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  1. Item: 2 pairs of Vintage 70's speakers. Criterion 77 and locally made cabinets with Magnavox and Plessey drivers Location: Adelaide 5012 Price: $100 neg REDUCED: $50 NEG Item Condition: Criterion are quite good but with some scratches, the unbranded have worn cabinets. Both sound fine Reason for selling: No room to store and support my tuition fees. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Very nice vintage speakers. The unbranded set were purchased with a sansui au-101 and Silcron turntable and matched very well. The Criterion are also great sounding with an interesting adjustable high pass filter. I don't know what they are worth so please make realistic offer. Collection only and must be gone within 5 days due to moving. Note: sansui amp is not included! Pictures:
  2. Thank you for the responses. I'll look over them all and respond back. In the interim could I have some advice on proper media tags. In Volumio if I select Album view compilations were appearing as multiple albums based on the artist. For example in a classical album I was seeing perhaps 7 copies of the album but each one contained only a single artist. If however I selected Artist view, then all tracks on my storage were grouped nicely via artist. I read online the "Album Artist" tag should be unique in Compilations to group all songs under the same Album. I tried this and now under album view all tracks appear as part of a single compillation they belong to, however, when you click Artist view, it is grouping Artists based on this data, thus compillations appear as a single artist. Where am i going wrong? (Under album view I want compilations grouped as a single album, however under artist the individual tracks should appear under their respective artist) In the example below the album Artist was originally bank. This resulted in 7 x The Best Classical Album... etc one for each artist. under artist view however they appeared correctly with all other tracks by the same artist. By adding the Album Artist as EMI it combines all the artists as one compilation under Album view, but when i view via Artist; all the artists are listed as EMI. Meta Data of individual tracks: Meta data of multiple tracks selected together:
  3. Jonesy_SA

    Volumio vs Daphile sound

    I have up sampling turned off. I think its off by default. Should I turn it on? I'm using a pi with generic audiophonics dac.
  4. Hi I have been using Volumio for sometime on a Pi. The last few updates however have brought lots of bugs displaying media via albums and attempting to play albums. My media is stored on a drive attached to the router. I'm happy to use a web GUI or app to control media but ideally I would like to retain the advance features such as album art etc. I have an i2s DAC which seems to work well as a generic i2s dac. I am currently using an original Pi B+ (pi1?) and would prefer to use it over one of my Pi3's. I looked into Runeaudio but it doesnt appear to have been updated in some years. Suggestions?
  5. Listed on eBay but ends in a few hours. Here's the updated photos. This thing got me hooked on VUs as a kid ;-)
  6. Hi I have one of these which has mysteriously dropped a channel. Could you explain how the top comes off?
  7. Phone camera quality sorry.
  8. Item: Sanyo DC 8500k quadrophonic stereo system Location: Adelaide Price: $500 (see below - make an offer) Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: To support University study Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Fantastic condition apart from one damaged hinge on the bottom cupboard. Owned in family since new, hardly used and maintained well. Comes complete with 4 speakers, turntable, integrated amp. One picture attached below plus the following link shows a similar system: https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/sanyo-dc-8500k-quad-amplifier-record-220567504 Online these are listed for up to $1200 but I could not find any confirmed recent sale to gauge a price. Feel free to make an offer. Possible delivery in Adelaide. Pictures:
  9. That looks familiar!! I can't wait for the drivers to arrive!
  10. Waiting on drivers. They were ordered in October but won't arrive until Xmas and then I'm away until NY. I'm a tad annoyed it took two weeks of chasing to find this out. Hippys work has been great. We won't cut until we can test fit the drivers though. MDF cabinets this time round however could always do some in plywood later.
  11. Thank you VanArn What do i need to consider when purchasing the resistor? Will any wire-wound resistor be sufficient or should it be 1% tolerance etc? Speaker bug sells these: https://speakerbug.com.au/index.php?route=product/product&path=33_27&product_id=106 However much cheaper elsewhere: https://www.ebay.com/itm/10PCS-2-7-ohm-2R7-J-10-watt-Axial-ceramic-cement-power-resistor-10W/302424813588?hash=item4669ec7014:g:9pUAAOxy9X5TaQOz
  12. Hi I am putting together a crossover for the following build: http://www.sbacoustics.com/index.php/sb-acoustics-kits/ara-kits2/ Each requires the following: R1 2.7ohm/10w Bennic 10W/2R7J C1 3.30uf/400V C2 10,00uF/400V C3 6.8uF/400V L1 0.1mH/0.7mm L2 .68mH/1.2mm Schematic: I believe all components are Jantzen however I cannot locate a .68mH/1.2mm (same as 17AWG) inductor in Australia. Speakerbug has a .68mH/18AWG. Jantzen catalogue lists the 17 AWG with a RDC of 330 Ohm whereas the 18AWG offered by speakerbug is 400 Ohm. Will the difference in RDC pose a problem?
  13. Jonesy_SA

    HT decoration

    This is cool. You should do all the houses!
  14. Wow that looks amazing! I didn't realise it could be put simply into a cutting programme. I thought it had to be created in Cad then exported as a cutting file? What software are you using? I'm still trying to make a box in fusion 360 :-( The recess will make very quick and accurate assembly! The screw holes for the drivers look quite large. I think on the image the dimensions given are actually the through holes of the driver (6.5mm) themselves; a pin hole would probably be enough to get the screws in and started firmly? To be honest, I'm not actually sure what the best finish would be on the corners, I rarely work with wood, what would you suggest? I will definitely be painting these or trying my hand at laminating. I guess what ever joint its used will require some fiddling to make sure the vent presses against the front baffle and the internal dimensions are roughly the same. Edit - i will drop you a pm when i get a chance; out for my girlfriends birthday now.