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  1. I have this 5.1 music disc. It is in great nick. PM if still interested.
  2. Further information: For sale is a quality centre speaker by Danish brand Dynaudio. It is in excellent working condition and in very good nick. Apart from superb clarity it is powerful (150 watts RMS). It retailed new for $999. SPECIFICATIONS Sensitivity (2.83 V/1 m): 86 dB IEC Long Term Power Handling: 150 W Impedance: 4 Ohms Weight: 6.9 kg Dimensions (W x H x D): 370 x 165 x 200 mm EXPERT REVIEWS https://www.soundandvision.com/content/3000-speaker-derby-dynaudio USE REVIEWS http://www.audiorev
  3. I recently picked up a 3.1 set of the original Whatmough Synergy speakers (3 satellites and the sub). For their size they sound fabulous and look great with the solid timber side panels. I can't find any information on them and I am hoping someone has the specifications. I am also interested to know what timber was used for the sides.
  4. Not that I want to give them away, nut I am open to reasonable offers.
  5. Agreed. They are so easy to listen to - almost faultless performance given the price point and age of them. I never listened to them and thought there were any sonic deficiencies or shortcomings.
  6. Further information: I honestly thought I would never sell these and I seriously thought of putting them in storage. But they deserve a new home and to be put to use. We have downsized our home cinema speaker set up to NHT Verves – capable speakers and very cute but they can't match the SAVs. Sonique (not to be confused with budget Chinese brand Soniq) were a high end South Australian speaker manufacturer that made some stunning and truly unique products. The SAV series are superb home cinema speakers that were highly regarded by audiophiles when released in 1998 … and they still are. Th
  7. Well spotted. The stamps on the back of both suggest they are both SEAS. Yes they sound fine.
  8. I searched Google images and found Harlequins with the same tweeter. Based on the serial number mine were built in 1994 - just before the MK IIs were introduced. From what I can gather they used different drivers throughout the duration of the MKIs which was about 5 years. They look identical to these SEAS tweeters on Ebay identified in the listing as Richter tweeters (https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/High-End-Richter-Acoustics-Seas-3-5-Tweeter-Speaker-K23TND-Norway-/233603204647). The front is exactly the same same and they even have the same cloth discolouration. The serial/model numbers on the
  9. Thanks David. They really are impressive speakers and were much lauded. The cost of a new Rheem Stellar hot water system forced my hand - along with my wife's dislike of their aesthetics which I have always found pleasing.
  10. Yes I think they are quite beautiful. Sadly my wife doesn't!
  11. Most definitely Harlequins. The serial number number has "HN".
  12. Further information: For sale are two Mirage OMD-15 floor standers and one OMD-C1 centre channel speaker. The OMD series are considered the best speakers Canadian brand Mirage ever made. Just read the reviews (links below). Finished in stunning lacquered Canadian birds eye maple, the OMD-15s were $4999 (RRP) new and the centre channel OMD-C1 was $1500. The work perfectly and are in excellent condition. They come with piano gloss black plinths and floor spikes (not used in the photos). OMD-15 SPECIFICATIONS Type: 2.5-way, tower Tweeter (size in inches, type): 1
  13. I am hoping someone can enlighten me. I have an old pair of Richter Harlequins from 1994. I have a couple of questions. Although the tweeters function perfectly, the cloth domes on the tweeters are badly discoloured (refer pic). Has anyone experienced this before? It looks like a previous owner may have coated them with something and the coating has deteriorated - or perhaps this is a problem with that particular tweeter. I am also keen to know what drivers were used in the Harlequins. I attach a pic of the rear of the mid/bass driver and the high frequency driver. There is no information st
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