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  1. Yeah, sorry about that. I've listed 9 items from my mobile...going x eyed 🤓
  2. They are used and secondhand. So no. no invoice.
  3. Price drop because I'm desperate for cash: Used lightly to compliment my hi fi stereo speaker system. Way less than half price. I had to get these flown in from the states because no one in Australia would sell them to me. They only offered woofers for cars. 6.2 Ohm easy to drive. These have a very similar response to the Focal 15WX.
  4. The listing above is for the cable described & is the second of (2) I listed. Last night I posted both together but I think it was deleted because I somehow broke the rules. My other listing is for another same spec Acrolink...slightly diffetent length.
  5. Australian made quality plate amplifier pair. These use quality audio grade components, large power supplies and have better crossovers (xo) than many others offered online. Notice in the pics the xo starts at 20 Hz and goes to 200 Hz....most start at around 120Hz or higher. They are very conservatively rated and have very high damping factor. More than enough power for a hi fi woofer section. Once to dial in suitable xo point, volume & phase to suit your room, use your main stereo volume control both your stereo amps and these sub amps. Half price. Talk to me
  6. Fantastic heavy duty UPOCC conductors from Acrolink. This cable is 1100mm long. Aprox. 6.3mm2 x 3 conductors. Terminated with F1-AU 3112 (G) plug & F1-II-NI ( G) C-15 IEC.
  7. Fantastic heavy duty UPOCC conductors from Acrolink. 1050mm long. Aprox. 6.3mm2 x 3 conductors. Terminated with F1-AU 3112 (G) plug & F1-II-NI ( G) C-15 IEC.
  8. Excellent sounding 0.5m RCA interconnects. Acoustic Zen Reference Silver Zero Crystal. The outer caps of the locking mechanisms show a bit of wear but the conductor pins & jackets are in perfect condition. These were well over a grand new.
  9. Price drop because I'm keen to get money to buy more gear. Second from the top of the best they make (Absolute) An excellent silver digital rca interconnect cable with a true 110 Ohm impedance. Perfect condition & well cared for. See also my AZ speaker cables and silver ref 2 rca interconnects.
  10. Another fantastic PSA product. Perfect condition! 3 months to run under warranty & I have original boxes. I've been an set guy for years ( and still love them) but these amps are something special. I originally bought them to power woofers in a 3 way system ( using tube amps for mid & top) but that never eventuated. I was very surprised when I put them in my current system. Power authority, control, very quiet, dynamic and to my amazment very good linear extension to the top end. My tube amps didn't go back into the system. These things are so efficient and don't even get warm. I like everything about them down to the speaker binding posts. Not only do they have a slip ring to prevent the nut from bitting on the spade terminal but notice how all the shafts extend right the way inside the case and are rock solidly mounted. See also my other gear 4 sale; Acrolink power cables, Acoustic Zen speaker & innterconnect cables, uLink, id100 apple dock, & in time Audion Black Shadow SET 845 monoblocks, Focal 15k 8711 woofers & possibly Stellar gain cell dac/ pre.
  11. Good condition. Comes in original box with usb cable, cd etc. It is powered by usb or you can select switch to dc and power it with your own seperate 9v supply if you wish.
  12. Price drop: In excellent condition and very well cared for (2.4m pair) packaged in original carry bag (including the string used to bundle the cables). Spades on both ends for larger contact area and more pressure. No wear on the outer jackets. Very nice sounding zero-crystal copper cables made up of a matrix of large and smaller wire gauges to cover a wide frequency range. Personal message (p/m) me if you would like more info. Thanks, Steve.
  13. Sold pending payment. I was overwhelmed by the interest shown and replied to as many messages as I received them. If you haven't heard a Termie with the latest dsp board I highly recommend you do! Absolutely outstanding dac.
  14. Black Termie in excellent condition with latest dsp board. Post at buyer’s expense. Fantastic sounding DAC and superb build quality. Search the reviews, these dacs are exceptional value! I just can’t use two dacs at once. Proprietary R2R + DSD Architecture True balanced 26BIT R2R + 6BIT DSD (32 steps FIR Filters) Native DSD decoding with 0.005% precision resistors Encapsulated Flagship Ultra Low Noise Power Supply CRYSTEK Flagship CCHD-957 Femto Clocks Adaptive FIFO Buffer Reclocking New Improved Digital Signal Processing FPGA Code DSD1024, PCM1536 Supports On USB & I²S Input Proprietary USB Audio Solution via STM32F446 Advanced AMR Based MCU Licensed Thesycon USB Driver For Windows Platform Driverless On Mac & Linux Dual AES/EBU Input Supports Sharp/Slow Filters Option I²S Pinout Configuration I²S DSD Channel Swap Configuration DSD DSD64-DoP On All Input DSD1024 On USB & I²S Input Only PCM 24bits / 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192KHz On All Input 1536kHz On USB & I²S Input Sampling Mode: Non-Oversampling NOS / Oversampling OS Digital Input Coax 1 via RCA Coax 2 via BNC 75 Ω TOSLink x 1 AES/EBU x 2 USB I²S via HDMI LVDS I²S via RJ45 LVDS I²S via RJ45 LVCMOS Analog Output RCA at 2.3Vrms, 625 Ω XLR at 4.6Vrms, 1250 Ω Frequency Response: 20-40 KHz -0.2dB THD+N: 0.0010% S/N Ratio: 124dB Dynamic Range: >132dB Stereo Crosstalk: -110dB Transferable warranty. Add PayPal fee (if not paying via family etc). Double boxed 56cm x 60 x 26. It should be just under the 22kg max allowed by Aust Post but I'll have to check. Photos:
  15. Has worked flawlessly since new. Selling because I want to upgrade my (DIY) speakers . Too heavy to send via Aust Post (53x56x34 ; 38kg) . I have all the original triple boxing etc. If you have your own courier (I may be able to drop it to them this end....depending on work commitments). The plastic cover on the lid has NEVER been removed so the surface underneath will be immaculate. It's 4 years old. There are slight marks between the blue PS "on" button and the clear IR receiver lens on the front of the P-10, otherwise its in new condition. Comes with a remote, user manual and sd card (for firmware upgrades). It's a beautifully designed and built piece of gear with the flexibility to set it up to suit your situation. I have upgraded the main power fuse to silver alloy non inducting type. Personal message me ONLY if you are genuinely interested in buying it! - as I have had a number of people spending considerable time asking dozens of questions then after promising to buy it (and me holding it for them) they pull out after a week...... I apologise to those who were kept waiting because of this. If I don't reply to your message quickly it's because I'm busy at work and I will reply at first opportunity.
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