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  1. Could I please have - Crowded House - Time On Earth thanks
  2. FS: Sonus Faber Cremona floor standing speakers

    What amplifier are you powering these with??? GLWTS
  3. Item: Ugly Cable - 9RU 19 Inch Wall Mount Network Cabinet BNIB Location: Rockhampton, Central Queensland. Price: $80 Firm Item Condition: Brand New In Box. Reason for selling: Change in direction for home network. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Direct Deposit Extra Info: Full specifications can be found at https://www.uglycable.com.au/9u-19in-wall-mount-network-server-rack-cabinet-9ru.html Pictures:
  4. I had a look online and couldn’t find it either. Cheers
  5. Do you know what format the digital download is? High res or just mp3? cheers John
  6. SOLD: FS: Ps audio perfectwave CD DVD transport

    @Littlenicky what are you upgrading to? GLWTS
  7. 20% off Music tomorrow

    Can you let us know where you are buying from candy?
  8. 20% off Music tomorrow

    I told them that once about the records being crammed in to tight. They didn’t seem to care.
  9. Hey Everyone, I got an email from JB HiFi saying that Vinyl is 20% Off today, Friday 24th November, Only.
  10. Roon Lifetime - Redeem/Discount Code?

    Will they allow the transferring of a membership??
  11. Home Network Build - Suggestions wanted

    @rmpfyf Thanks for your detailed response. Cable Infrastructure: I've spoken to my installer and he is very aware about the installation specifications in regards to bend radii and quality RJ45 Jacks. He is only installing CAT6 cable at any jobs he does and I'm happy to pay the extra cost. You are right about it being overkill, but I would prefer the higher spec network for the future. I'm running extra cable and doubling up on the ports for future use. Switch: I've already got the Switch with the POE, I got if off GumTree for half the retail price and it is practically brand new. I've had it working now for about 6 months straight. So other than the Fan noise and power management would there be any reason to not use the Netgear? The SFP port would be an advantage for future NAS. Would the POE interfere with the Audio (Most Important) part of the network? I hear a lot about "Noise" and the like but I have no idea when it comes to these things. I have seen galvanic isolation devices for ethernet that aren't very expensive and apparently work very well. WAP: That is defiantly in the pipeline. Do you recommend any model/brand in particular? Router: Now this I don't understand completely. So my modem would feed into the router then the router into the switch??? Is that right?? I know that if I wanted to go into setting up a VPN that I would need a router. SO what other advantage would it have? UPS: Thanks, didn't think of that. PV: I already have but I'm not sure if my SMA Sunny Boy inverter has an ethernet port. I'll check I've already had a dedicated power line line run for my stereo system. I think that is everything. Thanks again for your time. John
  12. Home Network Build - Suggestions wanted

    Thanks Bunno. Any idea who is bring out those routers??
  13. Home Network Build - Suggestions wanted

    Hey Stedes, Thanks for the advice, I will start to map out a plan. I find devices respond much better on a wired connection than over wireless. JRiver behaves better with wired connections. 12 of the 24 are POE already so I can add compatible devices later on. I'm planning on adding a NAS to the rack and will make sure that it will be big enough. We are planning to move our Modem to the server rack to keep everything nice and tidy. I have tested the switch already and I'm happy with the video streaming. John
  14. Hi Everyone, Well I've finally decided to go ahead and get a wired data network installed in my house. One of the main reasons is so that I can stream to my PS Audio DSD and eventually another DAC/Streaming device. I use JRiver but am considering Roon later on. I'm also going to have Ethernet jacks installed for Televisions, PC's, Printer, apple TV's, Blu Ray, & NAS. All the Ethernet cables will end up in the sever rack (Garage) that will house the patch panel and Netgear JGS524PE network switch. There will be about 14 Ethernet ports all up wired with either Cat6 or CAT 6A ethernet cable. I have spoken to a qualified installer about the job and it shouldn't be a problem at all. So is there anything else I need to add or think about? I have a fair idea about networking but not the finer details. Cheers John