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  1. @@Gruffnutz I'm going to be using BeoVision's BeoRemote One. I've looked into the harmony remote adapter and I believe that only works for harmony remotes so it wouldn't be appropriate? I was thinking of using a computer's load slot which i believe is the concept for the htpc option you mentioned? Any good sites you know of on how to build one? And do you think I'd be able to integrate it to use with the BeoRemote One?
  2. Hey all, I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on how to get a slot-load multi-format blu ray player for my tv. I don't want to use a PS4 or an Xbox since it will need a separate controller, I'd prefer to stick to using my tv remote. Slot-load is important for me for aesthetic reasons, to place it vertical behind the mounted tv. Thanks.
  3. Hi all looking for A NEW SOUNDBAR any suggestions?
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