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  1. Willmax

    New NS-1000m build

    Wow Jake, looks like your long wait has paid off, the speakers look simply stunning congratulations! I see you're using your recapped crossovers, very nice.
  2. Willmax

    My System this morning

    It's been a busy arvo in her company
  3. Willmax

    Sansui HiFi

    I reckon a Sansui SR-929 would more than a worthy candidate to fill that gap.
  4. Willmax

    Currently Spinning

    @Janjuc here's something I prepared earlier :-)
  5. Willmax

    Currently Spinning

    Great tune, love it.
  6. Willmax

    Currently Spinning

    Khruangbin - Live At Lincoln Hall
  7. Willmax


    I'm able to post these interstate if required. Here's a photo of the carpet spikes and missing bumper from first pics.
  8. Willmax

    Currently Spinning

    Spinning Digital this time.
  9. Willmax

    Currently Spinning

    Great Ry Cooder album from my birth year
  10. Willmax

    Currently Spinning

    Khruangbin - Live at Lincoln Hall Live at Lincoln Hall is the first ever live album from Houston-based trio Khruangbin recorded over two nights at Lincoln Hall in Chicago. The six songs last almost 40 minutes and include the 11 minute plus centrepiece, “People Everywhere”. Their unique, psychedelic vibe and unique sound comprised of spoken word, faint vocal melodies, and impeccably performed guitar solos. It's super relaxed, smouldering, and simply stunning.
  11. Willmax


    Is Elson still taking on commissions and how does one gets hold of him pls?
  12. Willmax

    FS: Linn Sondek LP12 in excellent condition.

    Wow that LP12 looks to be in stunning condition. GLWTS
  13. Willmax

    My System this morning

    Santa came early this Christmas I must have been a good husband