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  1. I wouldn't advise anyone to buy them with the intention of not repairing them. On one of them the rub is pretty minimal, but on the other it's definitely noticeable. Obviously the top end is unaffected as the tweeters work (and beautifully) but on cleaner bass lines especially you can definitely hear the rub from one channel. I'm happy to plug them in of course for anyone who's serious. I think you'll still get a great idea of what they're capable of, but they need to be repaired.
  2. Come on everyone it's a long weekend, great chance for a little drive to grab some beautiful speakers! The longer they sit there at my place the more likely I am to do something silly like try and keep them, then the better half will get silently shitty and it'll become a whole thing.' So come on, save me from myself! Shoot me an offer, worst I can say is no. 😀 Something that isn't too fussy about placement (will be close to the back wall) and passes the boss' approval re: looks. I was interested in the Focal Chorus 806s that LWA had up a few weeks back, just missed them. At this stage though my preference is for a straight sale I think.
  3. Lots of interest from down south, surely there's someone interested in the nation's greatest City too! [emoji14]
  4. Thanks everyone, they really are beautiful things and I'll be sad to see them go. For now they've been replaced with a set of Monitor Audio Bronze bookshelves I picked up last week; they're not bad things by any stretch, but pluggin the whatmough's back in to test yesterday migh have been a mistake .... ☹️ To be expected I guess though, the P32s were going for $3.5k when they were new Nij is definitely right too, no way my better half would have put up with speakers this size in such a small place if they didn't look as good as these. I found this pic I took of the grain on top after I waxed them last year:
  5. Item: Whatmough P32 Floorstanding speakers Location: Sydney Inner West Price: $600 as-is might consider a trade for bookshelfs (with adjustment if required) if something really takes my fancy, but my preference now is for a straight sale. Item Condition: Cosmetically good to very good, functionally the the bass drivers have some coil rub, see details below. Reason for selling: Regretfully have to admit that they're just too big for me place. 😥 Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: I've had these for a year or so now, picked them up from the original owner in the Blue Mountains. I chased a set for a while as I'd always loved the look of them and regretted selling the smaller Whatmough Opus 20s I had for a while. Didn't really think I'd be moving them on, but things change! These things are beautifully made, lovely curved sides and top on the cabs, all finished in beautiful Bubinga veneer. I applied a coat of wax to them not long after getting them (discussed the suitability with Kee at Whatmough first) but they'd probably benefit from another coat and a buff now if you really want them to glow. They are big. 115cm tall, 36cm deep and weigh in at ~33kg each from memory. They certainly look big in my little apartment... Sonically, I found these very impressive, full sounding and detailed with a great wide soundstage. Sadly, to get the best imagining from them they really need a bit of space behind, space which I just don't have in the current place. They're a 4ohm load, but quite effecient at 92dB, and I was even able to comfortably drive them with my big Denon AVR as part of my HT setup. On to the less good bit: ome of you might have seen my previous thread here regarding these speakers, and the issue they recently developed with voice coil rub. Since posting that I took them into Speaker Hospital to get assessed and the guys there confirmed that the rub is due to corrosion on the coils. Thankfully they gave a big thumbs up to the condition otherwise, so once the coil rub is resolved these things should go back to sounding as good as they look for many years to come! In terms of repair options, there's a couple: Repair at Speaker hospital The guys advised they'd be confident to strip all four drivers, clean them and reassemble without replacing. Cost on this was quoted to me at $264 per driver. Replace the drivers with new units Replacement drivers in Aus will apparently run you ~$400ea, if you can find them. Overseas is a much better option. I've been in touch with the guys at audax-speakers.de and they advised that the HM170G10 driver is the direct replacement for the HM170G0 that's in them now, the only difference is the phase plug and a new, improved surround. They have them in stock at 79euro ea in a quantity of 4. Even better, insured freight to Sydney with DHL is only 65 euro. So the total there is 381 euro, but that includes VAT of 50.45 which shouldn't be payable, so the purchase total should be 330.55 euro, or ~$535 AUD. This looks to be the cheapest option, and replacement of the drivers themselves is simple. If I was keeping them, this is the way I'd be going I think. DIY? No idea what sort of skillset you'd need to make this work, I think it's outside my comfort zone, but I'm sure there's more skilled people on here that might be interested in trying the driver repair themselves. Worst case, you can always fall back to the replacement option I guess. So I've priced these at $600 as is, taking into account the replacement drivers, you should have them up and running like new for under $1150, which I think is pretty good value. A pair of these in way worse physical condition, and with one split driver went for $910 on ebay a couple of weeks back. Happy to be told though if I'm off the mark though. Given the size and weight of these things, and the fact I have no packaging they're pickup only. Happy to hook plug them in to demo them on inspection. Let me know if there's any questions! Cheers, Shayne. Photos: Apologies for the sub-par pics, my phone has decided to crap itself today. Happy to try and take more photos if an interested party needs to see something specific. This one's just to show how beutiful the veneer on these can be in the right light!
