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  1. I just noticed you didn't give IKEA a credit in your equipment list 🤔
  2. Mine died last year and I managed to get it replaced by Addicted to Audio even though it was out of warranty. Might be worth a shot, because I looked everywhere but couldn't find one. Don't see many used ones around. Good luck. I understand why you want another one.
  3. Whoops "My experience with LS50s was similar to mine." Must have been talking to myself again, but at least I don't argue with me 😅
  4. Your experience with LS50s was similar to mine. However, I was slightly underwhelmed when I heard them at a dealers audition room. He allowed me to take them home and the difference was enormous in my room. I bought them immediately and was gobsmacked for 2 years, but moving over to DIY hybrid 505 mini ESLs convinced me to sell without any buyers remorse.
  5. I reckon the LSX would be a better option in your situation because they do have great bass/mids at lower levels than the LS50s.
  6. I found my LS50's performed much better on heavy stands and they sounded a bit ordinary on shelves. I have recently bought a set of LSX powered KEFs which are designed for bookshelves, but they do lose a lot of KEF magic because they have so much bottom end, especially for such small units, and can sound a bit muddy at highish levels. They did sound quite excellent in a quiet carpeted room on the heavy stands. Did you find that the IsoAcoustic stands improved the sound? And in what way. Cheers, Rob
  7. Thanks Alan. I actually have a couple of these from RS and they are the best I have been able to access, but the ones that come with a KEL84 kit. See pic They are solid turned brass and really heavy. The chrome is thick like the chrome on a Harley. Cheers, Rob
  8. This vide from REL shows how to connect and avoid disasters. https://rel.net/how-to-connect-a-rel-to-a-class-d-amp/
  9. Thanks. That's something I didn't know. Lucky I read this thread because I was just about to make a BIG mistake. I'm running my older REL Quake with one channel connected as recommended at speaker level with a Hypex amp and it sounds great.
  10. Unlike the LS50s it seems to me KEF designed the LSX to sound bigger than it's physical. I was impressed by the detailed bass and mids but I missed the LS50 unique feel. Don't get me wrong, they are enjoyable, in the right room and at the right level. It is easy to push them a bit too far and then they don't sound like KEFs. Cheers, Rob
  11. Sorry, I missed your post. I was lucky my nephew is a cabinet maker and had a stack of 20mm double veneered MDF which he cut to my plans. Pity I didn't bring home a few more pieces to patch up my rebuild. Your build was my inspiration for mounting my mid/woofers on top. After a many hours of bliss a friend suggested that some mids seemed to be missing. I then realised 6.6 inch Satori didn't have enough punch firing upward so I decided to front mount them. Your 10" drivers are probably more suited to upward firing. Problem was I had a hole on the top to fill. By mounting the panels on a separate board I had the advantage of being to put a screw through the middle so I can rotate them to vary the angles of the mid/woofers and the panels. I hadn't considered the benefits of being able to fine tune the in room performance this way. I floundered around with a lot of crossover points but things got a bit messy when the cone speakers were trying to integrate with the ESL's. The only solution I could think of was to leave the 1st order crossover on the ESLs because of the long rolloff taper and use a second order crossover on the mid/woofer with a slightly lower crossover point. The result is that the mid/bass no longer intrudes into the ESL territory. First order High Pass cap is 80uF and crossover is 275hZ. Low Pass inductor is 5.55mH with a 47uF cap SECOND ORDER crossover of 235hZ which has a steep rolloff allowing the ESL panels to perform their magic floating over the mid/bass. Very nice blend of cone speaker whack and ESL silkiness. I bought some unterminated 12GA Dueland tinned copper in oiled cotton from Geoff at Aurealis for speaker cable and this opened up the ESL's even more. 16GA didn't have the same weight and detail in the bass area. Enjoyment has increased dramatically. The performance of live (all) music still has me pinned in my seat wondering how this is possible, especially for such a low cost in dollars. I have forgotten to add 12 months of carrying speaker boxes in and out of my workshop several times a day. It was worth every minute and cheaper than going to gym but I don't think I will do it again. Cheers, Rob
  12. Hi Anton. I have messaged you re an audition. I have changed my upward firing mid/woofer to front firing because I was having trouble getting the mids where they sounded more full. The crossover has been harder than I thought so I now have a 1st order xo on the 505's and 2nd order on the mid/woofers so they have a steeper rolloff and don't interfere with the magic ESL sound. I am also using the Deuland 12 GA tinned copper cabled. They suit my Hybrid system extremely well and don't muddy anything. I've detailed the changes on my website: http://robmid42.wixsite.com/diyaudiokits/er-audio-esl-speaker-kit Cheers, Rob
  13. You could check out these beautiful German restorations of Thorens turntables. They aren't cheap but I wish my TD160 looked as good. https://www.ebay.com.au/b/Thorens-Audio-Record-Players-Turntables/48647/bn_6342337 BTW they have a 100% Ebay rating which is quite unusual. Cheers, Rob
  14. Thanks for that. I have checked out everything I could find online, but it looks like the last stock has been sold. So, I will stick with my ESL's that all of a sudden sound better ...after some more tweaks. Although they aren't in the race with my Pink Floyd LP's which I enjoyed so much with DC-XGen 4 and OTL valve amp a while back. Cheers, Rob
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