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  1. SANSUI BA 2000

    @ianzodz buy this and pair it with your Motzarts and sel me back the 6100
  2. SOLD: FS: DENON DL 103R cart

  3. @DamoNg - you are killing me man!!! I had no idea you picked these up, they would have been amazing with the MC275.
  4. Sadly I sold my other Mc275 @DamoNg and bought a MC302, but I'm regretting it now.
  5. I'm pretty sure the only difference between the two is the 150 does DSD. Thanks I'll hit him up.
  6. Item: McIntosh MHA100 Location: Canberra Price: $5400 - can post at your cost in the original box and packaging. RRP is $7995 Item Condition: As new - the amp presents as new, there are no marks and it works perfectly. Reason for selling: I have too many hifi toys and I'm trying to consolidate. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Post - Paypal (add 2.5%) or bank deposit Extra Info: The MHA100 is not only a headphone amplifier it's a fully featured amplifier and preamp with a surperb DAC. While McIntosh markets this as a headphone amp it's been way over engineered in true McIntosh style. The 50watt of McIntosh power at 8ohm is plenty for powering any bookshelf speakers and even floorstanders as long as you aren't looking to drive them at ear splitting volumes. ELECTRONIC SPECIFICATIONS • POWER OUTPUT PER CHANNEL 50 Watts • SPEAKER IMPEDANCE 8 Ohms • RATED POWER BAND 20Hz to 20kHz • TOTAL HARMONIC DISTORTION 0.005% There are plenty of reviews out there that will say the same thing - I've personally driven my Vienna Accoustic Beethoven Concert Grand floorstanders with it over Christmas (as I didn't want to leave my mc275 valves running for long periods) and it was more than up to the task. It's also a full featured preamp and DAC if you want to add more watts later on and the output meters continue to work while in preamp mode unlike other McIntosh integrated amps. DIGITAL AUDIO SPECIFICATIONS • DIGITAL COAXIAL INPUT SAMPLE RATE 16Bit, 24Bit - 32kHz to 192kHz • DIGITAL OPTICAL INPUT SAMPLE RATE 16Bit, 24Bit - 32kHz to 192kHz • DIGITAL AES/EDU INPUT SAMPLE RATE 16Bit, 24Bit - 32kHz to 192kHz • DIGITAL USB INPUT SAMPLE RATE 16Bit, 24Bit, 32Bit - 32kHz to 192kHz Oh yeah - it's headphone amp too! And a full featured one at that. With McIntosh autoformer technology driving the phones section you get three impedance bands at two output voltages to drive your choice of 'cans to perfection. HEADPHONE OUTPUT SPECIFICATIONS • HEADPHONE POWER OUTPUT • High Selection: 1W • Normal Selection: 250mW • HEADPHONE OUTPUT IMPEDANCE • 8-40 Ohms • 40-150 Ohms • 150-600 Ohms Connection wise all the digital inputs operate as independently selectable channels so you can effectively attach 4 different digital sources and one analogue source. I can't imagine needing more personally! CONNECTIVITY • HEADPHONE OUTPUT 1 (1/4") • HIGH LEVEL INPUTS UNBALANCED 1 Stereo • HIGH LEVEL INPUTS BALANCED 1 Stereo • DIGITAL COAXIAL INPUT 1 • DIGITAL OPTICAL INPUT 1 • DIGITAL AES/EBU INPUT 1 • DIGITAL USB INPUT 1 • PREAMPLIFIER OUTPUT 1 Stereo WEIGHTS & DIMENSIONS • DIMENSIONS (W X H X D) 11-1/2"(29.2cm) x 5-9/16" (14.1cm) x 18" (45.7cm) • WEIGHT 26.5 lbs (12 kg) • SHIPPING WEIGHT 32.5 lbs (14.8 kg) Check some reviews here http://blog.son-video.com/en/2015/01/review-mcintosh-mha100-headphone-amplifier-with-usb-dac/ https://www.cnet.com/au/news/mcintosh-mha100-the-cadillac-of-headphone-amplifiers/ All in all I think this little beauty is the Swiss Army Knife of amplifiers. But with another full high end system, I can't really justify keeping it among other toys, but if it doesn't sell then I won't be disappointed - ie lowball offers won't be considered. Pictures:
  7. Luxman L507U Integrated Amp

  8. FS: removed

  9. Help with finding jazz....

    My 2c - Some suggestions from this century Sal Valentine and the Babyshakes (NZ) Theo Croker Snarky Puppy
  10. Voted no. I did once for a vintage American amplifier (before I realised it was a simple conversion for any qualified tech). The step down was large and noisy - I would avoid doing it again into the future.