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  1. I have a CDX2 with XPS2 power supply and I love the natural organic non transistor sound. Absolutely bulletproof with Naim battleship quality, and you would need to spend a lot more money to get a better CD player. I would only upgrade mine for a CDX2 2 with digital ouput. GLWTS
  2. I am a Naim Addict. This system is a serious bargain, CDX2 is a fantastic CD Spinner which digs deep and sounds natural and organic. GLWTS
  3. Have a set of Geoff's R1 Dragons in my NAim set up and yet to find a cable to beat it sound wise. Had Nordost RedDawn before and this R1 is in a different league. GLWTS
  4. I am still interested in the 4m SL speaker cables. Is this for sale or EOI dependent the other gear selling? I would also like to demo it with my Naim gear Cheers
  5. Hi I will take black one, my Hi line just fell apart (again) cheers Crusty
  6. Cheers thought so, GLWTS it had some great reviews
  7. Hi Seadog I am curious if this will work with 2006 Naim CDX2 which has no digital outputs just 5 pin DIN and RCA sockets?
  8. As original owner of these A9 speakers, I was sorry to sell them as they are that good. Ben was a pleasure to deaL with too, no messing around. here is the hifi plus review that convinced me to buy them in first instance . http://www.hifiplus.com/articles/spendor-a9-hi-fi-77/ GLWTS
  9. I have this Aaron centre speaker and it is a great sounding speaker for movies. GLWTS
  10. Sold pending payment. Thanks for all the interest
  11. I am in Perth and may be interested in the super lumina speaker cables. Just unsure if my Naim system is worthy of them Nac282, supercap 2, nd5xs, cdx2, xps2, nap250 (not DR) and power lines. Not sure on the din to xlr as already have Audioquest Leopard silver ICs or whether they fit 250
  12. Probably same one, I think it was Alan Partridge gave it to me
  13. No love for a freebie centre speaker. I even glued the corner
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