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  1. Thanks EvilC and to all those who made it out. Great food, great beer and great company.🍻
  2. todagt

    GTG Richmond Snake Oil Society Sunday 19/8/18

    Yes, the lava lamp was rather fluid on its delivery, 👍 to IKEA for developing such a stunning audiophile piece without the audiophile $$ ..... oh look, I managed to crack a smile
  3. I wouldn't rule out opting for the power node 2 and using a pair of passives. I would also think that maybe it should be 2k for the steaming setup which would be used 90% of the time considering TV sound and Spotify convenience etc. The turntable could then be the added extra to an already great sounding system for (insert your turntable budget here) if vynil is required.
  4. todagt

    GTG Richmond Snake Oil Society Sunday 19/8/18

    I'll be keen if there is still a slot to fill.
  5. I sold mine a couple of years ago for around 5. Should be had for around mid 6 brand new. Thought I would mention that as the only one I've seen come up here was mine, and that was a good couple of years ago.
  6. todagt

    Are GTG's becoming extinct??

    Shame, I'll be out of the country for the Selby opening. Would have been great to meet some new faces.
  7. todagt

    Bryston 14BST , 4BSST or other?

    I found a 4BSST2 to do good things with a pair of B&W 803 Diamonds. It never showed any hint of strain. I had tried a few amps as well and just worked for my setup.
  8. todagt

    Are GTG's becoming extinct??

    As an idea to meet new individuals before inviting them back to your house, is to first meet them somewhere public, cafe for a coffee and a chat etc. Also deals with the hungry bellies 😉 I met most of the WA members first through the classifieds exchanging gear. Then at other GTG's hosted by someone I had exchanged gear with.
  9. todagt

    Are GTG's becoming extinct??

    So, any GTG's this weekend? 😋
  10. I went with both the AS and AS20, for the price and the fact they are completed with an integrated back box they are a no brainer.
  11. todagt

    Are GTG's becoming extinct??

    I had 2 GTG's in Perth the 2 weekends before I left Perth. Now in Melbourne I have been patiently waiting for a GTG to be publicised to get to meet some more of the Melbourne members. I have met 2 so far Once I have a proper house (still living in a hotel) and some gear (sold a lot of it off for the move, so still 6 to 12 months away) I will absolutely have a GTG. I really enjoyed hosting my last 2 and I believe the guests had a great time too. It's a great way to turn a more individual hobby into a social one. And let's not forget, it doesn't really matter about the system, it's more about chewing the fat with like minded enthusiasts.