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  1. Sorry didn’t see Job lot. Soundfood and his bro should take this very generous gesture
  2. I will take the belt drive if still available. Need to get back into vinyl
  3. I casn vouch for the CC240 centre speaker. this is very good VFM. GLWTS
  4. Hi mate Happy new year. I may be interested in the 252 as a step up from my 282 which is already powered by a non DR Supercap. Your old Superlumina cables are still going well Regards Crusty.
  5. I have a CDX2 with XPS2 power supply and I love the natural organic non transistor sound. Absolutely bulletproof with Naim battleship quality, and you would need to spend a lot more money to get a better CD player. I would only upgrade mine for a CDX2 2 with digital ouput. GLWTS
  6. I am a Naim Addict. This system is a serious bargain, CDX2 is a fantastic CD Spinner which digs deep and sounds natural and organic. GLWTS
  7. Have a set of Geoff's R1 Dragons in my NAim set up and yet to find a cable to beat it sound wise. Had Nordost RedDawn before and this R1 is in a different league. GLWTS
  8. I am still interested in the 4m SL speaker cables. Is this for sale or EOI dependent the other gear selling? I would also like to demo it with my Naim gear Cheers
  9. Hi I will take black one, my Hi line just fell apart (again) cheers Crusty
  10. Cheers thought so, GLWTS it had some great reviews
  11. Hi Seadog I am curious if this will work with 2006 Naim CDX2 which has no digital outputs just 5 pin DIN and RCA sockets?
  12. As original owner of these A9 speakers, I was sorry to sell them as they are that good. Ben was a pleasure to deaL with too, no messing around. here is the hifi plus review that convinced me to buy them in first instance . http://www.hifiplus.com/articles/spendor-a9-hi-fi-77/ GLWTS
  13. I have this Aaron centre speaker and it is a great sounding speaker for movies. GLWTS
  14. Sold pending payment. Thanks for all the interest
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