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  1. Has he considered Bryston?
  2. No one will end up paying retail anyway, but still, it's a big ask for a Parasound product. That said however if the sonics compete in that price point then it is justified.
  3. Also, is the RP10 a huge leap over the RP8 vs the $
  4. With the RP10 and the factory fitted apheta cart, how would one discribe it's better or worse attributes?
  5. You can make as many comments as you like. 👍
  6. PMC fact fensetria. But I have had to settle for my Fact.12, which to be honest, I am totally happy with.
  7. Well, it's now time for me to consider adding a turntable to the system. My system currently consists of a pair of PMC Fact.12 speakers powered by a 4bsst2 power and BP26 pre combo and my DAC is the PS Audio Directstream. I have a PS Audio NuWave phono pre on the way (will do for now). So basically my question is... What sort of turntable would be match the above gear? I do have a soft spot for the Rega RP8/10 (and they are available at handsome discounts). Would one of these be a good consideration? Anything else that would be a better match? Main music choice is Prog rock, classic rock. Not into classical or jazz. P.S. I hate making expensive mistakes
  8. They come up pretty cheap on the classifieds, keep an eye out there.
  9. Seriously consider a blue sound powernode. Will be so much easier than switching zones on an AVR, and convenient app control of playlists and volume whilst outside.
  10. Hi, just wondering if anyone out there has a Bryston BDA-3 DAC that wouldn't mind bringing it along to my place for an afternoon. Alternatively we could swap DACs (Directstream) for a few days. I would just like to evaluate the BDA-3 in my own system. Of course refreshments will be provided. Thanks for looking.
  11. I was about to pull the trigger on the lifetime membership, seems way too risky now that I will be over a 5.5 year break even point.
  12. Will make life easier for those who have to do this often, and on your own.
  13. Might have to get a set of these. Looks so handy, and good thing I no longer have the 803Ds with their top mounted tweeters.
  14. @evil c uses a Conrad Johnson something or other with his Bryston 4b3, and with excellent results.
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