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  1. This vide from REL shows how to connect and avoid disasters. https://rel.net/how-to-connect-a-rel-to-a-class-d-amp/
  2. Thanks. That's something I didn't know. Lucky I read this thread because I was just about to make a BIG mistake. I'm running my older REL Quake with one channel connected as recommended at speaker level with a Hypex amp and it sounds great.
  3. Unlike the LS50s it seems to me KEF designed the LSX to sound bigger than it's physical. I was impressed by the detailed bass and mids but I missed the LS50 unique feel. Don't get me wrong, they are enjoyable, in the right room and at the right level. It is easy to push them a bit too far and then they don't sound like KEFs. Cheers, Rob
  4. Sorry, I missed your post. I was lucky my nephew is a cabinet maker and had a stack of 20mm double veneered MDF which he cut to my plans. Pity I didn't bring home a few more pieces to patch up my rebuild. Your build was my inspiration for mounting my mid/woofers on top. After a many hours of bliss a friend suggested that some mids seemed to be missing. I then realised 6.6 inch Satori didn't have enough punch firing upward so I decided to front mount them. Your 10" drivers are probably more suited to upward firing. Problem was I had a hole on the top to fill. By mounting the panels on a separate board I had the advantage of being to put a screw through the middle so I can rotate them to vary the angles of the mid/woofers and the panels. I hadn't considered the benefits of being able to fine tune the in room performance this way. I floundered around with a lot of crossover points but things got a bit messy when the cone speakers were trying to integrate with the ESL's. The only solution I could think of was to leave the 1st order crossover on the ESLs because of the long rolloff taper and use a second order crossover on the mid/woofer with a slightly lower crossover point. The result is that the mid/bass no longer intrudes into the ESL territory. First order High Pass cap is 80uF and crossover is 275hZ. Low Pass inductor is 5.55mH with a 47uF cap SECOND ORDER crossover of 235hZ which has a steep rolloff allowing the ESL panels to perform their magic floating over the mid/bass. Very nice blend of cone speaker whack and ESL silkiness. I bought some unterminated 12GA Dueland tinned copper in oiled cotton from Geoff at Aurealis for speaker cable and this opened up the ESL's even more. 16GA didn't have the same weight and detail in the bass area. Enjoyment has increased dramatically. The performance of live (all) music still has me pinned in my seat wondering how this is possible, especially for such a low cost in dollars. I have forgotten to add 12 months of carrying speaker boxes in and out of my workshop several times a day. It was worth every minute and cheaper than going to gym but I don't think I will do it again. Cheers, Rob
  5. Hi Anton. I have messaged you re an audition. I have changed my upward firing mid/woofer to front firing because I was having trouble getting the mids where they sounded more full. The crossover has been harder than I thought so I now have a 1st order xo on the 505's and 2nd order on the mid/woofers so they have a steeper rolloff and don't interfere with the magic ESL sound. I am also using the Deuland 12 GA tinned copper cabled. They suit my Hybrid system extremely well and don't muddy anything. I've detailed the changes on my website: http://robmid42.wixsite.com/diyaudiokits/er-audio-esl-speaker-kit Cheers, Rob
  6. You could check out these beautiful German restorations of Thorens turntables. They aren't cheap but I wish my TD160 looked as good. https://www.ebay.com.au/b/Thorens-Audio-Record-Players-Turntables/48647/bn_6342337 BTW they have a 100% Ebay rating which is quite unusual. Cheers, Rob
  7. Thanks for that. I have checked out everything I could find online, but it looks like the last stock has been sold. So, I will stick with my ESL's that all of a sudden sound better ...after some more tweaks. Although they aren't in the race with my Pink Floyd LP's which I enjoyed so much with DC-XGen 4 and OTL valve amp a while back. Cheers, Rob
  8. Hi. I am a past DC X Gen 4 kit customer and have recently moved over to DIY hybrid ER Audio mini ESL's which give me great pleasure. My DC Xs served me well for about 4 years but are now with another happy owner. I have been trying to find some serious user reviews of the DC X63s but can't find any. Do you know where I can find some? There are a lot of DC X reviews around. Thanks, Cheers, Rob
  9. The original DC-X Gen 4 had heaps of reviews but I haven't found any meaningful reviews of the DC-X63 from owners. It seems a bit of a mystery as they are also on a runout sale. Are there any users out there who have had a serious listen to the VAF DC-X63? Thanks. Cheers, Rob
  10. Your spectrogram reminds me of a problem I had with my 505 ESL Mini Panels where the Satori 6.5 inch mid/woofers were overpowering the ESL panels. It was necessary to attenuate the Satoris by about 10 dB to retain a retain a decent balance between bass and the magic of ESLs. My readings were made from listening position with both speakers facing forward. Re the 10k dip. I get a similar dip with panels facing straight ahead but it improves with panels angled directly at microphone. For some reason, I prefer the ESL sound with panels facing forward.
