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  1. Item: Uptone Audio JS2 LPSU Price Range: Neg Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Someone must have one they dont need.
  2. Interesting, I would go for a skeletal plinth as well. One guy who does a lot of work on Garrards told me its crucial not to over tighten the plinth mounting bolts. And also to use a rubber washer between the nut and washer. He reckons just tight enough to hold it in place and nothing more.
  3. @arjn well done mate. Yeah I had a PTP Lenco too, very simple and clever system! I had the same issue with my 401. Currently my motor, idler wheel/arm and spindle are with Ray Clark from the Classic TT Company in the UK for a refurb.
  4. You shouldn’t have to remove the whole motor to adjust it. Just undo the grub screws (there are two sets) and find out what needs adjusting. Trial and error.
  5. Item: Emission Labs 300B XLS or 320B XLS Pair Price Range: Negotiable Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Anyone got a good used pair they no longer need?
  6. How did you come to the conclusion that mc carts and unipivot arms aren’t a good mix? Basis, Continuum and VPI all use unipivot arms for example
  7. Might help if you give a bit more info. - what is the problem? - check what you can/know and share results here
  8. I don’t think Wire world cables are litz. Just individual wires moulded as you’ve suggested. Im not sure how successful a solder pot will be. Perhaps just scrape off what you can and heat shrink to hide it. Looks like you have nothing to lose
  9. Further information: I purchased these as they are becoming rare in the B, BL range suitable for First Watt amp builds but I no longer need them. Photos:
  10. Promotion: I will include insured shipping in the asking price
  11. Item: Obbligato 47uF 500v PSU Caps Price Range: Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking for 2 of these caps. They are the axial non oil type. The usual online sellers have no stock
  12. Yeah I don't blame you for that. Let us see how you get on with it anyway
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