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  1. FYI, Michael Fremer just reviewed "No Filter" on Analog Planet! https://www.analogplanet.com/content...kwall-filtered I thought I'd let you know. I really appreciate the support on this board!
  2. Sorry about that! I am happy to remedy to it, of course. I am sending you a DM. Thanks for your support! Jerome
  3. Tone Poet reissue. Very good! Jerome Sabbagh
  4. FYI, we just got a review in The Absolute Sound. The all analog vinyl is still available, as well as R2R, CD, high res download, streaming etc. Thanks for your support!
  5. Hello everyone, First reviews (not vinyl specific) for "No Filter" are here: DownBeat, All About Jazz, JazzTrail I hope those of you who supported the project here are enjoying the result and I am once more grateful for the outstanding support on this forum. I'm happy to answer any and all questions about the project. If people are interested in getting more vinyl to Australia, I can always ship a few copies together, which makes the shipping cheaper. Just let me know. Otherwise, the record is also available digitally, including in 96/24. The vinyl is on sale on my website at www.jeromesabbagh.com! Also, FYI, I am selling R2R tapes of the record by order only. The copies are made directly from the tape we recorded on, and not from a copy of that tape, at Bernie Grundman's. You would be getting essentially a first generation master tape (meaning that it's the final product, with levels adjusted, and the first generation of it). It's expensive, but pretty unique, I believe. Bernie is running everything straight from the original tapes, bypassing the mastering board (as no EQ was needed on the record) and adjusting levels directly on the tube preamp. It's as direct a signal path as possible. I don't have a tape deck and haven't heard the tapes myself but the people who got them seem very happy. I've received some great feedback from the few people who have them already. I can forward, if necessary. Anyway ... If anyone is interested, please let me know. Thanks! Jerome Sabbagh
  6. Hi everyone, I'm pleased to report that I now have the vinyl for "No Filter". After having rejected 4 sets of test pressings, I am really pleased with the result. I finished mailing all copies that were bought already, whether through Kickstarter or not, this morning! I hope those of you who supported the project will enjoy the result! I am still selling the vinyl on my website if anyone else is interested. Thank you all so much for the support! Jerome Sabbagh
  7. Hi, I wanted to keep everyone here updated. No Filter is out in all digital formats. Those of you who backed the Kickstarter for high res should have received the files. I hope you enjoy them! The album is available in 96/24 on HD Tracks and in 44.1/24 on Bandcamp. As far as the vinyl, I've had to reject a couple of test pressings so the vinyl is late. I hope to have it in December. I'm actually getting a third round of test pressings tomorrow and I look forward to hearing them. I apologize for the delay. I'm trying my best to get this right and honor the confidence that backers on this board and elsewhere have put in me. We had a couple of nice reviews, in Downbeat and Stereogum (scroll down past the middle of the page, there are a bunch of reviews). Thank you to the members who supported this project! I welcome any and all feedback and I'm grateful for the support! Jerome Sabbagh www.jeromesabbagh.com
  8. Thanks @zippi and @Citroen! Glad you like it. This is definitely the more involved way to make an album, but I think it pays off and wouldn't do it any other way if I have a choice. Thanks for your support! Btw, after listening yesterday to a test cut made with both Bernie's solid state and tube lathe, Greg and I picked the tube lathe. They were both really good but somehow the track cut with the tube lathe sounds more alive to us and even better tonally. That's what Bernie will use to cut the record. Next we will get a lacquer reference of the full album to approve.
  9. As a thank you for the support on this board, I wanted to share a couple of preview tracks with you. They are streaming here: https://soundcloud.com/jeromesabbagh/sets/jerome-sabbagh-greg-tuohey-no-filter Mastering Engineer Bernie Grundman gave us a few options to choose from in the beginning and, after extensive listening, we ended up going with no EQ, which allowed us to bypass the mastering board for an even purer signal path. For the vinyl, Bernie has cut a test lacquer of a song two ways, one on his solid state lathe and one on his tube lathe. We’re going to pick the one that sounds best to us to cut the vinyl directly from the tape. I hope you will enjoy the music and consider supporting this project, if you haven’t done so already. There are 5 days left: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1834848136/jerome-sabbagh-greg-tuohey-no-filter-analog-vinyl I have a master at 96/24 and if anyone here would like to hear the tracks at 96/24, please PM me and I will send a link. Thank you! Jerome Sabbagh
  10. @zippi After the Kickstarter ends, I can send a survey to all backers asking for addresses, which is what I will do, probably a bit before I get ready to ship, most likely in October. Kickstarter doesn't let you ask for address before the campaign ends. Otherwise, we've made some progress with mastering. Bernie Grundman cut one track on both his lathes (solid state and tube). I get to compare them and pick the one I like best in a few days! Jerome
  11. I'm in the process of evaluating some test tracks from Bernie Grundman on one song. We're trying to pick the best one. I think they sound great and so far, it's "just" 96/24. I can't wait to hear how the vinyl turns up. The Kickstarter is still online for another two weeks. Thank you!
  12. @Sime I am not sure yet. We just started working on a test track with Bernie Grundman. It could take a while. Also, as Sunnyside Records is releasing the record digitally, they might not want me sending files before the record officially comes out. Sorry about the wait! When ready, I am planning to send one track to everyone who backed the Kickstarter. I will keep you posted.
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