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  1. Yep, that’s what I suspected Andy but it is only a suspicion. Def worth a shot though as you can chase your tale with this stuff.
  2. @kelossus I has the same issue a number of years ago. We just couldn't figure out what was causing it. I have no idea why but I changed phono stages and it was gone. See if you can borrow a couple of phono stages and see for yourself.
  3. Thanks for all the interest. It’s now sold
  4. Further information: Purchased from Class A Audio a couple of months ago. Has some scuff marks on bottom shelf from moving heavy amp. Would probably buff out. https://www.classaaudio.com.au/audio-racks-and-stands/435-extrema-af14-4-shelves-audio-table.html Photos:
  5. This my amp that I asked Mark to build for me. I decided that I wanted the F5 Turbo V1 which is a standard F5 with higher PSU rails to achieve a few more watts. I think this one would be approx 38w output. And also the large dual mono PSU - PRP resistors amp boards - Charcroft Z Foil input resistors - PSU resistors Panasonic/Riedon - PSU caps Epcos - 2x 400va Toroidy shielded TX's - NOS Toshiba J Fets I've had a few listens to it so far just to put a few hrs on it. In short this is the best amp I've heard with my Zu Druid speakers. Some say the F5 is bright/harsh but I don't hear a hint of either. I'm certainly pleased that I spent all the $$ as it has resulted in a cracker of an amp, I'm truly impressed.
  6. https://dohmannaudio.com/helix-one/ A little pricey for me
  7. https://www.zuaudio.com/diy/5-way-binding-post-pair pretty good value
  8. 6 pounds for wire, tags and heat shrink https://www.trans-fi.com/shop
  9. It says in the manual that you have to adjust the tone arm height. Start with parallel to the platter and you can make fine adjustments later.
  10. @Gabehcuod I’m not trying to sell the Ayre or it’s virtues to you btw. It was just an example
  11. Oh haha. Of course they are going to say that. Geez the new model is always so much better than the old
  12. Are you keeping an eye on the classifieds here? There’s an Ayre power amp for sale atm. Older model but high quality
  13. Yes definitely needs to be shielded Peter
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