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  1. Hi everyone, Just wanted to tap into some of the knowledge here in the community to assist with setting up my new room. I’ve recently moved and have scored myself a space that I have free range over as far as layout goes. My modest setup consists of Q Acoustics Concept 40s, 2 x VAF 12” SB subs and a Pioneer SC LX-77. I have the house to myself all day tomorrow and am going to use the opportunity to finally set everything up with at least a degree of precision. I’m going to be following Jim Smith’s suggested method (http://www.psaudio.com/copper-magazine/) so no real issues with the majority of the process. One thing that isn’t addressed in these articles is Bass Mangement if using an AVR. Jim’s articles assume that the speakers will be run full range and the Subs intergrated without the use of digital bass management. My question is, am I better off running the speakers full range and integrating the Subs exactly as suggested in the articles or running a crossover via the AVR? I have a few thoughts on the matter and will be using an RTA to measure the results. I also realise that it will likely end up with me trying both methods to see which one works best but I wouldn’t mind hearing others opinions on the matter before undertaking the experiment.
  2. Steveo6217

    KEF Repairer Adelaide

    Had some dealings with Challenge recently re voice coil rub in a pair of Q90s. Issue 95% resolved. But considering they have gone from unusable to near perfect I am definitely not complaining for what the repair cost. Reasonable turn around time for repair as well.
  3. Steveo6217

    Do I Repair or Upgrade

    Thank you for the replies. I had another good examination of the speakers last night and it is definitely an issue with the driver. I will persevere with repair for the time being. With time off over Christmas it won't be too long till I can address this. And Waricle, still being in my 20s this is the first time that sagging has been an issue for me.
  4. Steveo6217

    Do I Repair or Upgrade

    Hi all, A few months ago one of my KEF Q90s developed a distinct rattle at low frequencies. I have since had all drivers repaired with the issue being identified as sagging surrounds causing voice coil rub. Despite a significant improvement in sound quality since the repair I am still getting an audible buzz on certain music passages. I have run test tones up to the crossover point and can hear the buzz across the frequency range. I am unsure whether I should pay for another repair or start saving for a replacement. So I seek guidance from anyone who may have found themselves in this position in the past; do I continue to try and save what are otherwise perfectly good speakers or start saving my pennies?
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    FS; $2 CD'S

    I'll take You Am I, Frenzel Rhomb and The Living End thank you.
  6. Steveo6217

    FS some cd's $5 each

    Hi Colin, I'll take You Am I - Sound as Ever if still available? Cheers, Steve