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  1. Item: Acrylic platter to fit Rega P1 Price Range: What have you got? Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking for an acrylic platter that will fit a current Rega P1. Doesn't need to be anything fancy, I'm just playing with an idea for a purely cosmetic project. Would prefer frosted white though, or clear with a frosted edge. One requirement is that it does have a relief underneath that's bigger in diameter than the sub-platter, as something will be fitted to the plinth beneath the platter too. Either Sydney based, or willing to post to Sydney. Cheers!
  2. No interest in these at all? Great speakers for the money. $300, let's see if they can go this weekend!
  3. They are sold, thanks guys. Only just getting a chance to update this. Little monitor audio speakers are still for sale though! Cheers all.
  4. Thanks mate. I was definitely impressed with these when I got them, as you say very impressive for their size, and really a great option for small/medium rooms.
  5. Thanks all for the interest, I've had a few PMs regarding the cables and sale is now pending. I'll respond to everyone who PMd too. Cheers.
  6. Item: Mogami 3104 OFC bi-wire speaker cables - 3.2m pair - bananas Location: Inner West Sydney Price: $90 ONO (+ post if required) Item Condition: Good, see extra info Reason for selling: New speakers are single terminals only Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: Some beefy cables! I picked these up when I had my Whatmough Performance floorstanders, and continued to use them with the MA bookshelfs I'm also selling now, but the new speakers are just single terminals so they gotta go! This is the cable itself (@ $22.99 p/m), Neglex OFC copper, PVC insulation and jacket. Plugs are multicontact style bananas at both ends, soldered to the conductors. Two things to mention with these: 1) There is a cut in the jacket on one length, you can see through to the cotton and insulation at one point but it hasn't cut the insulation. I've just had tape over the slice with zero issues (removed the tape to get a picture for this thread). 2) On one of the lengths, I've put braided sleeve over the bi-wire connectors. That cable happened to be plainly visible in my living room and what can I say, I'm vain. Again, I meant to do the other side too but never got around to it. A few bucks of sleeve and heatshrink from jaycar and you could do it yourself to match, or just cut the sleeve off the one I did. Or leave it, not like it has any functional effect! Pickup is from Inner West Sydney after hours, or I could organise business hours pickup from the Rocks or nearby. Happy enough to post these as well, they're a bit over 2kg on their own so a 3kg satchel should do the trick. Questions, just let me know. Cheers! Photos:
  7. Item: Monitor Audio Bronze BX2 bookshelf speakers Location: Inner West Sydney Price: $320 Item Condition: Cosmetically good, functionally perfect Reason for selling: Upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: A pair of Revel Concerta2s caught my eye, so it's time to move these along. Great little speakers and IMO great value at the asking price. I picked them up second hand earlier this year when I made the decision to part with the monstorous Whatmoughs I had been running and they've served well since then. Plenty of reviews out there, but in my little space I found them to dig pretty deep, and thankfully not be too picky about placement with their front port. Come with grills, magnetically attached so the cabs still look clean if you choose not to use them. Functionally there's no issues at all, cosmetically there's two things I want to mention that I've tried to capture in the last two pics. The first is a chip in the vinyl on the top edge of one cab. I had been meaning to touch it up with some black paint, but it was on a side I couldn't really see so I never got around to it. Second is a scratch on the LF driver in the same speaker, at about 11 o'clock. I'd say the previous owner had knocked it at some point, it is slightly indented but I can confirm it is definitely not a split in the cone, it's just on the surface and hasn't had any effect on the sound as far as I can tell. Pickup is Inner West Sydney, either weekends or evenings during the week. I don't have any boxes for these so don't really want to post. Any questions, shout out! Photos:
  8. Mmmm, these are a bit tempting. Whereabouts in Sydney are you located?
  9. Damn, if be very keen to check these out if you were in Sydney!
  10. Ooooooh, I'm currently sitting in front of a 55VT60, this is almost tempting me. Coming into summer though I think the better half would kill me. The 55 is a damn heater, can't imagine big brother is any better!
  11. I wouldn't advise anyone to buy them with the intention of not repairing them. On one of them the rub is pretty minimal, but on the other it's definitely noticeable. Obviously the top end is unaffected as the tweeters work (and beautifully) but on cleaner bass lines especially you can definitely hear the rub from one channel. I'm happy to plug them in of course for anyone who's serious. I think you'll still get a great idea of what they're capable of, but they need to be repaired.
  12. Come on everyone it's a long weekend, great chance for a little drive to grab some beautiful speakers! The longer they sit there at my place the more likely I am to do something silly like try and keep them, then the better half will get silently shitty and it'll become a whole thing.' So come on, save me from myself! Shoot me an offer, worst I can say is no. 😀 Something that isn't too fussy about placement (will be close to the back wall) and passes the boss' approval re: looks. I was interested in the Focal Chorus 806s that LWA had up a few weeks back, just missed them. At this stage though my preference is for a straight sale I think.
  13. Lots of interest from down south, surely there's someone interested in the nation's greatest City too! [emoji14]
  14. Thanks everyone, they really are beautiful things and I'll be sad to see them go. For now they've been replaced with a set of Monitor Audio Bronze bookshelves I picked up last week; they're not bad things by any stretch, but pluggin the whatmough's back in to test yesterday migh have been a mistake .... ☹️ To be expected I guess though, the P32s were going for $3.5k when they were new Nij is definitely right too, no way my better half would have put up with speakers this size in such a small place if they didn't look as good as these. I found this pic I took of the grain on top after I waxed them last year:
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