  6. Took them to Speaker Hospital to get checked out and they pulled them down and confirmed that it is some corrosion on the coils, but thankfully everything else is in tip-top shape. The guys there were great and are confident they could clean and repair them without replacing the coils but it'd be labour intensive (~$260 a driver). I got in touch with the a German Audax seller who has the brand new replacement drivers in stock and can ship a full set of four to Sydney for under $550 AUD; I think that's the best value option. I'm actually in the process of creating a for sale thread for them right now though! When they were out of the apartment it was very obvious that the space is nicer with smaller speakers, so I won't be keeping them. Going to list them in as-is condition with the details of the repair options for anyone who's interested.
  7. I wrapped some cheap little actives speakers recently as part of a present for a friend, since we just couldn't find anything off the shelf that was flamboyant enough. 😁 Nowhere near a pro job, but simple shapes aren't hard to get something passable on, my friend loves hers!
  8. Mmmm, tempting.... Can you confirm what finish is on the side panels? Bit hard to see from the pictures.
  9. Pretty much 50/50 from where I am; I'll probably go straight to Speaker Hospital though, should be less traffic on the weekend when I can get out. It is tempting to go somewhere that I can preuse other shiny toys though... @GregWormald I was hoping I might get lucky with a rotate correcting the issue but I tried it when it first happened last week and no joy. I also spoke to Kee at Whatmough and they weren't hopeful on having replacement drivers in stock; seems like repair is the first port of call. At least it looks like Audax have recently begun making some of their drivers again though, at least if the euro suppliers are telling the truth. I guess that's good news longterm for other owners.
  10. Far from it, I picked them up from the original owner who had them in Blaxland in the Blue Mountains from new; closest they've been to the coast is my place in Enmore. I hadn't considered corrosion as a cause though, I figured it was either sagging spiders or a blistered coil, which seemed unlikely. Is corrosion a common issue in less harsh environments? @VanArn, my searches had brought up Peter's name a bit, sadly he's not an option now of course. I'm definitely keen to see if other users have recommendations / experiences to share though.
  11. Yep, cad audio was one of the sellers, but there was another I found that were french from memory and a little cheaper. Still not a really low cost option though. Visually, the cones are in great shape, as are the surrounds. The coil rub certainly isn't super noticeable (the better half claims she can't hear anything) but at low levels there's a bit of distortion on what I guess are mid bass tones. The giveaway for me was that if I very gently push the cones inwards I can hear that slight scraping sound. They've never been driven very hard (being in an apartment and all), and although I'm sure everyone will shudder when I say they're connected to an AVR, it is a Denon 4520 which has a pretty beefy power stage in it. It certainly seems odd, and a bit worrying, that a number of drivers seem to show the same issue, but I guess the next step is to take them to someone who knows their stuff to get them checked out. On that note, any recommendations near inner west Sydney? Speaker hospital is the current plan, but they're a little further away than would be really convenient.
  12. I think I have some decisions to make and am in need of some advice. Last year I picked up a pair of Whatmough P32 floorstanders and have been thoroughly enjoying them until last week, when I noticed what I think is voice coil rub, which seems like it is affecting 3 of the drivers. The drivers in question are Audax HM170G0, and aren't the easiest thing to get a hold of, although I have found some that can be shipped from Europe, at a cost of ~$650 AUD for a full set of 4. The alternative is to take them to a repairer (speaker hospital aren't too far away) and see if they can be re-coned. What's complicating things is that I've temporarily replaced them with the Behringer 3030 monitors from my desk at work, and it's blatantly obvious that the living room in our little apartment is much more open feeling without the huge towers. I love the sound of them, but I can't argue with the fact that they don't really fit in visually, and I probably should be running some smaller standmounts / bookshelfs instead. I don't have a big budget though, so I don't know what I should be looking at as a suitable replacement. So with all that in mind, do I get them repaired, or offer them for sale as is and let the buyer decide what the best option for them is? If anyone has any insight as to what sort of cost is associated with reconing a driver that would be great too. I know I'm looking at ~$100 for a quote on repairing the pair, but having some idea of whether a recone (if that's whats needed) is closer to $100 or $200 per driver is going to help decide whether I should even investigate the repair option. Hit me up with your wisdom people!
  13. Mmmmm, these might suit my temporary setup needs. I'll take some measurements tonight to check.
  14. Damnit! This is exactly like what I'm chasing, if only you were in Sydney! [emoji20]
  15. Damn, just missed out! If Anish doesn't take them I will please!
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