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  1. todagt

    WTB: Found

    Bryston BP 26 with matching MPS2 power supply?
  2. Nice pick up John, I have heard these previously and was super impressed myself. Enjoy!
  3. I agree, which is why I'm chasing a TT. I have heard a magical setup but sadly I can't afford it. It was a member in Perth's Kuzma Stabi reference. Absolutely outstanding.
  4. Nothing too spectacular, Auralic aries feeding a PS audio Directstream. Rest of the system is Bryston BP26 into a 4BSST2 and PMC Fact 12.
  5. I quickly ruled out the Rega. It just missed all the important midbass detail. The sound stage was also more realistic with the MoFi deck as well. The Rega did the centre phantom image well, but that was about it. The MoFi was far wider, taller and still retained the focused centre. Although that said I didn't purchase either deck. They also had a tricked out Kuzma sabi S which of course blew both away, but just the cart was worth more than both the UltraDeck and P6 combined. For some context, I am currently looking to purchase my first TT. And I thought the nether could best my current digital setup so I didn't end up pulling the trigger.
  6. I recently auditioned the UltraDeck against the P6. To me the UltraDeck was a fair leap ahead. Firstly in plinth isolation from whatever you sit it on. Also it seemed to retrieve a lot more from the groove than the Rega. In particular the lower registers.
  7. Neil Finn covering Heros A few more on this site that are being added regularly. Happy listening
  8. I still have a soft spot for the 800 series b&w but 2nd time around decided to change to a different brand, main reason is amp matching. They are glorious speakers, so long as the upstream components are worthy. Sadly that means components at the higher end of the price spectrum. I found a combination of a Bryston 4sst2, Bel canto pre1, PS audio directstream to work. In a moderately treated dedicated room 6mx8m.
  9. No idea how big a room needs to be to avoid room treatment, as IMHO all rooms need room treatment. However no matter what speaker you use, with careful setup almost any can be made to sound great. I did muck around a lot with placement as room treatment for me right now is a no-go due to renting for the next few years. The room is around 3.5m X 10m. System is setup up around 1/3 from one end of the room along the 10m wall. Sitting around 2.8m away from speakers, speakers placed around 2.5 m apart.
  10. I too have recently traveled a similar path. Sold the huge house with a 8x6m theatre and moved into a tiny 2 bed townhouse. The new listening area is long but only 3.5m deep, which is where we sit, opposite the telly etc. I tried a few bookshelves but ended up with some WAF friendly floorstanders and finally for once, I am content with the speaker side of my system. I ended up with a pair of PMC fact.12's
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