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  1. hammo1981

    Big Green Egg

    Cheers mate!
  2. hammo1981

    Big Green Egg

    Thanks for your response. Do you do much direct grilling on your Kamado Joe?? Both can get up to crazy high temperatures and to me that seems to be essential for great steak. DO you think that your setup is as good as it gets for low and slow BBQ??
  3. hammo1981

    Big Green Egg

    If there are any Big Green Egg BBQ owners in our little community, I would like to know what you think of it. I've been a Weber Kettle owner for man years and was thinking of trying out one of the ceramic Kamado style BBQs. I mainly use my weber for indirect roasting and occasionally as a smoker. I find it difficult to do the smoker/low and slow thing on the weber. I don't direct/grill on the weber given how long it can takes to get the fuel going. Apparently the BGE is much faster? That would be a big advantage for me as I love grilling over coals. Cheers John
  4. Cool Tubes!! What device were you using them in?? GLWTS
  5. hammo1981

    FS: TAOC ASRII Audio Visual Rack

    Cool, I’d love to see it once it’s built. I think I need the same, as I’ve got both valve amps, SS amp, digital stuff and turntable.
  6. hammo1981

    FS: TAOC ASRII Audio Visual Rack

    What wooden unit are you replacing this with?? GLWTS
  7. hammo1981

    FS: Relisted Sonus Faber Cremorna M Loudspeakers

    What are you upgrading to? GLWTS
  8. hammo1981

    Amazon Oz Vinyl BOGOF

  9. Could I please have - Crowded House - Time On Earth thanks
  10. hammo1981

    SOLD: FS: Sonus Faber Cremona floor standing speakers

    What amplifier are you powering these with??? GLWTS
  11. Item: Ugly Cable - 9RU 19 Inch Wall Mount Network Cabinet BNIB Location: Rockhampton, Central Queensland. Price: $80 Firm Item Condition: Brand New In Box. Reason for selling: Change in direction for home network. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Direct Deposit Extra Info: Full specifications can be found at https://www.uglycable.com.au/9u-19in-wall-mount-network-server-rack-cabinet-9ru.html Pictures:
  12. I had a look online and couldn’t find it either. Cheers
  13. Do you know what format the digital download is? High res or just mp3? cheers John