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  1. Thanks very much for your support TD19
  2. Item: Antipodes DX G2 Black Location: Sunshine Coast QLD Price: $4,400 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Not being used Extra info: It has a 2TB SDD containing around 91Gig of flac files. Has switchable power inputs (115V or 230V) A review: https://www.hifi-advice.com/blog/review/digital-reviews/network-player-reviews/antipodes-dx-music-server/ The only reason I'm listing this is I use a Bacch4Mac dsp and it only runs on Apple gear https://www.theoretica.us/bacch4mac/ ......I eventually and reluctantly gave in. If I wasn't addicted to BACCH I would NOT be listing this server. It cost me just over $9K, It's coming up to 3 y/o. I want to buy some other hi fi gear and the DX is not being used. It has all the features mentioned in the antipodes review above except it has only usb out. Mark Jenkins decided (at the time) to provide only what he considered the best output. (earlier versions had AES/coax etc.) This is the best sounding server I have ever heard. Mark Jenkins is the master at this stuff. His approach to radically reducing electrical (and mechanical) noise without interfering with signal (achieved through not filtering) makes this one box server one of the best in the world.... and no spinning HDD's here, only separate SSD's. This thing is so versatile yet so easy to use. You don't need to be a level one computer programmer to use it. It rips CD's in paranoid mode before storing to the drive. If you don't want to use it as a ROON Core you can playback using Squeezbox Server...controlled from your iphone (eg. Ipeng) or the app: "Orange Squeeze" for your Android device). USB ports at the rear of the DX enable easily backup your valuable files to an external drive of at a click of a button (see the apps tab in the review above.) Basically the DX is a fantastic sounding Server that's easy to use. Its a fantastic way of keeping your CD's on file and transitioning to the world of streaming, where you can select any track at the touch of a button. I have Roon for life and love it but I should mention that selecting and setting up free to air (global) digital radio stations is FAR easier on the DX (via squeezbox) than it is on Roon! You can also have both No cat or dog hair, I'm not a smoker, was always used with power regulation (PS Audio P-10). Feel free to pm (pers message) me if you want to ask specifics, arrange a listen etc. Photos:
  3. Yeah I upgraded from a direcstream to the termie. As you are aware the front end is just as important as a great dac. I have 2 front ends that Ive used with the Termie. A gen 2 Dx ( soon to be listed) and my mac mini ( because I use Bacch4Mac dsp - that only works with apple gear The termie is a great sounding dac that punches far above its price. AND Its very well made. There are many reviews on line about how good it sounds. I personally like the termie for its finese, spaciousness/ separation and layering, its "organic" natural sound ( not thin or bright) yet very accurate. The bass is really deep and clean. The new board is apparently even better.
  4. The upgrade board hadn't been released when I bought the Rockna. The upgrade is easy to do if you must have dsd512. Instructions are on Vinshine website. I don't use 512 because my system uses Bacch4Mac dsp.
  5. I bought a Rockna Wavedream Signature.
  6. Item: Denafrips Terminator DAC Location: Sunshine Coast QLD Price: $5,200 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Upgraded, no longer used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Transferable warranty. Original double box/packaging. No power cord. Black Termie in excellent condition. Willing to post within Australia only, at buyers expense. Just over 12 months old. Warranty transferable ( I need to notify Alvin at Vinshine to let him know the new owners details). Genuine reason for sale - upgraded to a DAC costing over 3 times the price of the Termie. The Termie is such a wonderful sounding DAC and a bargain both in terms of sound and build quality. I could have EASILY stayed with it but an opportunity to get the other DAC arose and I just couldn't resist. Add PayPal fee (if not paying via family etc). Double boxed 56cm x 60 x 26. It should be just under the 22kg max allowed by Aust Post but I'll have to check.
  7. GLWS HifiBean. I've known this guy for about 8 years. Those interested should note he has unquestionable integrity and honesty. He's having to sell his beloved P-10 to fund a speaker building project.
