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  1. Please PM me to discuss. As a general rule, this sort of communications should happen only via PM. For everyone else interested, at present time these are still available. If you are interested you better be quick because I am thinking of keeping them and buying the new awesome matching subwoofer to create a second system.
  2. I too think that having a rack or a TV unit between the speakers will have very little effect on sound as it would only affect reflections that get to your ear very late in the piece, pretty much at the same time as reflections from the front wall. Also any reflections from a rack would be much more scattered and diffracted than reflections from the front wall. So I would be extremely surprised, and this is an euphemism, if anyone could tell the difference in a blind test between having or not having a rack between the speakers. But I do definitely believe that the phantom image is affected by
  3. completely agree. Revel are possibly among the best sounding speakers available but they really need a substantial rethink of the aesthetics. Pretty much everything in their line up is a screaming fugly hi-fi item, IMHO. Except the Concertas which look ok, too bad these are the entry line.
  4. Further information: I purchased these new from Apollo Hifi for full retail price about 3 months ago. I have an opportunity to move to a larger room so I am going with floor standing speakers. I had previously listed these LS50 Metas and provisionally sold them, however the floorstanders that I had purchased were damaged during transport to my place, so had to return these (they were floor stock) and cancel the sale of the LS50 Metas. I have now found a new pair of suitable floorstanders so the KEFs can go. I have all the original packaging and accessories.
  5. Further information: This is my second SVS SB2000, and tehy are both for sale. This was purchased a few months before the other one so I think it is about 6-7 months old. Purchased new from Apollo Hifi, comes with all accessories and box and receipt. It presents as new except for a few dust marks on top, only visible in direct light and if your sight is excellent. I tried to capture these in the photo. Like all the SB2000 Pro, this is fully adjustable via the SVS app, including DSP equalisation. Can be shipped safely in original packaging or picked up, which I'd pref
  6. Further information: I purchased this new from Apollo Hifi in October 2020, if I remember correctly. This is the Pro version which allows full control and DSP equalisation via a phone application. There are no signs of use that I can see. It comes with box and all accessories, receipt and box so can be shipped easily (at buyers expense), however local pickup is preferred. The isoacoustic gaia III feet are not included but can sell separately if needed. Photos:
  7. Do you know what tweeter is on the focus 60xd? I read somewhere that it is a version of the esotar, while somewhere else it says it's just the same esotec found in older focus models. Any Intel?
  8. I thought his problem was congestion. If the problem is dynamics, then yes a bigger speaker will have greater dynamics (at high volumes only). I do not agree with the statement that a small speaker with a subwoofer will have a smaller soundstage than a big speaker. Maybe not as tall, depending on the height of the tweeters, but the width depends on the tweeter of axis response (for the same placement in the room).
  9. Purifi amps measure better than Hypex-based amps, but many think the difference is not audible. So the new design IS better, but probably not audibly better. Or if it can be heard (I doubt it), the difference would be extremely little.
  10. At least his claims are based on facts. How an amp performs on the bench is not really a matter of opinions. Of course, some might prefer an amp that measures worse but weights 50 kg and has VU meters, just like some prefer overcooked pasta or cheese on oysters. Not saying you do of course. Just a joke to say that what people prefer often has not much to do with good engineering
  11. To clarify, you can see the frequency response chart in my room, suing two bookshelf speakers and two subwoofers, without and with EQ to control room modes.
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