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  1. Item: Krell KAV-300i, 240V Location: Melbourne Price: $1200 + postage Item Condition: Used but in excellent working condition Reason for selling: Moved house and with too much gear, lightening the load Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Very reluctant sale as this is an excellent unit and whilst other amplifiers have come and gone, this has always sounded and performed flawlessly. I am the 2nd owner and used it to drive my old series B&W 604s. Whilst the back sticker states it is a 115V it definitely a 240V unit. I have the original double box packaging, the remote, operating manual and torx key. Input 3 is currently set for surround sound processor so bypasses volume control but can be changed with the flick of the jumper on the inside panel. Instructions within the manual. No marks to speak of except small one in the centre top panel at the back edge as seen in the last photo. Made in the USA Photos:
  2. Item: Powertech 120W 240V - 120V Isolated Stepdown Transformer AND standard US 3 pin power cable. Location: Adelaide Price: $40 Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I used this to power some US acquired audio gear that I no longer own. The unit is quiet, functions as it should and has only been used for this purpose so has always been used and stored indoors. Quality fully-enclosed stepdown transformer with fold up metal carry handles, approved 3-wire power cord & US style 2 pin 110 - 120V socket. - Rated at 120VA (watts) 1.0 amp - Electrically isolated between primary and secondary - Size 125(W) x 74(D) x 90(H)mm - Weight 2.4Kgs. Pictures:
  3. Hi. Still available? What would postage be to melb?
  4. Howdy. I'm sure we could work something out if you are keen.
  5. Item: Rotel RMB 1555, 5 channel power amplifier; black Location: Adelaide 5067 Price: $1600 neg plus shipping Item Condition: excellent condition cosmetically and operationally Reason for selling: excess to needs Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (buyer pays fees) Extra Info: five channel power amplifier, a truely beautiful sounding unit, functioning perfectly. Surround processor recently died and rather than replace it I've decided to give home theatre a rest for a while, repurposing my rear speakers as 2 channel audio in a separate area. Thanks Teo
  6. Samsung is the current leader in this field. I have a samsung series 8 now after terrible experiences with sony, hisense and lg, and have never looked back.
  7. This is indeed an incredible amplifier, my brother has the same one purchased on the 2nd hand market. I have the FBP300 and I love it! It is true that recapping at the 10 yr mark is expensive and the heat fins can be dangerous; I cut myself on them every now and then and needed stitches the last time I moved. Your FBP600 will prove to be very popular on the open market and the buyer will come prepared.
  8. Hi All I'm an audio enthusiast now calling Adelaide home. Vinyl and CD are my preferred media currently played though Project Perspex 6, PS audio Nu Wave phono converter, Wadia 16 CD player, Krell FPB 300, B&W 604, MIT2 speaker cables. With the recent upgrade of the vinyl system and an introduction of more equipment eg receiver for 5.1 AV I'm now looking for a preamp and was thinking of a Mark Levinson 380s and hence the reason why i joined this forum. Swapping cables was becoming tiresome too. Unfortunately the recent illness of my power amp has me a little worried. I hope the team can fix my beloved or i might be looking for another amp too. Im very glad to have joined and am looking forward to the experience that is Stereonet Thanks Teo
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