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  1. o2so

    Apollo Rack 4 shelves

    Cash on pick up is fine.
  2. o2so

    Apollo Rack 4 shelves

    Hey Ian, sure mate. I hope you are well. You can pick up tonight after 7 or Friday daytime as I will be working from home
  3. @keys1234 requested a courier pick up, but as I said I would like to avoid postage. Still available.
  4. Pick up only at this stage, sorry
  5. Thanks mate. I have been given a small-ish room in the new house and these do not fit anymore. I will probably buy something smaller. By the way, these work better on side walls to treat first reflections. I happened to use them in my previous room back wall because the side wall was a window.
  6. Item: UV-printed Primacoustic Broadband Absorbing Panels/Artworks (3 panels) Location: Petersham, Sydney Price: $450 (costed $900 all up) Item Condition: Very good. Front of panels are in excellent condition, back has marks from attaching the panels to wall using impalers. Once installed the back is not visible Reason for selling: Changed house, no room or need for these. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I have three 24x48x2 inch (or 60x120x5 cm) Primacoustic Broadband sound absorbing panels which I had professionally UV printed by John Fisher in Marrickville to make them look like an artwork and get approval from my wife to install these in living room. These panels are designed to be printed on without losing their absorbing capabilities. However they must be printed with no primer and using UV printers, which is exactly what I did (the process is expensive). The absorption coefficient is significant and quite wide in terms of frequency, starting in the upper bass up to the highest treble region. Link to manufacturer: http://www.primacoustic.com/broadway-panels/#broadway-absorber The panels currently retail for $449 (discounted, link here https://www.soundseasy.com.au/collections/acoustic-panels/products/primacoustic-paintables-24x48x2), the digital artwork costed $100, the printing costed me $306 (have receipt) and the so called "impalers" which are used to attach the panels to the wall are on sale at $65 (link here https://www.soundseasy.com.au/products/primacoustic-surface-impaler). Total cost was about 900 bucks. They make a huge difference to sound, particularly in rooms with lots of hard surfaces. Pick up only Pictures:
  7. o2so

    Apollo Rack 4 shelves

    Sorry, given the modest selling price at this stage it's a pick up only.
  8. Item: Apollo HiFi rack, silver frame and 4 glass shelves. Location- Petersham, Sydney Price- $80, pick up only Condition- very good Reason for sale- bought this from @miik not long ago but realised I don't need it in new house. Payment- cash on pickup Other- comes fitted with spikes. Dimensions: 535w x 435d x 780mm h. Distance between shelves is185
  9. Like Ezra Furman says in his 2018 album which I consider one of the years bests, I think upgrading any hifi component in an untreated room is like "rearranging furniture in a burning house".
  10. To be honest, considering that probably only about 5% of the forum users would have a dedicated, seriously treated and measured room for music, I think these devices are the most important component in anyone's system. More than speakers. Like, seriously much more than speakers. People say they hear a difference when swapping cables or amplifiers. Bah. I struggle to believe such differences can be heard in a room with modes and dips all along the frequency range.
  11. Hey mate. I'm the one trying to sell. Will you take the power supply too? It does improve performance.
  12. Thanks. I'd prefer to sell both items at the same time so I'll wait a bit longer. If it doesn't happen within a day or two, you can have the DSPeaker only.