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  1. I have a similar setup, running Volumio on a rasberry pi with the Allo Boss Dac after reading Darko's recomendation. Also had the chromecast audio but sold it to an SNA member. Thanks for tip on MPD. Will check it out running on linux when I get a chance.
  2. My concern is how Musicbee & Foobar2000 in WASAPI exclusive mode would access the hardware. Does running windows 10 in a virtual machine in Linux Mint bypass linux & directly access the hardware via its own driver or does it somehow get have to go through linux drivers. To cut it short, would it sound exacty the same.
  3. Interesting. Another good suggestion. Can you run updates on win 7 or win 10 when running as a virtual machine on Linux Mint..
  4. Problem is solved I use Musicbee & Foobar2000 on a few pc's & neither run on linux. Should another activation issue occur & not easily solved, definitely will be looking at linux.
  5. Yes I saw that in my research, but until the activated PC message came up after keying in the win 7 key, was not confident it would work. Relieved when it did.
  6. Unfortunately, win 7 support ceases end of next month, so no more patches. Plus all the other PC's in the house are win 10 & supposedly win 10 with its ongoing development is going to be around for a long time.
  7. Sometimes good comes from what is initially bad. In fixing the activation problem, I found our two "3 license" family packs that microsoft sold at a reduced price for win 7 upgrades years ago. One of them I had only used 2 of the licenses. Was looking at purchasing a new win 10 license for a pc I had recently built. Lo & behold, I keyed in the unused win 7 product code & within a couple of minutes had a fully licensed win 10 pc. Saved me paying microsoft $160, all good.
  8. EaseUS ToDo Backup Free ||| Windows 10,8.1,8,7,Vista & XP ||| Backup & restore system / partitions https://www.easeus.com/download/tbf-download.html Just ensure to get the free version.
  9. Thanks for the tip. Much appreciated. Tried keying in the license for win 7 ( a 3 user family upgrade ) before I upgraded to win 10 & much to my surprise it successfully activated. No thanks to microsoft support. Now have to link all our win 10 licenses to their relevant microsoft digital accounts so this does not happen again. Cheers.
  10. Just off the phone from a microsoft tech. Total waste of time. A flat battery caused my win 10 license to deactivate. Tried to reactivate, then ran the troubleshooter all to no avail. Rang microsoft, only to be told I had lost my activation - an update from win 98 to win 7 to win 10 all paid over the years for because I had changed my hardware ??? After telling him I should complain to Microsoft, he said don't bother, they wont do anything about it. He said 'I should just purchase a new license," NOT likely. It all there in fine print in the contact he said. So much for customer service. Will have to investigate linux or the like for a new music server. One unhappy customer.
  11. Definitely set on a Klein 3. Hoping for one to appear in the classifieds. If not, may have to buy a new one from Gieseler. Comparing the Red on my main system with my CD player ( Denon DCD-720AE CD Player ), although not as good it does a very good job. However, it seems to be the obvious upgrade to my main system as I am happy with the amp & speakers & like the flexibility of a Musicbee on a PC. I'll just move the Dragonfly red to my work PC, thus upgrading both systems
  12. Thanks for the feedback. I'll just have to acquire a Klein 3 & listen to the difference. Especially with xmas coming up :)
  13. Interested if anyone has compared the either of the latest Dragonfly Dacs with a Klein 3. I own the Red & am very happy with it, but unsure if a Cobalt or Gieseler Klein 3 would be a noticeable upgrade. Was looking at the Mojo, but put off with the possible battery issues. This would be via USB between a pc based source and Marantz PM6006 & Q Acoustics 3050 speakers.
  14. Funny you should mention Everything Must Go. When Becker passed away, I purchased it & I agree it's up there with the others. Generally I find it hard to concentrate on who is playing which instrument. Obviously getting older as its a battle to concentrate after I start each album. Also starting to listen to & appreciate the lyrics a lot more. Currently going through all my CD's & trying to rate each track individually as a way of rating my music. Strangely finding some gems & offloading some that aren't as good as previously thought. None of Steely Dan will be going, but my rating of each Dan CD has definitely changed.
  15. The recorded sound. The articles I had previously read ( before purchasing & listening to the CD & making up my own mind) had given Gaucho as the reason they broke up for many years, in that the length of time taken to produce it due their self imposed extremely high standards had gone to far. I agree with you in that it is a great album, and I would never had bought it & enjoyed it so much had I gone on the few reviews I had read. I would have loved to see them live, but in my early days when I went to a few concerts, I don't remember them ever touring. A few of my most enjoyable CD's have been given very poor reviews on the Allmusic website.
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