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  1. The SBpfc polymer frame series are really nice drivers for the price, although the frame shape is a pain to flush mount - so I didn't worry about it. I'm very happy with the SB16pfc, I did a two way test build in a Mass Loaded Transmission Line with a Vifa BC25Tg tweeter, sounded really nice for about A$220 in drivers and crossover parts. SB has since released round frame versions with the same specs as far as I can tell. They're good value too, much cheaper than the same sized Dayton equivalents. Geoff
  2. Best concert: can't choose between the Nigel Kennedy Band playing Jimi Hendrix, The Funk Brothers in Chicago or William Barton. All had great sound and performances. Bryan Ferry at the Melbourne Blues and Music Festival (outdoors) was great but the sound not too good. Worst: almost as difficult, but The Kinks in the early 80s at Festival Hall weren't too good, jut going through the motions. Sound awful, of course. Worst ever was The Shanghai Ballet: dreadful music, embarrassing Communist 'little red book' story-line, we left at interval. It was free but still bad value
  3. Further information: A pair of as-new Dayton (Parts Express) DC160-8 "Classic" series coated paper woofers, detailed specs attached. Dayton's Classic DC160 is a very smooth sounding woofer, used in a range of DIY projects such as Paul Carmody's "Classix II" TM and 2.5TMM, the "Dayton III" MTM and the "Affordable Accuracy Monitor" TM. Excellent bass for a 6" woofer, sounds particularly good with music which is less well recorded, such as 60s pop/rock. I use them in the Classix II with a VIFA BC25TG tweeter(photo of amateur looking cabinet att.), which are great spea
  4. Agreed on the 'essential' live tracks, but if you're prepared to put up with less than good sound, the 1970 LA Forum and 1970 KB Hallen Copenhagen audience recorded shows are really good. LA was the first date of the 1970 US tour and the band is really on fire with new material, the second is a great performance from a generally sub-par tour. Not forgetting the two Berkeley 1970 shows, of course and 1969 Albert Hall: if you search around the RAH can be found in very good sound and it was a great show, at least, to listen to. Or 1968 Paris, 1968 Winterland, the BBC recordings or..
  5. Correct: I have this release, but the sound is a bit muddy. The CDs were, I think, released under a label with connections to the Mike Jeffrey (Jimi's manager, who died in a plane crash in 1972). Despite the sound, I quite enjoy it although it's a bit sloppy in places. Hold on to this issue, it may become a 'collector's item'! Geoff
  6. http://hendrix.guide.pagesperso-orange.fr/latest_news.htm Last year's Hendrix release was the Band of Gypsys box set, this year's is the long-awaited (at least by me) live set from Maui, Hawaii 1970. Jimi, Mitch and Billy Cox performed two small and relaxed shows to an audience of 'rilly bootiful' hippies as part of the awful film "Rainbow Bridge". I think only one track has been officially released before, although a low-fi version of the shows has been sometimes available on bootleg. One new track, Voodoo Chile, has been released as a teaser, and it sounds good, as d
  7. Good luck with your search! The speakers are, I think, called Peerless HDS455: you might find some reviews online, and I think the Stones Sound Studios have some reviews on their website. Here's some info for you, including a crossover mod from a third party to improve the sound. NB I don't have any connection with Wagner, Peerless etc - but I like getting good value for money! Geoff HDS455-V1.pdf HDS-455 Crossover Mod.pdf
  8. Well, really all you have to do - from the description and the instruction - is screw in the drivers and mount the crossover boards, the holes are already drilled. Then you just connect the wires from the crossover to the drivers , so provided you're handy with a screwdriver, I don't think there would be a problem. There's no finishing, the cabinets are already assembled so you don't need to make sawdust. At least in the older releases of these kits, the drivers are Danish made, not Chinese made if that makes a difference to the sound. The tweeters alone retail for over $100 each
  9. All op-shops in Melbourne are closed at the moment anyway, so I've no idea where to get Kamahl or Jim Nabors LPs to have as booby prizes in Christmas trivia contests. Seriously, I've picked up the occasional gem in these places: a Readers Digest box set of Fritz Reiner and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, mint condition for $10. Actually RCA recorded with great sound. Geoff
  10. Here's the link: https://www.wagneronline.com.au/6-5-tower-speaker-kit-pair/hdsk-speaker-kits-complete/speaker-kits/audio-speakers-pa/hdsk455-ja-74882/993935/pd/ And they're $1600 pr, in jarrah; cheaper in black vinyl. Cabinets are apparently Australian made, so you're not paying for the shipping from overseas. Geoff
  11. If I can suggest something cheaper than most speakers on this list, you can buy a DIY Peerless 6.5" MTM floor standing speaker kit with nice looking, ready-finished black or jarrah veneer cabinets from Wagner Electronics or the Loudspeaker Kit: about $1800 pair, all you have to do is screw in the drivers and connect the wires. Stated efficiency is 92dB, high end Peerless drivers. Reportedly great sound and they don't look like DIY. Geoff
  12. Further information: Pair of Peerless SDS Paper Cone woofers, tested but as new condition. Good sounding woofers, suitable for 2 or 3 way DIY project, I tested them with a VIFA BC25TG tweeter in a two way, but they are also used in Paul Carmody's well known "Tarkus" 3 way DIY design. Surface mount so no countersinking required. Manufacturer supplied specs: 88.2 dB (1w/1m), Fs: 45 Hz, QTS: 0.46, VAS 30.7l, Xmax: 3.46mm Surplus to requirements, I have too many drivers. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multi
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