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  1. todagt

    Lose It !

    Al, 10kms is no easy feat. Keep up the good work 👍
  2. You are welcome to borrow my 4bsst2 evil one
  3. todagt

    HIFI scenes in australia

    I'd would say the scene is pretty good over in WA. It's good here in Vic as well
  4. Gryphon Diablo with DAC card?
  5. todagt

    My System this morning

    Room is coming along nicely there Dave
  6. todagt

    Lose It !

    Oats are an excellent kick off to the day, low GI (as long as you are not pilling on the sugar, honey etc) My day starts with 2 coffee's (1 habit I will never be able to shake off) with low fat (not skim) milk and no sugar, bowl of oats (with water, not milk) with a heaped scoop of protein powder (WPC). Awesome result on the run.
  7. todagt

    Lose It !

    IMO ditch the wrap and just stick with the wheat roll. The wraps are still packed with empty calories, Nothing wrong with breads as long as they are wholemeal. Helga's do a cracker of a loaf Look for the high protein 5 seeds, simply awesome. Also try to stay away from the cured meats, try and go for things like grilled chicken (not crumbed). I know this thread started as a light easing into this stuff so the more you dig it gets very complex. It's no wonder it is so hard to navigate our way through food choices now. Hardly anything pre prepared is suitable for a healthy lifestyle. Also the cleaner you eat typically the less calorie dense the food is, which is a good thing. Your right Al about energy in energy out. But once you start to loose alot of weight macros become more important, you want to loose body fat without loosing muscle.
  8. todagt

    Lose It !

    I should also add. For me, protein and fat were targets with carbs variable depending on how much exercising I had done or planned to do. For Al, if your goal is to cut down on carbs. The easiest way to make a start is to cut out added sugar (especially in hot drinks) and white bread and white rice.
  9. todagt

    Lose It !

    Yep, agree with MyFitnessPal needs a big commitment to accurately track. But again the scan feature makes adding food very quick. Below is a screenshot of the macros I was using. I no longer track my food intake as I now have my nutrition built into my day to day life. And totally agree on eating out, it's very hard to find suitable food and I too have just settled for a Nando's grilled chicken salad. I am not doing ketosis (again that diet word thingy), far to difficult for most to commit to and I still want to enjoy life with friends and family ie: eating out, bbqing, having a drink etc. My food day to day still hits these macros as I occasionally log the odd to day to make sure I'm still in check. Another tip for Al, A lot of calorie calculator tools way over estimate the additional calories for activity levels. Best to use them in putting in low as the activity settings.
  10. todagt

    Lose It !

    Well done Al, It always pleases me when I read stories like this. I used to use MyFitnessPal to track my nutrition. I much prefer to use the term nutrition rather than diet. To me diets are temporary, too restrictive to fit into an everyday lifestyle where as a well thought out nutrition plan will become a habit that you can follow everyday. Another tip is more often that not the kj estimated for exercise is overstated, which can lead you into thinking you need to increase your intake to compensate for kj burned. Once you manage to kj per day another thing would be to look at your macro intake. I see a lot of fat and carbs with little protein. There are many resources for estimating an ideal macro intake depending on your goals. Again, keep up the good work 👍
  11. todagt

    B&W 702 S1 - How much break in needed?

    Hi, are you sure they're 702's? They look a lot like CM10S2...... These are the 702 Is it possible you auditioned the 702 instore and they gave you CM10s instead? Although I'm not sure quite how different they would sound anyhow
  12. todagt

    Roon Core Suggestions

    It's all good, I'm not too concerned with the power consumption as it is the only machine I have that is left on 24/7, SSD for the OS and all the other drive spin down when not being used, is fully expandable or reduced if I ever need to. I was just letting you know what works for me. 👍
  13. todagt

    Roon Core Suggestions

    I just go for a custom built PC running Ubuntu, I use it as a MythTv backend, file server, room core and also Plex. The PC sits in my store room and is always on. Maintenance is to use putty run the update command lines around once a month. I use seperate HDD's for the music library, tv recordings, movies and OS. Core i7 with 16gb ram, SSD for the OS which is way over kill, boots in under 10 secs and doesn't miss a beat. All up it cost around $1500 and does a lot more than just one thing to help justify the cost. Doesn't get much easier than that.
  14. Thanks evil c and to all those who made it out. Great food, great beer and great company.🍻