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  1. I use an Oppo BDP105 upstairs. Itis fed via it's coax SPDIF input with a raspberry PI streamer and an i2s to SPDIF hat. It runs a SystemD removed version of debian linux with MPD installed, the music is NFS mounted from my main workstation's RAID array (it runs Devuan linux). I also have MPD installed on said workstation. Both MPD instances oversample before sending on the digital stream. It's been reliable and sounds great. My music is mostly flac encoded, with some mp3 and the occasional odd format. MPD handles them all. I drive the upstairs front end with an android app called m
  2. being a dipole from about 300Hz up, the response off axis isn't going to be that weird and i wasn't listening to them any more off axis than i usually do, just the other side of the horizontal axis. They are pulled out a lot from the front wall, i was hoping that the off axis null might help with the front wall reflection somewhat, but it wasn't to be. I'll have to leave my uber ugly lumps of foam in place.
  3. intrigued, i tried this on my hybrid dipole/tl speakers. initially i thought it might have been an improvement in the depth of field, but the more i listened, the more confused it sounded. on my stereo, it also blunted the immediacy that high efficiency speakers like mine give. interesting idea though. as always ymmv.
  4. active crossover, so just the front 3 channels unless i'm using the turntable, which is just left and right
  5. the centre speaker rotates away and the tv flips up, if needed.
  6. Our everyday system. kef carltons with pretty much evrything done to them, 6 channel amp, dcx2496, lexicon dc1, Android box and a sony turntable.
  7. if you need a whole bunch, size a piece of wood using a thicknesser then route out the cutout, then chop to depth with a dropsaw. if you only need a few, you can do the whole thing with just the dropsaw using the depth stop to hog out the cutout.
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