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  1. Further information: Test results shown on boxes. Early 1940’s production RCA black plates Photos:
  2. Further information: I purchased this Cortese 3 months ago and sent it back to Mick at Supratek so he could upgrade it to the latest Gen 3 circuit. While Mick had it he did a fair bit of work to it and said it's just like a new one. This one was originally built in late 2017 however didn't get used as the owner moved overseas. Anyway as you can see from the pics its a beauty and performs as new. Approx $6000 new This Cortese uses the following valves: 2x E180F phono 4x 6SN7X phono 2x 6SN7 line 2x 6L6GC psu 1x 5AR4 psu All the valves are mint and are near new. It has all the usual good bits inside such as film caps in PSU, grid chokes, Miflex coupling caps in phono, Lundahl Amorphous Transformers etc. Plenty of RCA inputs and 3 RCA outputs for your subwoofers. I removed the chrome towers so it'd fit in my rack but I'll reinstall them for the new owner. I also have the original packaging and manual Photos:
  3. Doesn't matter. If they distort then turn it down.
  4. TNT have a sensitive freight service. Sometimes it’s available through transdirect or interparcel. Main thing is insuring for full replacement value
  5. Yep, Krispy has a preloved Aries Scout for$2200.....bargain! https://krispyaudio.com.au/products/vpi-aries-scout-turntable-pre-loved.html
  6. Welcome. Sorry I didn’t get to the PO sooner!
  7. Yes you have described Mick but I have always found him direct and to the point. I'm cool with that Q1 - if its not functioning get it repaired. Yes you may need a new control and or a motorised pot Q2- you don't have a phono stage in the Sauvignon. If you want a phono pre buy the Cortese Q3- you should be able to figure out what the toggle switched on top does buy taking the bottom panel off and seeing where the wires go. TX output will have lower gain and capacitor output higher gain. The volume control on the back is a Master Vol control. Hope that helps. BTW I have a Cortese FYI
  8. Further information: Purchased from Nigel via Lenco Heaven I have 2 pcb’s and 2 XR2206 chips and price is for one of each Photos:
  9. Further information: NOS and matched. Photos:
  10. Looks like the cantilever isn’t straight. Was it like that from new?
  11. Further information: Purchased and never used. Plenty of life left in em and they are the more desirable long plate type. Photos:
  12. Further information: Smooth plate pair that work fine. I don’t know the hrs on these hence the lower price but they sound fine. Photos:
  13. Further information: Purchased new in box last year and used briefly in a phono stage. Less than 100 hrs. Probably the most sought after ECC81 variant for sound quality. They don’t sound like any tube I’ve heard in the same family. And yes they are quiet. Photos:
  14. Further information: Mid 1950’s pair of RCA 12BH7A. Black chalky plates, D getter with foil strip and cooling fins. These sound fantastic and they don’t build em like this anymore! Sound better than any 12AU7 I have tried. They test as new and are well matched. Photos:
  15. Further information: Purchased 3 months ago but have decided not to use them in my crossovers. These two are matched under 1% Photos:
  16. Check out Solid Tech - Rack Of Silence Ref. They at least have isolation that they back up with measurements.
  17. Yep, that’s what I suspected Andy but it is only a suspicion. Def worth a shot though as you can chase your tale with this stuff.
  18. @kelossus I has the same issue a number of years ago. We just couldn't figure out what was causing it. I have no idea why but I changed phono stages and it was gone. See if you can borrow a couple of phono stages and see for yourself.
  19. Thanks for all the interest. It’s now sold
  20. Further information: Purchased from Class A Audio a couple of months ago. Has some scuff marks on bottom shelf from moving heavy amp. Would probably buff out. https://www.classaaudio.com.au/audio-racks-and-stands/435-extrema-af14-4-shelves-audio-table.html Photos:
  21. This my amp that I asked Mark to build for me. I decided that I wanted the F5 Turbo V1 which is a standard F5 with higher PSU rails to achieve a few more watts. I think this one would be approx 38w output. And also the large dual mono PSU - PRP resistors amp boards - Charcroft Z Foil input resistors - PSU resistors Panasonic/Riedon - PSU caps Epcos - 2x 400va Toroidy shielded TX's - NOS Toshiba J Fets I've had a few listens to it so far just to put a few hrs on it. In short this is the best amp I've heard with my Zu Druid speakers. Some say the F5 is bright/harsh but I don't hear a hint of either. I'm certainly pleased that I spent all the $$ as it has resulted in a cracker of an amp, I'm truly impressed.
  22. https://dohmannaudio.com/helix-one/ A little pricey for me
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