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  1. The C-4 would be a nice preamp to match with the M-2, I've used it briefly with a C-2 and it worked really well too. Looks like the Polks came with their own subs 🙂 nice one
  2. Only 12 months?! That's impressive, looks like a nice and enjoyable setup. What is your opinion on the sound/performance of your Yamaha subs?
  3. Any particular brand/model I'd look out for? I've seen some Yamaha subs with controls at the front, which could be handy, they used to sell for around $1k new.
  4. I'm also keen to hear more opinions on this subject. From what I've read on the net it seems like two subs work better than one, with that in mind what would be a good rule of thumb in terms of size and power rating? I'd imagine 10in would be a minimal size for the woofer and what about min. power rating? Would a sealed enclosure be better than ported?
  5. Inspired by the OP avatar as for the artist choice :-)
  6. You are a legend Sir, good to have you here with us. Take care.
  7. Wow... they look the business. Cheers
  8. Those are some funky looking speaker stands you've got there 😉 What are they?
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