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  1. Hi I've just discovered Spotify and signed up for the .99c 3 month trial. I'm hoping the quality will outperform internet radio that I stream via a Pi+DAC and Volumio. Volumio had a Spotify plugin but it won't show favourites from my Spotify. For example, if I listen to Spotify on my phone and save a playlist (heart icon) it does not appear from what I can see in volumio. I have to repeat the process in volumio? Is there a better option for Spotify other than my current set-up. I really like low power consumption as well. EDIT: Would I be better using the Volumio SpotifyConnect2 plug in?
  2. Slightly off topic but recently I was playing around with a relatively old and high power tube am receiver. It sounded very nice and there was quite a good selection of material. It sounded much better than FM and DAB! I was told an expander might improve these.
  3. Hi all Still available. See the add is the give away section. Simonon has been quite busy and only just got back to me now so looking to move these quickly as per the add. Thanks
  4. Before you hit respond read the following: Prerequisites to claiming this item: - These MUST be collected Thursday (that's tomorrow) afternoon onwards. You should have the cognitive capacity to figure out before replying if you can do that. - Excluded members on this site and others where I post include: those who claimed / purchased an item from me previously and failed to follow through (i.e. changed your mind); Claimed an item from me for free previously (please share the love and allow others to grab something); created our profile post this giveaway. - Collection from 5017 Details of item as listed here: If the above appears a tad crass it is due to the amount of stuff-around and lost time I've experienced this week whilst selling and giving away items on various sites (not so much this one). Thus the above is pretty strict. Thanks everyone 🙂
  5. Price Drop: FREE Need the room. Collection from 5017 Note: one of the criterion gained a healthy dent in the wood during transport. These a free to existing members and DO NOT claim unless you can collect and will definitely be collecting! Prefer pick-up ASAP.
  6. Sorry for the delay we had a passing in the family. Unfortunately they were donated shortly after the posts above. I got tired of tripping over them :-) Facebook market place and gumtree often get very cheap good sets.
  7. Cool. Hope you enjoy them. I dropped you a pm.
  8. Hi Would anyone be interested in a vintage golf bag and good set of irons? Collection from Osborne 5017. I have down-down sized and don't have room for two sets. The bag does have a tear in it and served sometime as a hallway umbrella stand :-). Irons: Jack Nicklaus MacGregor 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 Pitching and Sand Wedge Pro-Simmon 2- Iron DRK 111 Perpheral weighted Sweet Spot formulated centre 0.84seco (i-sino) Pitching Wedge K.Knox Australia Play-Off 1x No name basic putter Woods: Slazenger Wee Soot; 4 Australian Made ViF?(3 initials barely readable); 4 Apollo TI Accles Pollock Tour Model power drive The PGF putter pictured is NOT included! Standard length RH.
  9. I assumed PP would be quite a bit more expensive thus didn't consider it. Do you have a pp circuit that is ideal? Complexity doesn't bother me however it is ideal if the circuit had been built so I can see few pics of layout.
  10. I have a few options at around 90db efficiency however tempted to try some full range OB drivers. Regarding watt vs efficiency; in my room 5x5 with 87db bookshelf I was able to get a reasonable listening volume with a few tiny d-class amps. I 'think' if my budget limited the build to a SE 8w amp it would drive my speakers at a comfortable level. Of course the more watts the better ;-)
  11. Thanks! I've contemplated copying a circuit from one of the kits as they seem well received.
  12. I have been looking on RS at transformers. Is there better prices? I doubt I would use anything less than Hammond quality however are there cheaper alternatives? I would prefer to keep cost to a minimum and have no preference for design or tube selection so open to suggestions.
  13. I suggested locally on the basis that most DIY audio I come across is from USA. Their prices and availability of parts is different to ours. There might even be a good schematic with BOM for local components.
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