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  1. Why is there a silvery coating inside a vacuum tube? (adventures-in-audio.com)
  2. Really not fussed about the timing factor...nice wallet wise if it happens...but then if your patient you catch up eventually...what comes round goes around...it's always been about the 'want' factor for me...(within reason! ) Years ago when the aussie dollar reached the magnificent high of $1.15us I lucked onto a minty pair of rarish Sansui SP-5000 speakers from the states...after much humming and hawing I pulled the trigger and from memory they co$t me around $500 (Ebay) and then another $200 to import...came beautifully wrapped up with cardboard and heavy duty shrink plastic on a mini
  3. Eric can do anything related with tubes... ...just needs heaps of emails to organize it...
  4. At the time of my 300B SET build...late last year...right smack dab in the middle of all that covid brouhaha and lockdown...(I shirley thought it would never get built!) Eric offered me the option of both pEarT and timEt builds which I declined (so many Emails exchanged on this point! ) ...I thought at the time, what the heck, why not go with the newest and latest...the SilkT! Your suggestion @Odyssey of the sound off between all three trannies sounds a great idea (not sure if it is practicable given our locations!) but it certainly would give a working idea as to their musical outputs...str
  5. And the Silk Trannies like my amp is built with sound?!?...err...ummm...silkier!?!
  6. Art Pepper Quartet 1981 - Body and Soul - YouTube
  7. Easy All-Stars - Dubber Side Of The Moon (Full Album) (HQ) - YouTube
  8. Pleasant Sunday Arvo in Melbourne...Inspired by the TV series Bosch and Bosch's playing of Jazz pieces on his Hi-Fi vinyl setup...in particular...'Patrica'...I am playing a second-hand Discogs bought CD (which has thankfully managed to survive intact from the rigors of a long USA post, I'm impressed!)...The Return of Art Pepper...The Complete Art Pepper Aladdin Recordings-Volume One...featuring one of Bosch's favourite tracks 'Patrica'...T8... Which has also inspired the return of the silver faced little 12W PP Triode Valve amp from the back of the graveyard closet to frontline musical duties
  9. CD...Art Pepper meets The Rhythm Section....with Red Garland. Paul Chambers, Philly Joe Jones... Smooth as...
  10. Very...very nice, congrats and welcome to the wonderful world of 300B's...
  11. Nice chair but no room to put your stubbie down safe...
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