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  1. pls check your inbox re the Vega. I am interested and asking about price if sold separately.
  2. FS: Magnaplanar 1.7

    I am very happy with two REL T5 and a DSPeaker. I strongly recommend the DSPeaker Antimode dual Core 2. Day and night difference. But one can definitely start off just with the Maggies, and add the subs later on.
  3. FS: Magnaplanar 1.7

    I have owned these same speakers for a few years now and in my experience, coupled with one or two enclosed subs, they sound better than most speakers below the 10k mark. There have been many moments in which I wondered how a different speaker would sound, and was feeling like a change (just for the sake of it), and have auditioned several options, mostly worth around 10k new, some even more. I never found anything that sounded that good, or not good enough for me to replace my maggies. I did find speakers that sounded different, or one could say equally good, but in most cases I found the 1.7s to be clearly better. I think that if someone wants a significantly better speaker than this, they need to look at the 10 to 15k price bracket, which makes these a huge bargain, particularly at the advertised price. I will add that if WAF is a problem, the black cloths can be easily replaced with off-white ones (McLean sells these for about 100 bucks) which will make the speakers much less imposing in the room, and will make them blend with the wall beautifully. Mine were originally black, my wife at first was not very impressed with how they looked in the living room, but after replacing the cloths with the white ones she was very happy. She actually thinks they look better than all the cabinet-based speakers that I have auditioned in these years!
  4. FS: NAD C521BEE cd player

    Price drop to 200
  5. FS: NAD C521BEE cd player

    Still available
  6. Item: NAD C521BEE CD player with optical out Location: Inner Sydney Price: 200 Condition: 9/10 Reason for selling: I ripped all my CDs and using streamer only Payment: cash on pickup This is a very good CD player with coax optical out in addition to RCA analogue out. So can be used as a transport with a good external DAC, or just as a traditional CD player. It sounds just as good as my previous over $2000 worth cd player. Prefer pickup because I do think have the box, but could package up well and ship if required. Comes with original remote.
  7. Now for sale! Under warranty and can be extended/transferred
  8. Actually I checked the purchase date and it was 2 months ago. So this is still under warranty regardless of the extension. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  9. More photos on request Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  10. Item: [For Sale] Sanders Magtech Stereo Power Amplifier (black) - under warranty Location: Inner Sydney Price: $4,250 + posting Item Condition: 10/10 Reason for selling: downsizing Payment Method: Cash on pickup or PayPal (+3%) if shipped- have all original packaging and double boxes Extra Info: This very well known amplifier does not need much introduction. This particular unit was purchased from Bill Mclean (Sander's distributor in Oz) about three months ago and paid $4,500. It was purchased second-hand, but the first and only owner of this before me was in fact Bill Mclean himself. This used to be his personal power amplifier. The amp has still 2 weeks of warranty on it which can be extended for another year for additional $250 (Bill has confirmed that this would be transferrable to the new owner). A bit of a story on how I got Bill's personal amplifier. I initially purchased another second-hand Sanders Magtech that Bill had for sale. This was one of the first versions of the amp and we found out it had an issue with overheating (these amps run fairly cold usually). So I called Bill and explained the problem. He said it was "not right" and that he would have replaced that amp with another one. Because he did not have another one for sale at the time, Bill suggested to replace my amp with his own , which was much newer and in perfect condition. To which of course I said yes. The same week the Sydney Hi-fi Show happened to be on, so Bill brought his Sanders down to Sydney and I went pick it up at the Hi-Fi show. I can prove this with my email exchange with Bill, or you can just give him a call. So, in a nut shell, this amplifier is pristine and has still some of the warranty that Bill gave me when I bought it, which as I said can be extended and transferred to new owner. This is a end game amplifier, with a unique power supply that is said to be almost 100% efficient and whilst being a 900W (4ohm) class AB, it runs basically cold because there is no waste of energy. The sound is super transparent, very dynamic and punchy, and very quiet at idle. It goes without saying that this will drive absolutely any speakers ever produced. I used it with Magnepans 1.7 but can drive large electrostatic as well as low impedance dynamic speakers with ease. The specs are: Power (Stereo Version) 500 watts RMS per channel into an 8 ohm load 900 watts RMS per channel into a 4 ohm load Bandwidth DC through 100kHz Class of Operation Class AB Input Impedance 100K unbalanced, 1K balanced Input voltage required for full output 2.2 Volts Noise More than 110dB below rated output Gain 26dB THD Less than 0.01% Damping Factor Greater than 600 into an 8 ohm load Voltage Voltage is user selectable for use world-wide. All details here: http://sanderssoundsystems.com/products/amplifiers/magtech-amp It was on Eli but this is now for sale. Thanks! Pictures: see below
  11. I'll take the two 0.8 Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  12. Ahah god I had forgotten I used to own this Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  13. Item: Sennheiser HD600 Location: Inner Sydney Price: $240 + post Item Condition: 9/10 Reason for selling: Unused Payment Method: Cash on pickup or Paypal and postage I bought a these new in Australia a year ago, but I have used them maybe 10 times, only to discover that despite the excellent sound quality, I am a loudspeaker person. These headphones have to be the biggest deal in audiophile universe. I suspect you would need way over a grand to beat them. I have all original packaging and all. Perfect condition. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  14. Currently Spinning

    No-bullshit, pure-hate, dry and mean post rock weekend treatment. Shellac. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk