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  1. Another wholehearted recommendation for @skies2clear from me as well.
  2. Hi @andythiing I don't think we've met yet but I love the look of those Rotel amps, they must sound amazing and thanks for sharing those pics with us, looks like a great room/setup to kick back and enjoy some nice tunes. Cheers
  3. Congrats on the incredible room and setup, well done Sir! It must be a delight to sit down for a listen in that space.
  4. Incredibly comfortable and good sounding headphones, I had a pair many years ago and eventually upgraded to its big brother paying a premium at the time. It's great to see another one in the wild. GLWTS
  5. In response to queries I've had via PM regarding speaker pairing/suitability. The Luxman L-560 has driven all of the speaker I've thrown at it with incredible composure and produced delightful music every single time, I never once felt that it was lacking in power, current or SPL, there was always plenty power on tap. The sound is incredibly smooth with a velvet midrange that is on the warm side of neutral, good clarity up top and reasonable heft in the bottom end. The following are some of the speakers I've used with this amp over time in no particular order: 8 O
  6. When you are inside the signature editor, I'd suggest typing a label at the top of your current equipment list, then selecting your list and hitting the 'spoiler' button in the edit menu atop.
  7. How about some Hulgich Audio Serenade? very sleek looking speakers with real wood veneer.
  8. Stunning photos πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
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