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  1. Nice photos will always help and these are very good. All the best.
  2. FS: supra Classic 4.0 speaker lead

    Open to offers on these leads.
  3. SME 309 Tonearm

    There was I think a brand new one listed on Trademe in NZ not that ago. 2500 from memory. It was brand new. I can check back if you are interested. All the best
  4. Item: Supra Classic 4.0 speaker lead Location:NZ Price: 300au delivered Item Condition:mint Reason for selling:Upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:Hi guys I was lucky enough to purchase this from a good friend who managed to source this at trade. 5.5m lengths x 2. As per photos. This is used inside Image Speakers. Thanks Pictures:
  5. Valve lover new to the site

    Welcome. Ive certainly benefitted from the vast wealth of knowledge from members here.
  6. New valves for Schiit Freya

    Speak to Chris (Aperalim)
  7. Matched tube question

    Send Aperalim a pm re your issue... he is a tube god!
  8. SOLD: FS: TAD Reference 1 MK2

    Stunning speakers in EVERY WAY. I drive mine with a 200w integrated. That is an excellent price and as has been pointed out an extremely well priced pair of one of the worlds great loud speakers. I wish you all the very best with your sale. Hope its ok to say this but Id maybe try Audiomarkt also.
  9. The AC/DC Appreciation Thread.

    I saw them in Ak a few years back...20 or so. Ball Breaker concert if my memory serves me. It rained very hard... The girls selling cheap poncho type rain coats made an absolute killing!! The one thing I would say from a big fans point of view was IF you didnt know the song then you would be hard pressed to have known what Bryan was saying. Angus on the guitar is worth the money on his own. Glad I went thats for sure!!
  10. Wow what a wealth of knowledge we all get when requests go out. Totally awesome guys and a great atmosphere here... My 2 thoughts.. Pre loved will get you higher in the quality stakes.. And... Just make sure you new amp has enough grunt to drive your speakers.
  11. Very smartly priced leads. They certainly look to be in very smart condition. Good luck with your sale.
  12. Retailer margins

    Hi guys.. I was recently shopping for a pair of speakers. The brand can remain private but I dear say it wont be hard to work it out. They had an rrp here in NZ of just under 50k... about 5k less in Aus. Then late last year they were dropped in price by in excess of 23k!! Other models in the line up by very similar percentages! They are very definitely NOT a run out and a current model. How do these major brands expect to hold credibility when they can do that. A total joke!
  13. New Pioneer SACD player.

    Buy the Esoteric from the gentleman here. better player fro sure! Ive purchased several items that have been pre loved. A couple from a member here. There is definitely merit in the used market especially if there is an ownership history and hopefully by purchasing from the community here there is a bit of safety from scoundrels!! Esoteric is a strong contender for your consideration. All the best.
  14. New Pioneer SACD player.

    If the service is crap from the retailer before you buy the item whats it going to be like if you ever have issue with it. The world is a global shop these days. Move long and buy some someone else! These bricks and mortar places bemoan when people dont support them but seem to forget there are many other options with quite often better pricing!
  15. New Pioneer SACD player.

    I would be writing directly to Pioneer HQ and Im sure that will get things moving on. They definitely will not be wanting to hear of dealers not responding.