  11. KEF LSX I have hunted high and low but couldn’t find any LSX reviews or opinions from actual customers so I thought this might encourage some others to contribute. My reference speakers are hybrid 505 mini ESL panels driven by Hypex nCore OEM amps and KEF LS50’s driven by a Holton amp. I paid under $1700 delivered for my LSX set. Firstly, these gorgeous little speakers have their own sound, they are not neutral but they are very musical and have enormous mid bass detail. Whereas the LS50’s were super clean and the ESL’s can’t really be compared because they don't seem to have a 'sound'. I didn't buy these for myself, but so the whole family could listen to their own selections without having to figure out how to use my gear. Setup is simple. There are only a few lines of instructions in the single sheet user manual explaining how to 'Plug them in to a power point and switch them on'. Once set up, I was able to use my Samsung phone with a pair of free KEF apps.an iPad and MacBook pro with AirPlay to control the speakers playing Spotify. Other sources can be selected such as my Aries Mini server where I could select all my audio files. Unfortunately, they just display as an alphabetically sorted list, but they do sound excellent. With Airplay, I could choose Spotify Connect or Spotify via Airplay and Aries Mini streamer. Streaming via Airplay sounds much cleaner than Spotify Connect which sounds a bit doofy and ordinary. There is also a substantial delay between tracks with Spotify Connect so I assume the servers are different. The speakers can connect to each other by Bluetooth which supports 48kHz/24bit or a supplied network cable connection that supports 96kHz/24bit transmission. It also supports source files up to 192kHz/24bit according to specs. I assume via TOSLINK. SOURCES SUPPORTED AirPlay 2 Spotify Connect Tidal Music (via KEF Stream app) Bluetooth 4.2 with Qualcomm aptX codec Optical input (TOSLINK) AUX input plus Subwoofer output HOW DO THEY SOUND To my ears, the sound is far removed from being audiophile quality but listening experience is exciting and enjoyable. Bass and upper bass were the BIG surprise because of the weight and detail which seemed out of proportion to these tiny boxes. Victor Wooten on electric bass is incredibly detailed, weighty and dynamic. Piano and stringed instruments sound accurate. Treble and mids aren't as harsh as I sometimes heard on the LS50's. Voices are so pure that minute vocal inflections are conveyed with a human emotion that is often lost. To summarise, KEF LSX speakers are exciting, musical, emotional and non fatiguing. Despite my bias towards my own system, and a disappointing start I really enjoy listening to them now. DISAPPOINTMENT When I listened in my main room, which is long, lively and has a tile floor, they sounded pretty grotty. Sounds seemed to just bounce around and the magic was gone. It was just a cacophony ! I think the room is just too large and too lively for such small speakers. The control apps have some EQ controls so speaker stands/cabinet, room brightness, edge distance and rear wall distance can be set to suit your own conditions. Bass and treble can also be adjusted. After customising the settings to suit my room, I could detect NO improvement whatsoever and I started to think I had made a big mistake. REDEMPTION...phew! We have a thickly carpeted spare bedroom that isn't used, so I placed the LSXs on some stands and powered up. There was a big improvement, but the sound was still out of whack. It sounded boomy and voices were recessed. More adjustments to the settings. Still no change. Now what? Brainwave! Reset speakers to factory settings with the app. I powered up and blast of glorious music hit me but it was too bass heavy, so I reduced the level until it was comfortable and got stuck into some of my test tracks. It seems to me, I may have fallen into the old trap of pushing the levels too high because these little miracles don't seem to distort at high levels. Comfortable listening levels, in a quiet, average room really let these LSX speakers shine and allowed me to experience some of my favourite tracks with a whole new level of enjoyment. The music and performance became more important than the sound for a change. SHOULD YOU BUY A SET? Most of the forum users are serious about audio and these speakers can't really be called 'audiophile' quality but they could introduce many enthusiasts to a new enjoyment listening to musical performances instead of listening to sound. NOTE: I don't know if the EQ control even works on my speakers but the factory setting sounds great when stands are used.
  12. Item: Modified speaker stands Location: Little Mountain QLD Price: $75 Item Condition: Good condition Reason for selling: Not needed Payment Method: Pickup ONLY- Cash, Paypal, Bank Transfer Extra Info: Pair of heavy solid sand filled stands. Bamboo canuba waxed top plate and base. Cable hooks on base for stability. * original stands had a smaller top plate and a hollow pressed metal base which tended to 'ring'. Stands were specifically adapted for KEF LS50s. Size: HEIGHT: 640mm - TOP 240x180mm - BASE 290x210mm - WEIGHT: 8kg approx. Powder coated tubes approx 95mm diameter. If you want black, just sand paper the tube and spray them. Pictures:
  13. I would just contact Chris as he has a number of customers all with different systems and he tests them on a couple of different rigs. The only time I had a problem with insufficient output was when I tried to use a lowish output cartridge with a phone preamp. Level was ok but I would have liked to have more gain instead have being almost full on.
  14. Bunnings keep a great flexible cloth tape that sticks like crazy, is thin and available in a couple of colours. I have used it on ICs and book spines. I must grab some more.
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