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  1. I do apologise I was rushing, on my phone before i was considering the leap and wanted some quick opinions. Noted and will have more care in my next thread, thank you for all replies.
  2. Guess I'm asking will it be an upgrade in spending the 2k on the PWD? As it will connected to my PWT with the is2 connection and my schiit ragnorok amp? And why I ponder is that I'll have a PS audio stack with a great connection? But is it 2k worth over the Nads performance. Oh yes and am looking to improve sound detail from my ps audio transport with separate Dac.
  3. Not sure if iF I should make the leap to the PWD for sale now in forum for 2k im currently loving the details from the Nad cant believe it but want more! and biased that I have a PWT transport so curious how better the Is2 will improve but will it that much of an improvement with the Nad punching way above it's weight. So basically is it worth it? Any thoughts or first hand experience?
  4. thanks i am getting tempted here!!😟 but don't want to buy any other gear i have a Schiit Ragnarok to drive these so 60w into 8ohm?
  5. ok cool and sounds wise? which would be the better one? eos ref or these? as they are similar priced and there is a used pair of eos ref for sale at the moment too!
  6. these compared to osborn eos ref? these power hungry or easy drive like the eos
  7. Item: Schiit Gungnir Multibit DAC (Gumby) GEN 2 and 230v Location: 3023 Melbourne Price: $1300 price dropped Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: Moving up food chain Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Can Post have box Extra Info: Have box and can supply kettle cable if you need it. Great sounding DAC, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with it, not sure if I really want to let it go. Photos:
  8. hey mate ill soon be selling mine PM me if u still need one cheers
  9. yes ill have them if still available. not if i can pickup most likely delivery im in melbourne
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