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  1. You can increase Qts with a series resistor
  2. Looks great! What timber fencing did you go with from bunnings?
  3. I'll be working on a crossover for these bad boys, and hopefully posting a build thread
  4. It would be a fun project.. you can do it the lazy way and test the transformer and output devices, then just replace all the capacitors and smaller semiconductors
  5. Large domestic suppliers like digikey are usually fine
  6. That looks amazing.. how do you finish the mesh behind the baffle?
  7. This tonearm might give some more insight into designing a unipivot arm.. very simple but looks well engineered https://www.schiit.com/products/sol
  8. I'm trying really hard not to be a snob but the engineering in those does not warrant its price tag at all.. it's a bamboo chopping board with $5 worth of electronics, a basic arm and rollerskate bearings That said, it looks like the hoop grounds the bearing/platter and the plastic just holds the bearings to keep it all from falling down. It won't have an oil well and probably not a thrust pad either. Maybe a replacement for the whole plastic bearing holder can be made out of wood
  9. earthwool from bunnings is great as stuffing
  10. I'm not familiar with hypex amps, but couldn't you bypass that stage by changing J15 and J16?
  11. A shotgun mic is very directional.. you might want to record with something else, even if it is your phone. You can record a video from inside the house and talk in it to provide a comparison level
  12. This set of bookshelf speakers is made from old cabinets and spare drivers that I have lying around. The woofers are scanspeak 8545 and should go to 35hz at low volumes in these cabinets while the tweeter is a chinese unit that Kenrick sound has used in a couple of their restorations, this one has blue baffles and is sort of inspired by the JBL 4301
  13. swap the amps then look closely at the woofers.. could be a faulty amp or the old amp killed a woofer
  14. I'll dig out my BG20's and see what i can come up with over the next couple of weeks Had it not been approaching summer, i'd be tempted to build something like a set of voight corner horns for 8" FR drivers
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