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  1. Oswald Mills Audio Video

    Thats a great little clip. Thank you for posting it. His web site is a good look. I have a 401 in one of his double slate plinths(100mm) its crazy heavy but beautifully made. Hes a very direct fellow is Mr Weiss. My tt was put together by Jason P in NZ. I had damaged the arm board while moving it (now repaired) and needed to contact OMA and thought what the heck Ill ring them. Jonathan picked up the phone surprisingly for me and I had a nice conversation with him. I guess he was ok to talk knowing I had his product. He was genuinely interested in where I lived etc....he then told me my 5k arm(Artemis) would definately fail...they all have!..lol. Hang on...that was the arm he recommended to Jason. So far its fine..
  2. I have some of the Antipodes leads (lower down the tree to these) and the flexibility mentioned by the seller here is definately a very good thing indeed. They are a top product for sure! All the very best with your sale. Kind regards
  3. Classe to close this weekend

    Totally agree with that Sime but with alot of things Chinese comes a stigma and often they can be very close to the mark.
  4. Classe to close this weekend

    Ive owned several amps a cd and pre and were ALWAYS reliable. Infact I was told directly by someone at the top lets just say that everything improved when they started manufacture in China. My last amp was very quiet and performed without fault.
  5. SOLD: FS: Audioquest SKY interconnect

    Thank you. Will send p/m
  6. Item: Audioquest Sky inconnect. Location:NZ Price: 1200 plus a plane ride of no more than $40 Aus wide Item Condition:fautless Reason for selling:NLR. Gone to an integrated Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Purchased new from dealer in NZ. Totally mint in every way. I may have the box but yet to confirm. One owner. Im in length. Rrp 3500 here in NZ Thanks guys Pictures:
  7. FS:Harbeth 40.1 / stands

    Hi guys PRICE REDUCTION.. 9600 plus the plane ride
  8. Hi Marc Have you considered the Absolare Integrated?
  9. FS:Harbeth 40.1 / stands

    Hi guys Ive had a quote from TNT here in NZ and frieght to Au is $800 au. Expected time 4 days from NZ. I have all original packing and boxes. Quote was for speakers only. I can box the the stands seperately for a safe trip. Thank you Andrew
  10. FS:Harbeth 40.1 / stands

    Hi there 85db. Theres an excellent review on Stereophile if youre interested. Kind regards Andrew
  11. Speak to Aperalim. He will be able to help you
  12. FS:Harbeth 40.1 / stands

    Open to sensible offers of interest..
  13. FS:Harbeth 40.1 / stands

    Very good spotting. That is a freebie with the speakers..
  14. FS:Harbeth 40.1 / stands

    Purchased new in Oct 2013. They have had covers on them from new. Many reviews online. Thanks for looking
  15. Item: Harbeth 40.1 with bespoke maple and steel stands Location:NZ Price: 10,500 plus delivery Item Condition: Totally mint Reason for selling: change of direction Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:I am the original keeper of these. Mint condition in every way. I have all original packing and boxes so they would travel safely. I made the stands. Legs are maple clears with 10mm steel top and bottom plates. Spiked. Cherry veneer. kind regards Pictures: