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  1. My "Meh..." problem turned out to be boredom. I loved my favourite tracks and artists but I started to track switch more often and didn't know what I enjoyed any more. Out of curiosity, I decided to see if my favourites were available on Spotify Premium. Not only were they all there but there were suggestions of similar tracks which I followed and discovered even more tracks that led me on a journey of the most amazing musical experiences from unknown (to me) artists. I have about hundreds of hours of favourites available. My problem now is that I think I am addicted and have to limit my listening sessions. While many audiophiles claim the sound is not be audiophile quality if you do an A/B comparison with CDs, I have found the enjoyment factor overwhelms any technical expectations. I am running DIY biamped HYPEX nCores, 2019 StereoCoffee LDR preamp, ARIES Mini Spotify streaming and ER Audio hybrid 505 mini ESL panels with a pair of REL subs so your system should sound at least as good. For about $10 per month, Spotify Premium has reignited my interest in music to a level I never thought was possible. It's worth a shot! The free version of Spotify sounds pretty ordinary and has annoying ultra loud commercials.
  2. You could get a pair of REL T-Zeros for about $1200. They are designed for music and run from speaker outputs which helps them to sound like sound like part of the system instead of a bolt on sub. Once they are positioned for correct room loading they punch out some powerful musical bass that lifts the performance of the entire system. They aren't doof doofs.
  3. Food for thought on this interesting project. If a judges auditioned the classic reference tracks on the suggested list, it seems to me the performance of the first speaker could only be compared to other system/speakers they have heard playing the same tracks. As an alternative, there are thousands of exciting lesser known tracks out there that make the standards sound a bit boring. Decent modern systems are capable of reproducing much more than the oldies offer. How about asking for suggestions and making a fresh list? Streaming has opened up unlimited opportunities to discover extraordinary music. Here is one I found yesterday that will test any system and give you goose bumps at the same time: Soledad - Alberto Iglesias - Yuli (Original motion picture sound track)
  4. Here's a perfect chance for the ultimate unbiased, blind listening test to judge performance. Just do judging in a completely dark room!😃
  5. Thats a great build! Much neater than mine in the same case. Where did you manage to find that classy volume knob?
  6. I agree totally. Active implementation and a second amp would be the right solution this project. I know passive crossovers are an art and spent almost 12 months of tweaking before the ESL's came close to integrating with my mid/woofers. This didn't happen until I added the bass attenuation. When I built my integrated Hybrid ESL/Hypex/StereoCoffee amp I did install a pair of two way active analog crossovers but auditions with my system, which exploits micro detail, didn't have the soul of the passive first order crossover which I was intending to replace. Many other DIY ESL owners have found the same problem and some have reverted from active to passive crossovers. Cheers, Rob
  7. Hi. I have bi-amped a pair of Hypex amps. One dedicated to bass and the other to an ESL panel using the same passive bass and treble crossovers as I previously used with a single amp. However, I have added a 20 turn trimpot between the StereoCoffee LDR preamp output and bass Hypex inputs on the more sensitive bass speaker which allows me to trim bass/treble balance with precision. The result is very seamless.
  8. I had the same problem using calculations from different sources so I ended up measuring the photographs and scaling up from there. I think I was close enough to be within specifications. I abandoned the project in the end because it seems the driver model and figures are critical and I really wanted to audition one before committing myself to new drivers.
  9. ER Audio 505 ESL kit + hybrid mid/woofer $1400 The 505 ESL kit only is $850 with delivered
  10. I just noticed you didn't give IKEA a credit in your equipment list 🤔
  11. Mine died last year and I managed to get it replaced by Addicted to Audio even though it was out of warranty. Might be worth a shot, because I looked everywhere but couldn't find one. Don't see many used ones around. Good luck. I understand why you want another one.
  12. Whoops "My experience with LS50s was similar to mine." Must have been talking to myself again, but at least I don't argue with me 😅
  13. Your experience with LS50s was similar to mine. However, I was slightly underwhelmed when I heard them at a dealers audition room. He allowed me to take them home and the difference was enormous in my room. I bought them immediately and was gobsmacked for 2 years, but moving over to DIY hybrid 505 mini ESLs convinced me to sell without any buyers remorse.
  14. I reckon the LSX would be a better option in your situation because they do have great bass/mids at lower levels than the LS50s.
  15. I found my LS50's performed much better on heavy stands and they sounded a bit ordinary on shelves. I have recently bought a set of LSX powered KEFs which are designed for bookshelves, but they do lose a lot of KEF magic because they have so much bottom end, especially for such small units, and can sound a bit muddy at highish levels. They did sound quite excellent in a quiet carpeted room on the heavy stands. Did you find that the IsoAcoustic stands improved the sound? And in what way. Cheers, Rob
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