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  1. Pretty much 50/50 from where I am; I'll probably go straight to Speaker Hospital though, should be less traffic on the weekend when I can get out. It is tempting to go somewhere that I can preuse other shiny toys though... @GregWormald I was hoping I might get lucky with a rotate correcting the issue but I tried it when it first happened last week and no joy. I also spoke to Kee at Whatmough and they weren't hopeful on having replacement drivers in stock; seems like repair is the first port of call. At least it looks like Audax have recently begun making some of their drivers again though, at least if the euro suppliers are telling the truth. I guess that's good news longterm for other owners.
  2. Far from it, I picked them up from the original owner who had them in Blaxland in the Blue Mountains from new; closest they've been to the coast is my place in Enmore. I hadn't considered corrosion as a cause though, I figured it was either sagging spiders or a blistered coil, which seemed unlikely. Is corrosion a common issue in less harsh environments? @VanArn, my searches had brought up Peter's name a bit, sadly he's not an option now of course. I'm definitely keen to see if other users have recommendations / experiences to share though.
  3. Yep, cad audio was one of the sellers, but there was another I found that were french from memory and a little cheaper. Still not a really low cost option though. Visually, the cones are in great shape, as are the surrounds. The coil rub certainly isn't super noticeable (the better half claims she can't hear anything) but at low levels there's a bit of distortion on what I guess are mid bass tones. The giveaway for me was that if I very gently push the cones inwards I can hear that slight scraping sound. They've never been driven very hard (being in an apartment and all), and although I'm sure everyone will shudder when I say they're connected to an AVR, it is a Denon 4520 which has a pretty beefy power stage in it. It certainly seems odd, and a bit worrying, that a number of drivers seem to show the same issue, but I guess the next step is to take them to someone who knows their stuff to get them checked out. On that note, any recommendations near inner west Sydney? Speaker hospital is the current plan, but they're a little further away than would be really convenient.
  4. I think I have some decisions to make and am in need of some advice. Last year I picked up a pair of Whatmough P32 floorstanders and have been thoroughly enjoying them until last week, when I noticed what I think is voice coil rub, which seems like it is affecting 3 of the drivers. The drivers in question are Audax HM170G0, and aren't the easiest thing to get a hold of, although I have found some that can be shipped from Europe, at a cost of ~$650 AUD for a full set of 4. The alternative is to take them to a repairer (speaker hospital aren't too far away) and see if they can be re-coned. What's complicating things is that I've temporarily replaced them with the Behringer 3030 monitors from my desk at work, and it's blatantly obvious that the living room in our little apartment is much more open feeling without the huge towers. I love the sound of them, but I can't argue with the fact that they don't really fit in visually, and I probably should be running some smaller standmounts / bookshelfs instead. I don't have a big budget though, so I don't know what I should be looking at as a suitable replacement. So with all that in mind, do I get them repaired, or offer them for sale as is and let the buyer decide what the best option for them is? If anyone has any insight as to what sort of cost is associated with reconing a driver that would be great too. I know I'm looking at ~$100 for a quote on repairing the pair, but having some idea of whether a recone (if that's whats needed) is closer to $100 or $200 per driver is going to help decide whether I should even investigate the repair option. Hit me up with your wisdom people!
  5. Mmmmm, these might suit my temporary setup needs. I'll take some measurements tonight to check.
  6. Damnit! This is exactly like what I'm chasing, if only you were in Sydney! [emoji20]
  7. Damn, just missed out! If Anish doesn't take them I will please!
  8. Haha, no need to apologise! I'm just starting out with vinyl myself after the better-half got me a Rega P1 for my birthday, so hopefully the Vincent will be a nice introduction to phono stages.
  9. Oh yeah! I missed the one in Perth that went recently, but I'm still keen to give one of these a go. I'll take it if it's still available. I'm in Sydney so pickup shouldn't be a problem. Cheers, Shayne.
  10. Throw me an offer, don't really want to throw this in the bin.
  11. Item: Beyonwiz DP-Lite PVR (1TB, twin-tuner, ethernet) Location: Sydney - Inner West Price: $50 - offers considered Item Condition: Used, partly working (see details below) Reason for selling: Surplus to requirements Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: This is my trusty old PVR which I got back in 2010 (from memory) and for ages was the hub of my entertainment setup, doing TV, recording and media playback over the network. A few years after I got it I did run into the power supply issues that affected these units and I had the PSU reco'd by a bloke who specialised in working on the Beyonwizs. I've tried to find the specifics on that work but it seems I contacted him via the old DTV forums and all the messages are now gone. I'm pretty sure it was 2013/14 when it was done, and at the same time he installed an upgraded 1TB Seagate Video HDD in it too. Theses days all I use the unit for is recording the Swans games if I can't watch it live so it spends half the year inactive, which brings me to the issue: When I fired it up this year I started getting some issues with recordings not working properly, and the unit threw up the 'check HDD message' on startup. After a while it failed to read the content of the HDD. I pulled the drive out and plugged it into the PC where I was able to repair it and then reinstall in the 'Wiz and format it, and it worked fine for a couple of weeks before going back to its old ways. I'm guessing that the drvive is dying, but I don't have another 3.5" spare at the moment to test that idea, so I can't guarantee that it isn't a power supply issue, although everything other than recording works fine. As it is right now you're getting a STB with a networked media player (that is somewhat dated, it's an old unit). I have no doubt its repairable. If the HDD is the issue the repair is super simple, it's just plug and play. If the power supply is playing up again you can DIY or get in touch with Mark on the Beyonwiz forums to do it for you again. I considered the repair myself but I don't need a full PVR anymore and my TV can record to a USB drive so I went with the declutter option. It's plenty of ouputs if you're trying to give some extra life to an older TV (composite and component as well as HDMI and seperate digital audio out). The remote can also be programmed to control your TV too to limit the number of remotes you need to use. Clip on the battery cover of the remote is busted, but held in place neatly enough with some nitto tape. Pictures:
  12. Apologies for the off topic, but can I ask where you got that stand from? I'm looking for a new tv unityself and that style looks interesting.
  13. If I hadn't picked up some big Whatmoughs 3 weeks ago I'd probably buy these back!
  14. Item: Yamaha RX-V-371 receiver Location: Enmore NSW (after hours) Surry Hills, near Central (business hours) Price: $120 neg. Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Surplus to requirements Payment Method: Cash on pickup, no postage on this. Extra Info: Good basic 1080p AVR. I used it with a set of Wharfedale Diamonds and it did a great job, never any headaches. Only upgraded for more inputs (and upgradeitis). Includes remote (barely used) and calibration mic for YPAO. Pictures: Item: X-rite eye-one Display LT (with upgrade code for Display 2) Location: Enmore NSW (after hours) Surry Hills, near Central (business hours) Price: $30 neg Item Condition: See info below Reason for selling: Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, should be able to sort out post if need be Extra Info: My old colorimeter, bought this when X-rite had a deal on that included a code to turn the LT into an i1D2 (hardware is identical, just different software), code in on the box. NB: I wouldn’t recommend just using this to calibrate your displays, I believe that due to filters aging it has a noticeable shift in its readings. If however you have a spectro or something to profile it against, it’d be good to go again. Great for someone who has an i1pro or something and wants a colorimeter for better low level readings etc. Pictures:
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