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  1. Just thought I'd post a couple of pictures from the net to help jog people's memory, let me know if you have a pair you'd like to sell.
  2. Sansui belting some Music Nuda through my Tannoy Berkeleys
  3. Rainy day in SA today so a good excuse to stay indoors listening to some tunes.
  4. Thanks Kelossus for the heads up, I must admit I kept an eye out but did not see anything related to this matter. If you happen to have a link to the thread I'd be interested to have a look.
  5. Recently I've noticed a few changes to the Classifieds section, a couple of these changes I can't quite understand the rationale behind them. First one is that email notifications, sent to members, no longer show the listing price of such classifieds - so one literally needs to visit the site to be able to see the price - this is annoying but I can understand how this might have been done to increase traffic to the main website perhaps? For sponsor sake possibly? Second one, and probably the most annoying/frustrating change, Classified listings are now having their prices removed/omitted once the listing has been sold or expired - this one I tried to make sense of it but I couldn't. We, stereonet members in Australia, are left with having to rely entirely on HiFiShark in order to have any idea of previous listing prices of sold items, which does not show SNA prices anyway. I think a lot of members here would agree that the market of second hand HiFi in Australia is quite different than Europe, USA and Japan. I honestly cannot see how this change can benefit the members of the forum in the long run. Prices of 2nd hand gear on SNA used to be quite sensible, but maybe it will be no more as everyone will be referring to HiFiShark, who does that benefit? Not the member I don't think. Rant over and out.
  6. I've a Alessandro MS2 in lovely Chrome version. Not sure what these go for these days. Let me know if you would like to consider them
  7. So mostly valve amplification then, I think I saw someone looking for a pair of Cyber 845 in the classifieds the other day.... 'wink' 'wink'... joking aside, I'd be keen to hear your impressions on the 845 driving the MG when you get around to it. PS: I'm sorry about your dad, I'm sure he'd be happy to have you continue his legacy, keep up the good work!
  8. That's pretty cool for a workshop setup. What's sort of preamps and amplifiers do you use to drive your Tannoy speakers?
  9. wow some Tannoy p0rn right there
  10. When I bought my first pair of Yamaha NS-1000m, it was cheaper for me to drive all the way to Melbourne, stay overnight, drive back to Adelaide than buying from the local offerings.
  11. You've come to the right place. This is it 🙂 Hopefully we can start getting a bit more traction from the several Tannoy owners we have on SNA.
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