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  1. Will make life easier for those who have to do this often, and on your own.
  2. Might have to get a set of these. Looks so handy, and good thing I no longer have the 803Ds with their top mounted tweeters.
  3. @evil c uses a Conrad Johnson something or other with his Bryston 4b3, and with excellent results.
  4. Thanks for organising another great evening Clive. I didn't come right till around 8pm this evening, I guess that's the price for carrying on the festivities (5am finish).
  5. I would love to assist but the next 2 weeks for me is fully booked (out of the city). But if you happen to be stuck after that hit up.
  6. I'm a DS senior owner, all I know as when I was compaing numerous DACS the DS was the first DAC that didn't sound like it was shouting at me. So I bought one. Since then it has received numerous firmware updates and has improved everytime. I'm sure they are much better sounding DACs but for now I'm happy with mine.
  7. Tempted to buy this to get a black case for my Directstream and swap out the guts If so and there is someone out there that wants a silver perfect wave then hit me up.
  8. Yes, that would be nice. It still doesn't take away the fact you can still control it all from the same place/app. Imagine if you had to open all the different apps, build the same playlists just to get some music happening in your rooms. I just used to load up the same playlists for the different groups (which was airplay and RAAT) then hit play at the same time. Worked a treat 😁 And the simple fact that I could do that means there must be some way of the software doing the same thing. Even if it had to be some kind of party mode with reduced quality (which I'm sure you wouldn't notice since you would be moving from room to room) that would be pretty useful.
  9. I guess the main thing that seems to be overlooked by the few that are saying it's just a GUI, don't understand the backend behind it. To me it's not so much the way the interface looks. It's the fact that this is one piece of software that will tie all of your devices together into what ever control device you have near to hand. (Ones that are compatible with roon of course). This is so hugely useful to those that run more than one setup. You may have a dedicated listening room, a lounge room, an alfresco, study, shed setup or more and with roon, all your rooms can become controllable all from the same interface regardless of device. So wifey may have an iPhone, you and Android, kids an iPad, computer in the study and the whole house becomes integrated just like that. With the same look and feel. Have a look at what other companies charge for that kind of interoperability across multiple different branded device's for both the playback and control. If you only have one setup then yes, the interface your device manufacture/streaming service provides will probably do just fine. Same goes if you lock into one of the ecosystems (Sonos, blusound, etc) This is where the cost can often be justified. Will roon go bust, well, nothing lasts forever. But I do hope it sticks around for a while yet.
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