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  1. Gryffles

    Shipping HiFi Overseas

    So I can confirm that DHL were an absolute breeze to deal with. My goods were inspected by customs within 12 hrs of arriving and an online link for credit card payment sent to me within another 12 hrs. My speakers will be delivered tomorrow.
  2. Gryffles

    Shipping HiFi Overseas

    Yeah, I reckon that about sums it up 😂
  3. Gryffles

    Shipping HiFi Overseas

    Not 100% sure but as it's DHL contracted to Pack N Send I assume that DHL will contact Pack N Send and then me. I expect that the whole process will be seamless........haha. We'll see
  4. Gryffles

    Shipping HiFi Overseas

    DHL have a fragile service which is no more expensive than Fedex etc. I have some speakers on the way from Canada with that service right now. It was organised through Pack N Send.
  5. Gryffles

    Single Ended 300B

    Mate ya didn’t attempt to answer the question but that’s cool you don’t have to! I would rather pay for an amp like this than some good looking piece of mediocrity from EBay or the likes. But that’s just me......,,
  6. Gryffles

    Single Ended 300B

    What competition at this price point comes with the same design features? Serious question btw.
  7. Tool - Undertow Ministry - Psalm 69 National Boxer X2 Thanks
  8. Gryffles

    Single Ended 300B

    Geez, they look like pretty good value. Great transformers, film caps in PS, Rod Coleman filament regulators, direct coupled etc I haven't heard them but thanks for sharing
  9. Gryffles

    SET Amp - Coupling Caps Capacitance

    Can't remember now Matt. I think I just winged it and they sounded fine. I burned in the Teflons for 250 hrs on a test circuit as they sound like crap otherwise. Also didn't sound good if the bypass value is to large. No more than 10% of the main cap
  10. Understand why you’re interested in class A, I am too. The amps I’ve liked the most have all been class a but not with inefficient speakers such as yours. Go and have a listen to some class a amps and in particular see if you can demo a Sugden A21se with 90dB and upwards speakers. You’ll soon know if it appeals to you 🙂
  11. I’m not 100% sure why you’re asking these questions @CJH Is it for technical understanding or something else? I read it that you want to listen in class A.......could be wrong though 🤔
  12. Geez! That is a lot of preamp for the money. Im not $$ up right now though 🙁 GLWTS
  13. Gryffles