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  1. Item: Trespass CD by Genesis Price Range: Around $10 Item Condition: New or Used in excellent condition. Extra Info: To add to my Genesis collection
  2. I made the exact mistake as you with a cable I bought from bill. Almost broke off the RCA connector on my pi dac. When I finally, almost by accident, worked out loosening the plug enable them to slip on easily was much relieved. Had a few other cables that I had great difficulty with that now easily fitted. You learn something every day
  3. Thanks Ian, Will PM the details. Cheers, Steve
  4. Bruce Springsteen - Darkness at the Edge of Town CD $6 SOLD Australian Crawl - The Boys Light Up CD $6 (Both CD surfaces in excellent condition. In good light you can just see a few very faint marks). John Sangster - The Lord of the Rings 2x CD $12 (CD surface has a few minor scratches, but overall in very good condition). John English - Beating the Boards 2x CD (As New) $6 SOLD Frank Sinatra - In the Wee Small Hours CD (As New) $6 Roy Orbison - 16 Biggest Hits CD (As New) $6 Mike Rudd and Bill Putt - Living on a V
  5. Hi, My post count seems to be stuck on the same number for a few weeks even when I've made a few posts. Only a minor issue, but just checking if it can be reset or fixed. Thanks.
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