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  1. Hi, Could I get these please? Paul Simon-One Trick Pony AU 1980 VG $12 Paul Simon-Still Crazy After All These Years 2013 remaster NM $29 Vampire Weekend-Modern Vampires Of The City incl Poster VG + $20 Also, would you be visiting the Brisbane CBD anytime? Thanks, Ananth
  2. Hi, I'm interested in the Katch. How much would shipping to Brisbane cost?
  3. Hi, I'm interested, will DM. Thanks, Ananth
  4. I'm heading to the gig in Brisbane this evening... Looking forward to it. Guessing he won't be touring for long. He's one of my favourite drummers, pity he can't play anymore.
  5. What a beauty! Pity I'm in Brisbane and not coming to Sydney anytime this year. Had a good chuckle at the ad text as well
  6. Hi, Could I get these if available? : Billy Holiday Lady in Satin Direct Metal Remaster SEALED 180gm Mint Mint $25 Dave Grusin Discovered Again Sheffield Treasury. A really entertaining audiophile LP, direct disc VG- VG++ $25 John Coltrane Quartet Ballads NEW SEALED Remastered 180gm ltd ed New New $40 Thanks, Ananth
  7. Hi. Would you be open to shipping? Or to me arranging for a courier to pick it up from you? Thanks, Ananth
  8. I'm looking forward to both at the Bluesfest...
  9. Sold on Gumtree. Will donate anyway, since I find SNA valuable...
  10. Hi folks, A quick update. Got the Helios NAS about a month back. Quite well made, and works flawlessly. The case is the typical laser-cut acrylic you'd get with some setups of Raspberry Pis or Arduinos. The SOC is compact and slots in at the bottom of the chassis and the drives line up on top, with fans in the rear. It uses an external power supply, as can be expected. I'm using it with Openmediavault and it's been functioning flawlessly for streaming movies or music. I plan to make a nice wooden case for it sometime soon. Would anyone know a good place to get hard drive rails? Thanks, Ananth
  11. Could I be backup if the sale doesn't go through, please? Thanks, Ananth
  12. Received offer from interstate buyer... Will wait over the weekend for a local buyer. If there are no offers, I'll ship to the aforementioned member.
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