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  1. I buy most of my speaker parts/drivers from wagneronline, no issues
  2. What sort of DSP horsepower does a raspberry pi have?
  3. Your alpine amp and Linn akurate are both earthed. If you disconnect the Linn it should go away edit: I re read it again and it seems baffling.. the ground loop isolator should do it, as there is no earth connection.. maybe your alpine is doing something funny with the grounding at the line input
  4. SB acoustics 'bromo' in construction.. hopefully finished tomorrow
  5. Listen to them and choose what you prefer
  6. Experimenting with 3D printed waveguide/phase plugs
  7. I have done lots of sealed setups.. the most dissapointing one was the linkwitz thor (using the peerless XLS 12). If you go big, like your setup or the aurasound NS18's i have, they work really well in sealed enclosures, but the vast majority of drivers don't seem to do it well IMO
  8. Sealed setups are just like that.. Most woofers i have used in sealed setups have been lackluster in the bass department and in most cases, using EQ just makes them flop around like crazy with any bass heavy content
  9. What speakers do you have? If they aren't super fancy or hard to drive, either option would be acceptable
  10. A balun in those would break the ground connection, i don't know what the audiophile opinion is on baluns in the digital chain, but it should work fine EDIT: it depends on if this passes power or not. If you already have these you can measure the resistance between the shield, positive and negative pins between the 2 ends with an ethernet cable joining them
  11. In the digital domain, optical is more prone to jitter, but noise in power supplies is rarely an issue. You will still get ground loops with expensive linear power supplies and most people who complain about noise with PC setups have no idea how to work with ground loops. If you are running an analog output from the pc into a balanced input preamp, you can use that to solve the problem
  12. Don't worry about any particular power supplies/motherboards. The noise people complain about comes from ground loops, and as the ground from PC audio is always earthed, it can cause problems with other earthed audio gear If this is a problem, the easiest way to overcome it is to use an optical connection, either from the onboard sound, or you can get a $50 USB sound card with optical out (Search for CM6631)
  13. I would try a clothes iron with a piece of cloth between the iron and the speaker
  14. Peerless 830855 or the SB acoustics 4 inch midwoofers would be a good bet
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