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  1. I drive my R1s with a 200w Absolare integrated and have to say Ive not heard a better system..
  2. Buy from Chris with total confidence! Item will be presented exactly as represented here.
  3. This is a for sale section not a forum which it is morphing into but I guess one more comment wont hurt. While A Jones might not be in the house TAD will very definitely be working in his footsteps I dear say. Obviously also attention to finishing detail will be exceptional. For the money they look to be an impresive buy. I think the only other comment I would have is to make sure your supporting gear is up to the task. All the best with your sale.
  4. I would just like to ad my WOW to the other WOWs...!! Great photos of your system Chris. My Absolare Integrated certainly drives my TADs along very well. All the best with your sale.
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