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  1. Shmockolovitch

    Oppo 203 vs 205

    Hi folks, I already have an Opp103D that I use for Bluray AND digital music, mainly CD, SACD and DVD-audio. I think it sounds great.. I plug my 103 via RCA into my Prima Luna Dialogue premium amp.. I was wondering if I upgrade to a 205, I won't we able to exploit the balanced XLR, but it has discreet RCA stereo outs, with there be that much audio improvement between say the 203 and the 205 using RCA strereo outs?
  2. Shmockolovitch

    Another Hi Fi shop to close?

    I bought one as well 2 years ago! LOL! We should have a 'We bought bargain PrimaLuna Apps off Trevor Lees club'!.. I had a weird intermittent problem with mine where the Volume pot would'nt respond to the remote, I took it to to Encel who checked it out and didn't find a problem, in the end Herman VanDen Dungeon offered to fix it LOL! I also got my Opp BDP off him. I'm a bit bummed he's gone down the toilet I was ready to get a Ken Bruce-has-gone-mad bargain for one of those new fandangled UDP Oppo players..!!
  3. Shmockolovitch

    Qs for TIDAL users...

    I"m enjoying it, it's just the service on my end is occasionally flaky and I'm not prepared to pay $24 a month for it, if it was the same price as Spotify or cheaper, then yes, definitely.
  4. Shmockolovitch

    Qs for TIDAL users...

    I just started with Tidal last night when I noticed I get a 3 month trial on my Oppo103 since they introduced the app, and I wanted to listen to the new Kanye album (mostly a bore)..Can't say I notice it's improvement in sound quality, I have the 'hifi' quality - does it sound better than SpotifyHQ? Certainly doesnt sound better than my 24-96/192 flacs... It's pretty good, but not sure if I'm ready to pay $24 per month, and I notice it occassionally freezes between 5-8pm
  5. I'd like to see some more reviews online as well...I recently bought some Legend Kama speakers so I am right in the speaker department for at least another 10 years!
  6. This brand appeared on my Facebook feed and they are a beautiful looking pair of Aussie made speakers, which looks like they are even made out of native Aussie woods and they seemed to be in my price range. The thing that bugs me is being in Melbourne it always makes it a real pain in ther arse to audition local speakers, and when yr dishing out 3K plus for speakers it's essential you can hear them. They state you can return after 30 days but that comes with conditions which limits you to what model, finish etc..etc
  7. I just bought a pair of Echobox Finder X-1's on IndieGogo..Once I got the right seal, using COMPLY memory foam tips, they sound fantastic, crisp, nice bass, neutral. They are made out of Titanium.. 'In Ear Monitors' need a decent seal, effectiviely plugging yr ears, otherwise they sound like VB-can headphones! http://echobox-audio.myshopify.com/products/finder-x1
  8. Shmockolovitch

    Power amp under $1000 t match PrimaLuna Integrated

    Yes I think that is my next purchase..Replacing the EL34s I have, can you recommend a good brand of Tube? Thanks for that tip as well, what I find is that turning up too loud with the Phono input causes the bloody needle to jump with bass vibrations..
  9. Shmockolovitch

    Power amp under $1000 t match PrimaLuna Integrated

    Do i need a bigger one, then?
  10. Shmockolovitch

    Power amp under $1000 t match PrimaLuna Integrated

    The reason I bought the Prima Luna is because they have HT bypass built in and integrate perfectly with my surround and work as power amp for the fronts Regarding 'power' I get heaps when I listen to CD or DAC/DAP, it's just when I go through the phono stage, I can turn up to 11 and it's no 'ear bleedingling loud' I was just curious to know whether I can get more volume without having to go beyond 12 o'clock on the Prima Luna.
  11. Hi SNA's I need some 'expert' advice. I currently replaced my speakers from B&W 685 S2 to Legend Kama7 floorstanders to improve my vinyl and stereo music listening. I currently have aPrimaLuna Dialogue Premium that acts as a power amp for my surround sound and a stand alone stereo amp for music. Since I got the new Legend speakers, I notice they are slightly less efiicient than the B&Ws, the power specs for the Legends are as follows: Sensitivity 90 dB/2.83V @ 1m Impedance 4 ohms, nominal Recommended Power 20 - 100 W The Wattage of the PrimaLuna is as follows, I used EL34 tubes: Output Triode (8 Ohms, 1% THD): 24 watts x 2 (KT150) 22 watts x 2 (KT120) 20 watts x 2 (EL34 & KT88) My question is what is a suitable power amp to give me extra juice on volume, detail etc, is one necessary? I"m looking around the $1000 mark and something that isn't massive as I have limited space..thanks
  12. Item: Bowers & Wilkins 685 S2 speakers plus STAV24 stands Location: Inner S.E Melbourne (local buyers only) Price: $750 Item Condition: Excellent 9.5/10 Reason for selling: Gone Ozzie, oi. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, or EFT Xfer on pickup Extra Info: Bought new from KlappAV, just over one year ago. B&W 685 S2 speakers with sand filled STAV24 stands (probably still under warranty, I have boxes and instructions etc..). The speakers 'speak' for themselves, have won all sorts of awards, excellent 'all-rounder' perfect for modern rock and electronic sounds and surround sound usage. I've had them paired up with my PrimaLuna valve integrated and they are present and efficient, detailed, concise 'English sound', especially great with digital sources. I also have the 'bungs' if you want to improve the bass response, but I've needed them. Perfect for a small, inner city listening environment. Can be bi-wired. You have to buy the whole lot. Pictures:
  13. Osborns and VAFs and Legends seem to do 3D live soundstage real well. OR you could just listen to 5.1 SACD or DVD-audio! LOL
  14. what do you use the reel-to-reel for? How do these speakers compare to yer VAFs?
  15. Shmockolovitch

    Mojo on massdrop

    That's in US dollars, so its come to approx $862 inc shipping..Since they retail for $899 here, I'm pretty certain a local seller will better that price. Since the Ozzie dollar dropped MassDrop has become MassFlop.