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  1. oohms

    Klipsch K402 replica build

    Thanks! I have moved on to other projects, and if i was to do another K402, i would improve upon its design You're more than welcome to use any information here to do with as you like
  2. oohms

    DIY audio: what are you building?

    Built a quick and dirty pair of open baffle speakers.. window packers (from bunnings) make a great and easy way to rear mount speakers
  3. oohms

    DIY audio: what are you building?

    Where is a good place to look? I've never seen a pair for sale on ebay over here
  4. oohms

    DIY audio: what are you building?

    Or here: https://www.wagneronline.com.au/1-compression-horn-driver-8-polyimide-dayton/speaker-drivers/audio-speakers-pa/d250p-8-73044/991209/pd/ I haven't tried them but they look like great bang for the buck
  5. oohms

    Currently Spinning

    Triple J friday night shuffle is always something i can dance to
  6. oohms

    Speaker topper

    If you use bricks, you don't have to keep an eye on them when your mates are over
  7. They are the pinnacle of turntable engineering from the old vinyl days. Nearly everything made in this era is primitive in comparison and dressed up + marketed for a quick buck
  8. oohms

    Kicked in KEF LS 50's :(

    reconingspeakers.com sell KEF drivers, they have started restricting them to existing customers only, so you'll have to send them the serial number of your old one
  9. oohms

    Dayton 18" UM shipped to AU

    It could well be this.. I think of it as that in a handful of material (especially live recordings) I find stereo subs to sound more realistic, and most other material ends up having almost perfectly summed low end anyway, so I don't end up missing out on that aspect either
  10. oohms

    Dayton 18" UM shipped to AU

    It really depends on the recording techniques used.. for separately miked instruments mixed later or coincidentally placed stereo microphones, summing to mono wouldn't degrade the sound but when you start talking about spaced mic recordings where there is a time difference, stereo subs sound more realistic.
  11. oohms

    Dayton 18" UM shipped to AU

    With large subs I have always preferred stereo as there are still phase differences in some material that only stereo subs can reproduce. My HT receiver redirects the LFE channel to the fronts and then the pre out goes to an active XO (110hz) to separate amps for the front speakers and the subwoofers (2x aurasound NS18)
  12. oohms

    Dayton DATS accuracy

    The nice thing about the DATS is that it gives you an impedance graph too.. so you can measure interesting loads like piezo tweeters I haven't had any accuracy issues with mine for that use
  13. A basic soldering iron, roll of leaded solder and a wet sponge to clean the tip is enough to get started Then some other basics like a solder sucker and side cutters will let you assemble jaycar kits - probably the best way to get started
  14. oohms

    A soundbite of wisdom

    Maybe because they were good speakers?
  15. oohms

    A soundbite of wisdom

    Speakers are always what will make your system sound good - as well as the room they are placed in. Speakers should sound good with any type of music. There is enough choice out there that this is doable at most budgets - it might need some patience to get there, but don't settle Beyond this, you are chasing the last percent. Don't spend serious money unless you want the satisfaction of owning things that purely look expensive