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  1. The top plot shows the signal peaks using a basic two channel 10hZ to 20,000hZ frequency sweep that I found on Spotify. The plot is of no real use unless you are aware of a problem with the performance in the first place. E.G. if there is some obvious woolliness or excessive bass that interferes with detail in your music. In my case, I was aware of some bass blooming and used the app so I could compare the amount of boominess in different positions by looking for obvious humps like the one at 500hZ. The differences can soon be confirmed by playing a few tracks and observing if the problem was still present. My aim was to reduce the number of times I had to get up and down to move my speakers by being able to see what is happening rather than guessing. Cheers, Rob
  2. The top measurement shows the peaks. The bottom measurement is the signal when I stopped the reading. I'm not really interested in the measurements , and only use the readings so I can find a speaker position that doesn't have excess bass. It works perfectly for my purposes. Cheers, Rob
  3. How Advanced Spectrum Analyser helped me going bonkers! I have been having problems nailing the best position for my speakers as I have a tiled room with limited space for moving my speakers to the side. My Neat Audio Iota Alphas have a down firing bass speaker plus rear firing port. Wall to speaker distance is critical because the rear port needs to synchronise with the down firing woofer or they can sound boomy or muddy. Side to side distancing also has a sizeable effect on focus. The Alphas don’t like being close together in my experience. I have REW but the free Android version of Advanced Spectrum Analyser lets me play a sweep from Spotify and simply hold the phone at my head position. The Peaks can be locked so it is simple to visualise. Now it’s just a matter of moving the Alphas a touch and jumping back into my seat and hitting play. For the first time I have been able to nail the sweet spot without relying on my ears. It doesn’t really matter if the plots are accurate. They just have to be consistent. NOTE: The sudden drop is because I was only interested in ironing out the bass to I stopped the sweep. I improved on this plot by moving speakers about 75mm. Cheers, Rob
  4. Further information: SB Acoustics MW16P-4 SATORI Mid/Woofer 6.5inch Papyrus drivers (pair) RRP $518 from WAGNER Online. These high performance mid/woofers are superb performers with a useable frequency response to 14kHz and almost flat impedance curve. (See Plot) No longer need as I have replaced them with 4 ohm versions required by my kit crossover and I am giving up DIY to listen to more music. They are in very good condition apart from paint worn off the mounting screw holes from when I was refining my crossover network. I did remove them a lot of times. The original mounting gaskets were very thin so they have been replaced with thicker neoprene foam so they make a better seal with MDF. Photos:
  5. You have a wonderful way with words! I thought you would enjoy my beaten up old StereoCoffee. I haven't heard the latest board yet as I am in a long line but I have noticed that the difference between a high quality recording and an average one is more extreme with my SC. There have been two significant upgrades since the board, so yours will be something special when you receive yours.
  6. Further information: Glossy white SB Acoustic stand mount speakers with GENUINE SB crossovers designed for these cabinets with papyrus paper coned SB Acoustic Satori mid bass drivers. They have been run for about 50 hours and aren't fully burnt in yet. Unfortunately WAF dictates they are too large for my living room and have been replaced with smaller speakers. These speakers are only available in kit form in Australia and sell for $2599 from Wagner Online. The reproduction of voices and instruments is lifelike and performances are transparent and dynamic without colouration. Bass is beautiful. Tight, detailed an punchy. They also sound smooth and refined and have an enviable reputation worldwide because they were designed in Denmark by ex Scan-Speak engineers. Jazz, Rock, Electro and Classical are all handled with ease. DRIVERS: SATORI TW29R (29mm soft ring dome) 6.5inch SATORI MW16P-4 mid woofer. Frequency Response: 45-25000Hz /-3dB Sensitivity: 87dB Impedance: 4ohm Recommended amplifier: 50 to 150 watt 2 Way Bass Reflex Port tuned to 36.5Hz Facets on top of the paired cabinets for reduced high frequency diffraction Inclined baffle for correct time alignment of drivers Wedge shaped inner rear walls behind mid woofer for reduced direct reflection. Internal bracing to reduce and distribute vibrations, hence lower sound colouration. Approx. 391mm high x 340mm deep 190mm wide ( These are quite large for stand mount speakers) There is a small hole in one of the cloth tweeter covers due to a moment of clumsiness (see last photo). I have some spare cloth if you need it. Weight approx 14kG each Audition available. Can deliver to Brisbane or Sunshine Coast area Photos: Pic shows small hole in cover of one tweeter caused when solder dropped on bench (replacement fabric included)
