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  1. Hi Bill Just waiting for my RCA cables from you with anticipation. In the meantime. Do you or have you thought about supplying "Headphone Cables"? Cheers John
  2. Thanks for the responses. I'm not really a fan of on ear heaphones, so the Grado's are out. Remember I'm still keeping my HD650's which are basically my beater headphones and my usual go-to cans. Any love for the Dan Clark Audi0 (Mr Speakers) Aeon Flow 2 or is it too early for reviews?
  3. Hey Folks I'm after recommendations for an end game set of headphones as my musical needs/preferences have taken a turn since I've moved onto "Tidal" with a premium subscription. It's introduced me to so many new artists that I can listen to in MQA, which has been refreshing to say the least. I have accumulated a few cans over the years, but have decided to sell them all and put the money towards a single pair that I can run on both my amps. My current music storage is my phone (with USB type C connection) and I'm selling all my DAP's in the near future. The amps I am keeping are my beloved Chord Mojo for portable and Darkvoice 366se for home use. Now I want a pair of cans that can run on both amps initially. I don't see myself ever replacing the Mojo unless it dies on me. However the Darkvoice 366se's might go one day. For portable I now use my phone + Mojo + Bluetooth AptX adapter (giving me MQA streaming). I use a pair of sabbat e12 ultras (for wireless) and Etymotic ERX4R's/ Blon 03's/ Tin P1's for cabled I'm selling my LCD2's (too heavy), Beyerdynamic T90's (too bright) and HiFiMan 4XX's (meh sounding), buy I'm keeping my pair of Sennhieser HD650's Also getting rid of my FiiO X3ii's, FiiO M6's, FiiO X5iii's and FiiO A5 amp. With the pooled $$$ from their sale, I wish to get a pair of "Musical Headphones" that I can use at home with the Darkvoice 366se (which at this stage is staying for the foreseeable future). If or when I replace it, I'll probably get something that has balanced inputs. So please recommend some headphones Open or Closed that could run on my Darkvoice 366se's AND Mojo, which I'll also use at home on the odd occasion. I listen to Vocal/Uplifting Trance, Classical/Jazz/Blues, Post Modern Jukebox, Moby and just about anything well recorded. I don't wish to be analytical with my taste anymore as much as just wanting to "enjoy the music" in my Jason Recliner (I'm 57 years old) I enjoy soundstage, separation and imaging the most Happy to buy used, but prices for headphones appear to be at an all time low for TOTL headphones. Sorry for the long post! Cans I've researched, but not auditioned are as follows: Sony MDR Z1R Beyerdynamics T1 Gen2 Focal Clear Fostex TH900 Mk2 Mr Speakers Aeon Flow 2
  4. Cheers for that. Any other thoughts wold be appreciated.
  5. Hello Learned Colleges As per the title I am thinking of selling my rig to put together funds for an M11. As a note, I already have an M6 running with Sabbat E12 Ultras as my pocket hifi. At home I use a Darkvoice 307 with my over-ears (LCD2's, HD650's, Beyer T90 and HiFiman HE4XX) Lastly a FiiO X3ii with my Chord Mojo. However the X3ii's are getting a bit long in the tooth by todays tech standards. I'm embracing Tidal HiFi now so changing my available sources of music available. The Mojo and M6 wouldn't play together. A few times every minute I would hear a crackle of tsst type sound (like what you hear on the radio) So for my other IEM's and some of the cans, should I sell the rig in the title and go for an M11? I will probably sell the Fiio X3ii's as well leaving the Chord Mojo with no one to play with. Your gathered knowledge would be appreciated.
  6. Ultra portable = FiiO M6 + Sabbat E12 Ultra Home = FiiO X5iii + FiiO A5 + IEMS (too many to mention) Serious = Phone + MoJo + LCD2's
  7. Item: FiiO A5 Amp Price Range: Under $100 depending on condition Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Melb pickup preferred Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  8. spatialiser ? Great Idea. Many thanks
  9. I picked up one of these bad boy's over the weekend at a garage sale. Paid 50 bucks because they had a few scratches on them. The seller assured me they were working 100% so I took the punt. Can't find much info about them, but it does sound great coming from my FiiO X3ii. Excellent base, but not much of a wide soundstage because the speakers are so close together. All in all, I think they were a steal for only 1 pineapple. I might try to go through my MoJo over the weekend to see if there's a sound improvement
  10. Item: Frugal/BLH/Transmission Line Spearers Price Range: 300-700 depending on build quality and components used. Item Condition: DIY Extra Info: As per the title i'm after some used DIY speakers using a Full Range Driver. Interested in 3"- 8" Driver, Fostex etc Let me know what you've got. Melbourne Based Many Thanks Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
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