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  1. Whoops! My eggcup isolation would be a bit of an underkill for that incredible t/t. It's superb!
  2. My board for active current control is the latest 15 volt board, the same as yours but it requires an external 15 volt supply. Chris is also building me a new 16 volt linear mains powered supply for my Auralic Mini that I can also use for the StereoCoffee. Wait till you have built it. You are in for a treat.
  3. It probably wouldn't make sense to buy them but you can't really know until you test them in your room. If the product you ordered isn't suitable for it's application and you can get a refund?
  4. I use an older QUAKE REL with 8 inch cone and it can be blended perfectly. Mine is used with KEF LS50's and using speaker level input with the supplied Neutrik cable. With the LS50's level is only rotated by a couple of notches with zero crossover set. Heavy bass has lovely detail and texture and is NOT at all muddy and the magic detail of the LS50's hasn't been affected. You made a great choice IMO.
  5. If you think it looks good just wait until you both hear it! The amp will vanish and all you will hear is the most enjoyable sound you can imagine. Cheers, Rob
  6. Deciding on a new Power Amp

    You can buy any of Anthony Holton's power amps with the confidence you will have it forever. They just make beautiful sound without the harshness of some 'high end' amps and have heaps of useable horsepower.
  7. FS: Auralic Aries Mini

    Wow. Mine cost around $650 a couple of years ago and I thought that was a bargain.
  8. FS: Auralic Aries Mini

    They are an absolute bargain for the money. 'virtual analog' sound and Spotify Premium are a perfect match. Software updates are automatic so you are always up to date. Works well with an iPad.
  9. If you are like me you will go through your favourite tracks like a kid a lolly shop and it's likely you won't even recognise half the tracks because of what you have been missing. Bass is tight, accurate and very dynamic with the new SC. You will notice badly recorded material but because of the 3d soundstage you will get to appreciate what the engineer is trying to convey.
  10. I believe Chris can add as many input/outputs as you need. He is also working on remote control. Send him an email. By the way I am just a happy customer but keep in touch with Chris to give him feedback so he knows how the SC performs on different systems.
  11. I'm just using the budget MX Shure with a Project preamp. Wait till you hear it. The original SC was really good but the latest one will make you wonder how the performance it possible. I am sitting hear right now listening to Spotify Premium and perhaps it's fractionally less detailed then audio files or CD's I find my jaw dropping in disbelief every time I press play. Hence, I tend to stay up too late frequently now. My perception of 'low cost' sound has been shattered and I now realise that less components in the signal chain can and does give more accurate reproduction with quality speakers.
  12. The SC has a gentle slope up to 25% to 50% (knob position) fills my room. Above that is too loud for my tastes with my Auralic Mini. LP's need a bit more cranking up on my system.
  13. The StereoCoffee is purely an attenuator with virtually nothing in the signal path, hence the purity of sound. Adding an active preamp would defeat the purpose of minimal components. I run my Auralic Mini music server into a 150watt Holton power amp and LS50's which aren't very high sensitivity and full room volume is 50% on the gain control.
  14. Chris and I have been exchanging notes on the NEW preamp. This is his personal assessment, not advertising jargon. "I have been listening mainly to ECM discs, source is my Yamaha CDR HD1500 through a 306 Quad and JR149's and is as realistic as I have ever heard, like piano is perfect no stridency. so a slight improvement on the board you are presently using I am fairly sure, erring toward utter realism. I am certain it would put $15k preamps or nearly anything regardless of price to shame - and given it is a DIY kit represents a massive bargain. I recall hearing a mcIntosh valve balanced preamp with a 10k price tag and it was way too reserved compared to this as though they had backed off all the electronics deliberately, to make it polite as, but in the process losing everything that is important in music."
  15. Hi Tom. The the impossibly realistic sound from new regulator and power board is quite extraordinary. The only soldering is to connect your RCA input/outputs if you aren't getting the installed version and you will need to solder the pot and selector switch unless Chris is doing it for you. All the other connections use screw terminal blocks. I have found them to be a bit fiddly but as long as you tug the connection to make sure it is firmly in place you will be ok. If you get stuck, Chris will always help. He is totally dedicated the the StereoCoffee. I'm located in QLD on the Sunshine Coast. Cheers, Rob