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  1. Item: Technics SU-9070 Pre and SE-9060 Amp Location: Perth Price: Free Item Condition: Not working and otherwise poor Reason for selling: Abandoned project Payment Method: Pickup Only Extra Info: These were given to me as a pair, their condition is poor, they look a bit like they were treated as portable equipment at one point. I was going to restore them, but 5 years on I’m thinking I'll never get to them. The amp has an issue with one of the regulators and isn’t working. The pre-amp worked intermittently at one point, but I haven’t even plugged it in for years now, so I have no idea of its current state. I have a hard copy of the Service Manual for the preamp and a couple of pieces of schematic for the amp. If repairing/refurbishing these are of any interest please come and grab them, otherwise I need to clear space and put them in the bin. Pictures:
  2. I'll take the Audio-GD DAC if still available. PM sent.
  3. Item: 10†Titanic MK-III subwoofer driver Location: Perth WA Price: $150 Item Condition: Excellent, new condition, never used, still in original packaging Reason for selling: Abandoned project Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, EFT, Paypal, Extra Info: Originally purchased to replace a faulty driver in a Wharfedale sub but it didn’t fit, the magnet is huge. Was then going to build a sub but never got around to it. Can post at buyer’s expense. http://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-tit280c-4-10-titanic-mk-iii-subwoofer-4-ohm--295-414 http://www.parts-express.com/pedocs/specs/295-414-dayton-audio-tit280c-4-specifications-46191.pdf Pictures:
  4. Item: Subwoofer plate amp Location: Perth, WA Price: $100 Item Condition: Excellent, almost no use Reason for selling: Abandoned project Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, EFT, Paypal, Extra Info: Fully featured plate amp, Pwr – on / auto / off, Phase, cutoff frequency and level controls, line level and speaker level input/outputs. I believe the original owner purchased the plate amp from Parts Express approx. 5-6 years ago, manufacture date is Sept 2008. Looking at the model number, SUB-150, I’m guessing it is 150W and seems heavy enough to be 150W. I don’t know who the manufacturer was and don’t have a spec sheet. The original owner also abandoned his sub project, so maybe 3rd time lucky for this amp. I connected it and it works fine. It is in its original packaging, Can post at buyers expense. Pictures:
  5. Hi, A friend recommended this site, I have enjoyed reading the forums and thought it would be really great to be able to see the pictures too. I have built kit speakers and tweaked amps, pre-amps and DACs. I rarely buy anything new, so the classifieds are also very intersting. Regards Will
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