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  1. I don't think either need a subwoofer, the BCG just reproduced bass better and went lower - however I wouldn't say that the BBG SE's 'slam hard'. But then it's all relative, the Wilson Spohia 2's I have now I would say slam hard - however someone further up the tree with Alexia's might say the Sophia don't 'slam' in comparison
  2. @Pearso888 - 100W class A, hybrid valve design for you to consider.
  3. @Pearso888 these look pretty delicious and worth considering.
  4. Hello - yeah I’m very much not sure about 802 I think that would be a mistake after considering. I hear plenty of good things about Avalon speakers, but those, like these are hens teeth. @poiu the timber are Sienna W acoustic panels made by Artnovion.
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