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  1. Thanks for your help otherwise I don’t think I would have had the berries to make a change.
  2. The bell in “The Beatles” maxwell’s silver hammer sounds amazing now !
  3. I am still getting used to the sound (this is the first change in my system in 3 years) but they really bring out the percussion and it’s a bit easier to tell where the instruments are, the bass is different from my old valves maybe a bit less powerful but more defined. With the top end I still have to play a record that really hammer that. Can really notice the difference overall but too early to tell much more than that. It’s like listening with a new set of ears. these are the ones I just took out, are they decent ?
  4. NOS Amperex Orange Globes 6DJ8/ECC88sorry can’t work out how to get photos right way up.
  5. Further information: These are “free” but you must donate to Stereonet. drivers are in great condition for 50+ years old, wooden grills have only a few small areas of damage which could be easily fixed with some putty and a modicum of skill, cabinets are a bit tired with some of the veneer splitting and coming away but nothing horrific. Only used once years ago when I got them with an amp but from what I can remember they sounded pretty good. Would make great garage speakers or with a little bit of work they would look really good in a vintage system cause they do have the right “lo
  6. Hi all, I currently have a lot of time at the moment due to a work injury so am doing a lot of listening. I have a tube preamp (uses 4 * 6922 / ECC88) which I love and sounds great but I’ve had it for years and has quite a lot of hours . I know that sounding “great” is very subjective and hard to quantify but I am wondering if I spend some money on new tubes would it get better ? or should I just spend the $ on records. I am not sure which brand to get, have been looking at Gold Lion ,NOS National or Electro Harmonix gold but really have no experience so a bit clueless as I don’t have heaps of
  7. Further information: Matching pair of Linn Keilidh speakers with Ku-stone bases and upgraded 3 bar tweeters. Speakers have only a few very small scratches that are not very noticeable (you have to look for them) drivers are pretty much pristine. Linn Classik amp/ CD player with remote and speaker cables same condition as speakers. I have been using this system for my tv for about 5 years now and using main system for records but it was very crowded so have gone to a sound bar for tv. Sounds excellent with a lot of bang for the buck. Photos: PLEASE READ If you in
  8. Further information: Totally stock vintage Lenco. Platter and deck in very good condition, arm has some pitting and a little bit of a droopy ass, dust cover is in good condition with fine scratches but nothing major, plinth is in average to good condition for age with some chips and scratches but shouldn’t be too hard to remedy. Runs nicely and keeps speed well, has original idler tension spring in great condition. Perfect for someone who wants to upgrade to PTP or just have a nice classic turntable. I have had this as my second turntable for a number of years to use with a MM c
  9. Item: Pioneer SX-410 Receiver (faulty) Price Range:Free Item Condition:Used (faulty) Extra Info: I bought this from a sn member in Perth years ago along with some speakers with the intention of setting up a second system but i don’t really have the room for another setup.It needs some work which I am not capable of. One channel is very quiet (can’t remember which one). I tried changing some valves around but made no difference and that’s as far as I got due to not wanting to die from electrocution. I don’t know to much about it, I think maybe late 60’s early 70’s. schematic available on
  10. Item: 100 or so DVD’s Price Range: nil (a donation to the site would be appreciated) Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Am home for a while due to work injury so getting rid of the unused. If the receiver could drop any unwanted ones to a charity shop that would be great as well P.S. you will need to bring own container as I like this one thanks Pete
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