  7. Sorry Andy. I did mean Linkwitz-Riley and mine is 12dB according to the Speaker Wizard, but I have now abandoned the futile project and instead of trying to tame the offending room I am moving my gear to another room. Why didn't I do that two years ago???? Cheers, Rob
  8. Hi Ant. I a newby at crossovers and have been using this online calculator lately because it produces a plot to help me understand the effect of each change visually. Any value driver impedance or crossover frequency can be entered manually. The flexibility has allowed me to put together a pretty nice custom Linkwitz 6db crossover that is optimised for my evil listening room using components I had on hand. https://speakerwizard.co.uk/calcs/Crossover_Calc_v2.php Cheers, Rob
  9. Hi Mike. I did consider full-range panels but I don't have enough space available for them plus a lounge. Unfortunately large panels would get a -10 WAF because we have full length front windows with nice garden views. The little Neats react dramatically to different listening distances. and heights I find the absolute sweet spot is standing about one metre behind my normal listening seating. That's when they really open up. Maybe I need to build a dress circle, just for me. The main problem I encountered with my 505 Mini ESLs was integrating the bass speaker because my room has multiple nodes that produce null points and bass hot spots that created all sorts of phase problems when combined with ESLs. There are points in the room where a 1000hZ sine wave completely vanishes. Cheers, Rob
  10. Yes, it's quite easy as long as you make up a 'folder' that bends the perspex above the hot wire. There are dozens of colours available and I often wonder if they have a chrome look. I got the idea from Youtube. Cheers, Rob
  11. Hi all. As an 'audio pensioner' I'm sharing some money saving options I have discovered over the last few years so you can afford to eat too. Please share yours discoveries too! Cheers, Rob Prototype board. Flat speaker wire for hot and (underneath) cold leads. $10 inc boards Smokey grey perspex from held in place by pot & LED lock nuts ($6 for A4 sheet Ebay) Perspex enclosure. A4 sheet from Ebay bent with diy hot wire, powered by 12v charger Labels printed on clear self adhesive sheet. Components attached to top with tape and accessed from bottom. Perspex ends. Son of Beast OTL with trannies covered by bent plastic lamp cover. $2 from opshop.
  12. The 2020BT StereoCoffee gives the most dynamic uncoloured sound combined with 3d staging that I have heard in my 2 channel system. They aren't harsh or edgy, just pure and musical. This performance complements with the Hypex NC122MP which I also find to be uncoloured and capable of driving the NEAT Alphas without stress while maintaining the bass. The Alphas seem to need a pure signal to keep them sparkling. They are laid back and I think a coloured amp might hamper the enjoyment factor. They have so much bass content that it would be easy to muzzle the sweet highs. Cheers, Rob
  13. Hi Simon. The explorers would have been a better choice for a large room but I think they around $6000 which is a lot of loot and they are quite a bit taller. They weren't available locally when I was auditioning. The ALPHAs are indeed cute. A bit too light to not move if I bump them but the cabinet damping is well thought out and doesn't seem to have any resonances. They are well designed and constructed. Over the next few weeks I will be comparing their loveableness (?) with my Satori 2 way ARAs which also sound great but have excessive upper bass problems in my room. I am experimenting with a modified crossover to reduce the upper bass level. They could show how tiny they are in advertising be putting them next to a pair of nice legs. Cheers, Rob
  14. A pair of REL T-Zeros worked well with my LS50s so they should perform better with the LS50Ws. I'm not sure whether they only support one or whether you can use two. A REL T5 would work well if you can only have one. Cheers, Rob
  15. Hi David. The first this year was the 2020, then 2020B upgrade the 2020BT(timing) and the 2020BT+ is my name fo one Cris is testing. I have a 2020B which has been out on loan and my own preamp uses the 2020BT. Probably the same one you have. Sorry for the confusion. Cheers, Rob
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