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  1. hello I'm hoping people of the forum can help me and save me reading thru this thread and give me a yes or no answer ro simple answer. I'm wanting my end game DAC i have gungnir multibit at the moment and have PS audio cd player so im partial to go yoggi or ps audio DAC's but i hear so much good things from the Grob! and started my DAC life with the entry level GIESELER dac. Is it possible for someone to say which is a clear winner regardless of system between the GROB, Yoggi and the PS audio dac I'm mainly coaxial dac in from cd player but will use usb in regardless if its that much better!
  2. i just did exactly what the youtube video advisers i thought there was some IRE settings dont think he changes much though.
  3. I use this one from you tube. Very indept using some decent gear. https://youtu.be/hUP2ovGOqdQ
  4. Yea old ones seems to work fine in 4k looks good
  5. just wondering if someone can confirm if the coax cables are worth changing as i upgraded from iQ3 TO iQ4 and iQ4 came with other coax cables would they be any different or better for 4k, reason being is i cant be stuffed remolding the shape of the new cables to suit but of course if there is a visual improvement i have no choice lol
  6. looking for an upgrade soon, can anyone simple answer how good the GROSS is compared schiit yggdrasil or PS junior DAC's. Thanks
  7. Item: FIFA 19 Xbox One GAME Brand New Sealed Location: MELB 3023 Price: $40 + shipping + fees if applicable Item Condition: NEW SEALED Reason for selling: UNWANTED GIFT Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Pictures: if needed can supply
  8. i know!! they never seem to be cheap in VIC!!!😠
  9. Hi I'm trying to find the comaprison with the LS50's cant seem to find, as the kit and the LS50 price on par?
  10. or is it a possible price hike for the 15% discount?
  11. any comparisons with schiit gear? my grail is YGGDRASIL currently running a gungnir multibit? main implementation is coaxial/spdif dont care for usb too much at the moment.
  12. any idea if anyone would have tried these or how they would fair with Schiit ragnarok? 60w class A @8ohm?
  13. Good price!! they have gone up again $1,859.00. I must say is there a reason why these speakers fluctuate all time or is it because I'm looking at them all the time!!
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