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  1. This has to be the most honest post, and OP, in the southern emisphere. Chapeau.
  2. How does this compare to the Benz ACE low output? Anyone knows?
  3. follow the link to my initial review, there are pics of the actual speakers.
  4. Item: Wilson Benesch Discovery Mk I Location: Sydney Inner West Price: $6,000 (EOI only at this stage) Item Condition: 9/10 Reason for selling: Renovations Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Only Extra Info: I am gathering interest for these incredibly sounding and looking multi-awarded speakers, which I have now owned for 8 months and treated better than all my other family members. This is mark I model, which retailed for over $8,200 US. They are extremely similar in design, construction and materials to the new mark II model, which retails for over $33,000 AUD (https://www.soundgallery.com.au/product-page/wilson-benesch-discovery-ii-speakers). The previous owner (@Monolex) purchased them from the second hand stock of Audio Connection in Sydney in early 2018 for $8,000 (I have the receipt). He sold them to me because being a sound engineer and using these for work he did not like the marked 3D sound stage that these are capable of. The price has been adjusted to remove the retailer mark up and to account for almost an year of very polite use. They work flawlessly. Cosmetically, they are in exceptional shape, with no marks that I can see, apart from a couple of small blemishes on the base of the metal stands. The cabinets are in carbon fibre and have no parallel surfaces to completely avoid resonances. While they are a standmount ported design, the stands and spikes are actually one thing with the speakers. I suppose they could be regraded as floorstanders. They have 4 drivers: - 1x tweeter (scanspeak revelator) - 1x mid bass -2 x bass woofers organised in an isobaric set-up, under the speaker cabinet. Two bass ports of different lengths are located under the cabinet, firing towards to floor. This ensures a consistent bass response that is not overly dependent from the distance from the back wall. The bass they can generate is astonishing in extension, slam and speed, and superior to all classic floor standing design I have owned. Mid and highs are very neutral, extended and impressively detailed as they benefit from the complete lack of resonances and cabinet distortions. Most notably, these speakers are capable of superb 3D imaging. My thoughts after purchasing them can be seen here: [/url] I have used them in 3 different rooms without any issues, from large size ( 7 x 5 living room) to small (3.5x4 bedroom), although I have to say the smaller room (in which they are now) has a pretty high ceiling. I do not have the boxes, and they are super heavy, so this is a pick up only. Some reviews: Stereophile: "Back to the Wilson Benesch Discovery. I believe—without reservation—that this speaker embodies sufficiently radical departures in design, materials, and execution that its somewhat eye-popping price passes muster under the foregoing test of costing compared to reasonable norms" "What has enchanted me most, though, is a beguiling combination of warmth, roundness, and fullness of musical tone, with a seemingly paradoxical absence of veiling or time smear." "the Discoverys set new standards for integrating musical details without obscuring them" Audiodrom: "Symphonic music requires expanding soundstage, tonal fidelity, the capability to handle dynamic microshifts in nanoseconds and first rate transparency. Such the music also needs speakers that will not dissect the performance into individual elements, rather they favour integrity, instrumental communication and emotional involvement. The Discovery eats similarly priced competitors alive in all these aspects. In dynamic peaks the pressure would knock you out and the sweeps of strings are so present that you feel like being there." "Wilson Benesch presents one of the Discovery's drivers naked, firing towards the floor - that is why the Discovery speaker looks like an engine rather than a loudspeaker. If you consider how the Discovery is designed and how *** sounds, it is much closer to a floordstander. I've found the asking price fully appropriate for this piece of solid engineering. Yes, they are expensive, but still bargain ccomparing to, let's say, Magico Q1 minimonitors." Tip: have a look at the other speakers reviewed by Audiodrom and how they ranked against the Discoveries! They rank better than 90% of the hi end speakers tested. Example of score in "Sound" quality: WB Discovery: 85% Kef LS50: 40% Sonus Faber Olimpica I: 78% Dynaudio C1 mkII: 83% FOCAL JMlab Diablo Utopia Be: 78% PMC Twenty5.26: 63% Soundstage! While there are other speakers out there that will immediately grab your attention with audio pyrotechnics, there are few in my experience that are as subtly accurate, tonally right, and visually arresting as the Wilson Benesch Discoveries. Their combination of a rich yet defined bass along with an articulate midrange and relaxed and detailed treble makes for a speaker that will provide listening pleasure and musical insight long after the initial glow of a more flowery speaker has worn off. If you want party speakers that’ll make you dance, there are plenty of them out there to choose from. If you want to unearth every nuance on every recording you own, the Wilson Benesch Discoveries will dig them out, place them in real space and time, and give you access to the meaning contained within. Disclaimer: Like all high end monitors, the utter neutrality may come across as a bit uninvolving at very low volumes (I am talking background music levels). But they come alive beautifully at medium levels. To give you an idea, I use them every night in the room next to my 3 year old son, after he goes to sleep. I play music at a volume low enough not to disturb his sleep, and that is more of enough for the speakers to shine. Pictures:
  5. Ok then. It is highly unlikely that you will be able to fix the bass issue with physical room treatment, unless you buy huge bass traps. Side reflections are easy to fix with some relatively cheap panels, but the bass will not be affected by these. Any of the digital room correction tools I mentioned however are extremely effective in eliminating completely bass modes.
  6. Mate, if the problem is the bass, just get yourself a DSPeaker or a minidsp or a deqx. Problem solved. You'll be amazed.
  7. Have not tested these with cable but will do and let you know
  8. I bought these new not long ago after extensive testing of all alternatives. I'm not sure SQ can get any better than this.
  9. I forgot to mention it comes with box and all original bits and pieces
  10. Bump just in case someone did not see this
  11. Location: Sydney Inner West Price: $150 plus postage Condition: as new, bought 5 months ago Reason for selling: upgraded Payment: cash on pickup or PayPal if posted
  12. Thanks mate. If you are going to put up a proper headphone set up you might want to have more of a "reference" wired cans and a proper amp, but these are just plain great for more casual (and also critical) listening when you dont want or you cant sit down at your hifi desk.
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