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  1. Hi every, new to this corner of SNA. Anyone know a half decent turntable that will support two Stax UA-7 CF tone-arm.
  2. interested in the ortofon and audiotechnica arm. How much is postage to Melbourne?
  3. Lenehan ML2 looks just like the Joseph Pulsar speaker with different finish wood veneer. I wonder which speaker is better of the two. Anyone care to chime in thanks. Buchardt S400 looks as if they said damn that a nice looking speaker (Amphion Argon3s) Turn it up side down. That looks even better now.
  4. After opening the ProAc 1SC and comparing with the link above. The only difference is the 5uF cap listed as 4.7uF in the french link. The caps used are Solen, with the 30uF from ALCAP, looks like the only thing that require or worth changing is the 0.27mh inductor and the 30uF ALCAP. The rest looks pretty decent. Cable from the crossover board to both speakers are soldered on.
  5. Much delayed update if anyone is interested. The 630V Solen caps and the 10W resistors definitely makes a noticeable difference. Sound is louder than before on my Primaluna amp. I got in contact with Kent from Electrostatic Solutions. Very knowledgeable and awesome guy overall. Contact him if you need advice on Quad or Stax electrostatic speakers.
  6. Looks more like an art piece than an amplifier. How on earth they fit decent transformer in something that thin. GLWS
  7. No just send with the original box I'm in Melbourne
  8. I'm comparing it with my primaluna dialogue, beside the different circuit board for the subwoofer switch. Mono or stereo. All the layout and component is pretty much the same.
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