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  1. A month later, the bass boxes are built and the horns are mounted - the 15 inch drivers look tiny
  2. I wouldn't do it, they run fairly hot with the regular modifications because the heatsinks are short to fit in that chassis. The mods are absolutely worth it though edit: if you are looking at watercooling etc, maybe you could build a new amp from a leftover transformer and a class A kit and make a cool looking custom chassis
  3. Reading your previous threads with the 15" SBA woofers, it sounds like you could do with room treatment. That setup should have gotten you near 20hz without DSP Building this set of subwoofers probably won't fix that
  4. I've never worried about it in domestic setups
  5. Some drivers (like my Aurasound NS18s) do perform well in sealed boxes, but in my experience, most don't. I can feel 16hz with that setup, and hear things rattle, but the harmonic distortion is low enough that i barely hear any of the tone itself
  6. Every enclosure type is a compromise of some form, and ported ones have some of the best compromises. I have had lots of issues with trying to get bass out of open baffle or sealed woofers. They are probably much worse in terms of running woofers to their excursion limits than playing a ported system below its resonance frequency. A lot of linkwitz designs suffer terribly from this, where he adds +20db EQ to a sealed bass setup and relies on listeners listening at low levels to make it work. The LXmini demos out there have its little woofer moving about like crazy and his Thor design (which i built) is the least impactful, most constrained subwoofer I have ever used
  7. Azurahorn 160 with a conical insert i'm making to adapt a 5 inch driver to them (PRV 5MR450-NDY)
  8. First layer of french polish on a pair of baffles.. these are going to be corner enclosures for a pair of Faital 15PR400 with large horns on top
  9. I'm making a couple of bandsaw bowls to adapt a pair of 5 inch drivers i have to a pair of azurahorn 160 that take an 8 inch driver.. this will turn them into hybrid conical/le cleac'h horns (kind of like a round version of a K402)
  10. The PRV 5MR450 would make an excellent dynamic midrange providing you can cross it at 300hz or so https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/full-range/259293-prv-5mr450-ndy-fast-waw-applications.html
  11. Jesus christ.. I think he is serious - look at the cardboard horn 3 way in the background and the audiophile power cable powering the brick in the second photo
  12. There is more to it than that.. it's probably easier to go into more detail on what the application is and someone can give you a more specific recommendation
  13. It looks like it uses the same cone as the alnico and ferrite versions.. cool to be able to adjust its QTS on the fly though
  14. A place in melbourne called Darpac. They use similar tubing for concrete pillars, but it is often plastic lined, which i avoided as i'm relying on adhesives a lot for this build
  15. No, just some rough doodling in a notebook to get some measurements.. i could draw up something upon completion and make a new thread as i usually work things out as i'm making it
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