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  1. I came across a pair of Naim Credo speakers in a second hand shop. At first I did not not what I was looking at with four separate cabinets (Bass drivers and tweeters in separate boxes) and an unusual external crossover box on the tweeter cabinets. I had heard of Naim but initially could not locate the model number/name. The model was written on the top of the tweeter cabinet and obscured when the bass cabinet is placed on top. The walnut veneer cabinets were in pretty good nick but one of the bass drivers was missing its phase plug and one of the tweeter domes had been pushed in (later extracted with a few resultant dimples). The front grills were also missing. I took the punt and brought them home. Fortunately they work and are very pleasant to listen to. I really cant tell any discernible sonic difference between the driver with the phase plug and the one without. Should I bother trying to track down a second hand Naim Phase plug (perhaps aesthetics more than sound) and if I cant find an original one is it advisable to buy after market ones and where could I get them from?
  2. The email bounced so I visited the website of the email URL. There was a different email address but that also bounced. I rang the phone number for Audio Marketing Pty. Ltd. (the stated distributors) and spoke to a chap who said Axis was no more. He gave me the number of someone who would know how to contact John and worked with him on a couple of Axis designs. I rang him. He didn't remember the Black Box speakers but asked me to send some pics and said he would get in contact with John to find out more about what I have. I will post the response.
  3. Thanks Pete. I saw that centre on ebay. I'll message John.
  4. I recently acquired a pair of Axis Black Box 1 floor standers. I have never seen this model before. I'm curious to know if anyone has any information on them or have ever owned a pair. I can't find anything online but I gather they are at least 20 years old. They are very decent sounding speakers with phenomenal bass extension..
  5. I only read your post after making that comment. Perhaps Axis did a floor standing variant of the LS28.
  6. They are not LS28s but they do look like LS28s in a floorstanding cabinet. Yes I think the LS38s were quasi two ways but I thought they only ever had three drivers - not two.
  7. I'm looking for some advice about Axis LS38 speakers. I viewed a pair of compact Axis floorstanders today. The seller said they were LS38 but they were a 2 driver configuration - not a three driver set up. I thought the LS38s (both MKI and MKII) were only ever made with two bass/mid drivers - not a single bass/mid driver. Could it be the very first incarnation of the LS38 or could it be another model all together. I neglected to take a photo and there was no identification on the back of them. But they were clearly early to mid 90s speakers with the red and black plastic speaker terminals commonly used in those days. Unlike the LS38 MKII they are not bi-wireable.
  8. Item: Dynaudio “Image of Australia” 1 MkII Bookshelf Speakers Location: Perth Price: $375 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Not using Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: In the mid to late 1990s SCAN Audio in Melbourne had a license from Dynaudio in Denmark to build Dynaudio branded speakers. They were highly regarded (still are) and built to very high standards using premium components and drivers (I believe the IOA MkIIs have Vifa drivers). The Image 1 was the smallest in the range. These are in great condition and sound amazing. I have owned Dynaudio Audience speakers and these sound much better IMO. These little gems don't come on to the second hand market very often! I have the original boxes/packaging and owners manual. SPECIFICATIONS Woofer: 130 mm Voicecoil: 25 mm Tweeter: 25 mm Recommended power: 20 to 60 watts Sensitivity: 88dB Frequency response: 58 to 22,000 Hz Impedence: 8 Ohms Dimensions: 350 x 170 x 245 mm Weight: 6 kg each Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  9. Thanks for the replies. Yes $350 sounds about right. I have previously owned the Dynaudio Audience 42s and I honestly believe these are quite a bit better. And yes I am pretty sure they are Vifa drivers.
  10. Here are the specs: Woofer: 130 mm Voicecoil: 25 mm Tweeter: 25 mm Recommended power: 20 to 60 watts Sensitivity: 88dB Frequency response: 58 to 22,000 Hz Impedence: 8 Ohms Dimensions: 350 x 170 x 245 mm Weight: 6 kg each
  11. Here are some pics. Just gave these little guys another whirl. Maybe I will keep them. :)
  12. Thanks. Mine are the later mkII version. I will upload some pics later today.
  13. I have a pair of rare Image of Australia 1 MkII bookshelf speakers that I should probably move on as I am not using them. I am looking for further information and some advice as to their value. There is scant information available online. From what I can gather SCAN Audio in Melbourne had a license from Dynaudio build Dynaudio branded speakers in the 1990s. I also believe the 1s were the smallest in the range. They really are lovely little bookshelf speakers. Any information on them would be greatly appreciated.
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