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  1. Gryffles

    Crossover upgrade, when?

    Haha, maybe mate. If they have electrolytic caps in the crossover then I would change them 100%. If not then probably not although the choice is of course yours
  2. Gryffles

    Crossover upgrade, when?

    Surprised they use electrolytic caps. Have you checked?
  3. @shawnwes it'll need some signal running through it before critical listening. Especially those inductors
  4. Gryffles

    Laptop to DAC Advice

    @christosd your Ayon is further up the food chain by a model I think so who knows but worked a treat for me. The CD07 is my first Ayon product but I like it a lot. In time I may look at something better than the F1 but won’t be anytime soon as I have to spend some $$ on the vinyl rig 😉
  5. Gryffles

    Laptop to DAC Advice

    The Singxer F1 has arrived and I had a listen for a couple of hours tonight. The difference is not small, in fact its huge. Dead quite and a big improvement in SQ. Everything snapped into focus, dynamics are there etc. For the price it's a real bargain in this instance. I think any similar device would have done the same thing so this is not a plug for Singxer products. Thanks for all the advice and particularly to @Nada and @katattack74, you guys hit the nail on the head!
  6. Gryffles

    Laptop to DAC Advice

    No probs mate. Should be running by this weekend
  7. Gryffles

    Laptop to DAC Advice

    The gods are smiling as a Singxer F1 just popped up in the Classifieds which I managed to grab. Maybe not the final solution but will give an indication, at the very least, I'm hoping of SPDIF sounding better with the Ayon. Will report back in a few days
  8. Gryffles

    Laptop to DAC Advice

    Yeah, it is a pity but I appreciate the idea. Thanks for your advice.
  9. Gryffles

    SUN Audio SV-2A3 SET Valve Amp - new build

    Great thread. I'll be watching with interest. I heard your amp at TD19's a couple of years ago. Sounded very nice 2A3's are wonderful valves and if you can find a good used U52 rectifier the changes are dramatic
  10. Gryffles

    Next Steps... Cartridge?

    @Tait0 did you notice the Ortonfon Cadenza Red in the classifieds a while back. Just a heads up
  11. Gryffles

    Laptop to DAC Advice

    Indeed I have. I'm leaning towards spdif and an Audiophileo. Will be a little while until I can afford one though. Something similar may pop up in the classifieds in the mean time.
  12. Gryffles

    Laptop to DAC Advice

    Thanks for your input. Hopefully I can borrow one and see if it makes a difference. Close to CD quality would be fine with me. It's a cracking CD player and I love the Ayon sound.
  13. Gryffles

    Laptop to DAC Advice

    Thanks @katattack74, appreciate your input and speaking from experience On my way out the door but will have an in depth look at your post later
  14. Gryffles

    Laptop to DAC Advice

    There is USB noise at times which is a problem. Dunno why it's intermittent. Basically everything sound-wise is worse via USB. Loss of dynamics, sound stage, separation, leading edge etc. The Ayon does have a SPDIF input as well