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  1. Further information: This is arguably the best entry level complete vinyl set up available today. PIano black in colour, it comes with factory fitted Rega cartridge and inbuilt Rega phono stage. Five star review on What Hi-Fi. https://www.whathifi.com/au/rega/planar-1-plus/review I had a voucher from Lifestyle Store in Sydney and did not need anything for myself. So I used the voucher (and some cash!) to purchase this today with the idea to sell. This is sealed, Australian stock, with receipt and full Warranty. Retail price is $749, but c
  2. true. I was very careful for the first week or two but now I am used to it and it is a breeze
  3. I think I was right mate. But yes, they use a PCM to PWM conversion in the amp. Which means the amp must take PCM (digital) input only. So any analog input is converted to digital. From the Stereophile review: according to Dynaudio, all signals are processed digitally in the amplifier without analog conversion, and remain in the digital domain until the latest possible and most ideal moment—right at the drivers. When I asked Dynaudio USA's Mike Manousselis and Mick Tillman for more information, they told me that the amp is based on Texas Instruments' True Digital Audio
  4. Also, they must have a DAC. A digital signal won't move the drivers. If the DAC is integrated in the amp like Nad does, it's still a conversion you have to go through.
  5. Are you 100% positive? Cause I am pretty sure of what I am saying. The crossover is digital, I think.
  6. Nice colour. How convenient is that tweeter protector? I spray-painted mine in black and leave it on all the time (except when listening obvs) to avoid any kid induced damage.
  7. If I may ask, how is your external dac improving the sound? The Dyns will digitize your analogue input, run it through the internal digital crossover and dsp and then, using their internal dac, convert it to analogue before sending it to drivers. So if I am correct by adding an external dac, even a very good dac, you are simply adding an A/D and D/A step to the chain. I would think that, if anything, this will degrade the signal.
  8. I think it makes perfect sense. I haven't heard the Gb1i's but all the PMCs I've heard sounded pretty uneven to me, and all the measurements I have seen confirmed they have a pretty flawed, ehm, unique design. The fact that many like their sound signature is a different story. Dynaudios are generally well designed and measure very well. Especially the XDs that take advantage of inbuilt dsp and active crossover. I did audition the 30xd too and compared with the 60xd at home for several days. They were pretty close in sound signature. With that said, if you like your speakers I'd sug
  9. Yes, I was running also the Dyns via minidsp shd for a fair comparison with my other system, so totally possible. The xds are ran by class D amplification, not sure which type but certainly not Hypex modules. I would not worry though because whatever amp they run, any frequency response errors are corrected by the inbuilt dsp, and distortion is low enough to be irrelevant. The main issue with older class D modules is that they had variable response of the high frequcies depending on the speaker impedance load. So with some speakers they would do well, with some others they'
  10. sold (pending) at asking price in about 10 minutes. Fastest sale of my life.
  11. Further information: This is a Power Amplifier from a very well known and respected Australian manufacturer, Alan March of @March Audio It is based on a Hypex N-Core module. It puts out 2 x 150W in 8 ohm and 2 x 250W in 4 ohm, and it is stable in 2 ohms. This means it can drive pretty much anything with tremendous bass grip and finesse. Performance in terms of noise and distortion is among the best achievable today by any power amplifier, regardless of the price. I have used it to drive Revel M106, Revel M 126 Be, Kef Reference 1, JBL L82 and Kef LS50 Meta. In all
  12. so are the SVS subs that I had, and I was lo-passing them at 120Hz. And I had plugged the rear port of the LS50s too. I think it had to do with positioning, subs were on floor while woofers in the Dyns are elevated
  13. Those in the pic were the demo model, I purchased them in white which I personally much prefer as they blend more are are far less visually intrusive. I experimented with wired vs fully wireless and could not hear any difference at all, so they are running wireless to take advantage of less cable clutter.
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