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  1. Further information: This little Android based audio player represents huge value for money for a portable solution which will drive any headphone. I had initially purchased the 5 times more expensive Astell & Kern Norma SR15, only to find out that it would not drive my MrSpeaker Aeon at high volume due to its amplifier being severely current limited (by the way, all the A&K players have this issue, including the Kahn ). A bit of research and spec reading ( see here: https://audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/balanced-vs-unbalanced-head-amp-out-power-vs-distortion.11292/ ) pointed me to this player, which despite being cheap has an amplifier which produces much more current than any A&K player and sounds great. Being android based, it will also run Tidal and Spotify, including offline content. It has two slots for micro SD cards, 64Gb internal storage and it reads all high res formats up to DSD. It has single ended and balanced outputs and Bluetooth APTX too. Finally, it comes with two cases (silicon and leather), all papers, box and receipt. Being one month old it has almost a full warranty left. Not a single mark on it. Photos:
  2. Very different. Utopias are cleaner and airier with a bit of a peak around 4K Hz. The Audeze have the most amazing punchy and tight bass (that the Utopias lack) and are pretty neutral in the rest of the range, but not as airy and detailed as the utopias.
  3. Item: Audeze LCD-x Planar Magnetic Headphones Location: Sydney Inner West or Parramatta CBD Price: $1,150 (currently retailing for $1,899) Item Condition: 10/10, only 3 months old Reason for selling: upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I bought these from Addicted to Audio on 30 November 2019 and used occasionally. I like the Audeze sound so much that decided to save up for the LCD-4. This is the model without carry case, however they come with the original padded box. I have the receipt too. Audeze allows warranty transfer ( https://audeze.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000326626-Audeze-s-Warranty-Policy-including-Amazon-and-eBay-sales- ) so these have 2 years and 9 months of warranty left. Local pick up preferred but can post at buyers expense These are very easy to drive cans, with a phenomenal tight and extended bass (but not overpowering at all), nicely fleshed out mids and smooth highs. Plenty of Info online. Photos:
  4. Item: Astell&Kern SR15 + leather case (new) Location: Sydney Price: $795 Inc shipping or $780 if picked up. Item Condition: New, bought on 6/2/2020 Reason for selling: impulsive purchase Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Two days ago I returned a pair of Campfire Audio IEM at Addicted to Audio because they were making my ears itchy. I was given a voucher and decided impulsively to use it on the spot and pick up this DAP. It's a great little player which among other things will let you use Tidal and Spotify offline, and will soon be a Roon compatible end point. it works great with all of my headphones ( Audeze, Utopia) but doesn't get overly loud on my low sensitivity planar magnetic from MrSpeakers, which require more current to play loud as I sometimes like it. It is new, used for maybe 30 minutes then back in it's box. Comes with everything that was in the box, plus receipt. The RRP is $999.for the player only. I am also including its leather case (RRP $100), which never came out of its box. So total RRP new is $1,099. It is very small and light, about half the size of a smartphone. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  5. If I have to put my faith in something I will certainly choose repeated measurements and several ABX test results over a bunch of audiophyle myths or uncontrolled subjective listening sessions, knowing how demonstrably biased these can be. But I do not have to put my faith in anything, so I did my ABX tests myself. Matched volume, friend swapping components and all. This is my experience and it is fine for someone else to have a different opinion, as long as it is presented politely.
  6. Well one more reason to opt for components with low distortion, low noise, low output impedance and good linearity (in other words, components that measure well)
  7. Going back to the Topping D90, its measured performance is clearly one of the best ever seen. I am not even sure there would be a point in having such an incredibly measuring DAC when I am not aware of many other audio chain components (amplifier or speaker) that could match a signal to noise and distortion of 120 db. At that level there are other factors for me coming into play, such as customer care support and cost.
  8. My take is that if the features you mention are not in the recording, they cannot be generated by the audio chain. So, in my humble opinion, your best take to achieve what you want is to have a system as transparent to the recording as possible, good recordings, and a measured/corrected speaker/room interaction. I will reiterate that "transparent" to me does not mean "detailed" or "clinical". It means lack of coloration. You can then modify the sound signature to your taste using speakers/ room treatment/ DSP, if you like. At least that way one has more control on the final results.
  9. To me a transparent component does not introduce artifacts of its own. This can be measured but you seem to think it cannot, or not entirely. Which I guess is where all sub vs obj debates end up.
  10. Not transparent to what was happening in the studio during the recording session. Transparent to what was recorded. Transparent to what enters the DAC, whatever that is.
  11. Oh that's it then. To me transparency is what goes in, comes out unaltered. If you have a different definition then this has been a pointless dialogue
  12. Not quite sure I am following you. My understanding is that distortion is defined pretty much as the opposite of transparency. So if you measure distortion, you measure transparency. If you think I am incorrect please explain why.
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