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  1. These were advertised here and are still on the Douglas Hifi website. Above your budget but below RRP https://www.douglashifi.com.au/products/pmc-twenty5-24 Why don’t you talk to them? @Douglas HiFi
  2. Item: Fidelity Research FRT5 SUT Location: Westmead Sydney Price: $600 Item Condition: Excellent for age Reason for selling: not needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Tsf, COD Only Extra Info: Purchased a couple of months ago to give it a go. Sounds very good. Photos:
  3. @stewart68 thanks I have it now and forgot to update this thread. I doubt anyone wants their number on a public forum so I'll ask the mods to delete.
  4. Up there with the best is AM RT2. Well within your budget new
  5. Straight up can’t believe these are still here. PP 300b mono’s for under $3000!
  6. Hi, I seem to have lost Eddie's contact details. Could someone please PM me his contact number? Thanks in advance!
  7. Can I please have: Masaru Imada Will pm you in the morning to arrange payment
  8. Hence the 'please check' Good idea to talk to Mick
  9. I can't compare as I dont have a 401 any more. My feeling is that my Lenco would easily out perform a standard 401. And it should given the PTP, custom grease bearing, DC motor, larger motor spindle and speed controller. The attraction of a Lenco is the far lower price compared to a Garrard. In hindsight I would just buy the motor, drive components and platter rather than wrecking an operational Lenco.
  10. Wonderful! I assume they are 6SN7, please check, so you need a matched and balanced pair. Given you don’t know the age of the tubes it might be a good idea to get a complete new set in the future or get current ones tested
  11. Yes, so all valves from left go to right and vice versa. Hard to tell from pic but the white bases look like adapters. Dont mix em up!
  12. Swap the left channel and right channel valves. If the hiss moves you have a noisy valve. Then isolate the offender with the same method. Might help a bit.
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