  8. Item: PS Audio Directstream Dac Location: Queensland Price: Dropped to $4,900 Item Condition: As new condition - not a mark on it anywhere. Reason for selling: I own 2 of these and I've just spent $9K on a non dac component so could do with a little cash injection right now. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: A beautiful dac - especially with the last firmware update. Original owner, very well cared for unit. Comes in original double boxed packing with power cord, remote, owners manual etc. Has only ever been used with my P10 power regenerator so power supply has been first rate and unit fully protected. Remote has ALWAYS been inside a plastic cover. Plastic cover on the dac has NEVER been removed so finish underneath will be mirror like. Couldn't be happier with it. No bridge with this one. Bridge 3 will be released soon that will enable further sonic benefits (as well as the free firmware updates we get for these dacs so it will be the perfect dac/preamp/streamer all in one! and one that remains future proof for a long time to come. Happy to freight interstate at buyers expense. Pictures:
  9. Item: Music Fidelity M8500S Amplifier (Black) Location: Sunshine Coast Price: $5000 (less than half the RRP) Item Condition: Very very Good Condition Reason for selling: Upgrading to the same amp in monblock version (M700S) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Includes TNT Express sensitive freight to all Australian main centers (excluding mine shafts in remote locations Bought this amp about 3 months ago from fellow sn member. 500 watts per channel. Absolutely love this amp! Effortless, clean, powerful, superb open, separation, dynamics transient response are all excellent. Absolutely Beautiful amp. Does everything perfectly. smoke and pet free environment. You won't find a better quality amp for this price anywhere! Please visit http://www.musicalfidelity.com/products/m8series/m8-500s for more information on this amp and check the rave reviews on the forums also! It not only has good specs it sounds superb! Pictures:
  10. For a trans only solution you could look at airlink transformers (UK) - research "balanced power" and with the right caps, copper shielding etc with it will work however; the output v is still proportional to the grid supply, output will still have THD issues and the larger you go (better) the trans will have physical hum so it'll need to be put in another room (there are other issues as well like installation legalities etc) Do yourself a favor and buy a ps audio P10. It will treat the whole system from source to amps. I run tube monoblocks with the p-10 and now cant listen to my system without it as well as choosing the voltage you like it has a long list of beneficial attributes. Not only will it protect and prolong component life but your system will sound sweeter - at any time of the night or day! Would you run your maserati on E10? That's what your doing if you run your rig from the wall.
  11. If anyone is looking for a great pre, this IS the go. Many years ago I discovered TVC's and they are a revelation in sound quality. Its like removing a wet blanket from the speakers, everything can work more efficiently because there are no resistors impeding the signal. Resistorless is definitely the way to go! I paid more than this years ago for my Stevens and Billington TVC - without a remote! The kit remote cost me another $900 extra then I had to fit it). This is a rare find. Recently I discovered another advantage of using a TVC and that is it can act as a buffer in certain situations where there is an impedance mis-match between a particular component and your amp/s (causing a slight line hiss coming from the speakers). Using this device means you will never have to worry about that occurring. I don't know Be Quiet....listen but, GLWTS
  12. Hi Jake I just emailed that user manual.
  13. Hey Jake, the Carver, if set up correctly will give you a lot more than the phantom image between/above the speakers! Which model did you get? I might be able to help with user manuals, schematics etc. These came out around 1967 and the Carver variety were the best. Then DBX's became popular (compressor expanders to reduce noise and boost dynamic range.) a lot of people use them together. You must be very particular with the set up regarding the speakers etc (eg need to measure accurately with a steel tape to a quarter of an inch). When done correctly and using directional speakers (not open baffle or wide dispersion) the results will blow your mind. I doesn't work on all recordings (in which case you just flick the bypass switch). but most early recordings (with little pre and post processing) and binaural recordings, which I believe is the future, sound best. Disadvantages; They work very well but most people can be bothered setting up or don't want to sit in one spot?? They don't work for all recordings and the op amps (and other components all have to be within spec for the unit to work properly (ie just because the light is on doesn't mean its working! users don't check that they are operating correctly on the bench before set up). I assume you have looked at Edgar's Bacch-sp? (Now that's what I'm talking about!! ) pmessage me and I might be able to assist.
  14. I paid on the 10th Dec and they arrived about 6 days later, just in time for Christmas My understanding was 6 of the 50mm in a pac or 3 of the 100mm in a pack? They are really effective and look great in black.
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