for yourself.
  10. done, feel free to message me know, it should work
  11. let me cancel some old messages...sorry
  12. Hey guys, I just realised this thread exists, awesome! I am an avid user of Minidsp's and Dirac corrections. Sorry to sidetrack, but I just posted a WTB for a MiniDSP SHD (the non studio version). I have the studio one (all digital), which I bought with the idea of using it with better DACs than those integrated in the non studio version, but am now looking to declutter my cabinet. Anyone selling or interested in swapping by any chance?
  13. Item: MiniDSP SHD Price Range: around 1000 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I am after a MiniDSP SHD (the version with analog outputs in the photo below). I currently own the MiniDSP SHD Studio (all digital) which I use with two external DACs, but need to declutter my cabinet so I am looking to get the all in one version. Also happy to trade with my Studio version, which has the advantage of letting you pick your favourite DACs.
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