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  1. Iv had a Marantz sr7008 since new for a few years now running the centre and rear channels and the mains are run off the pre outs to a perreaux pmf 1850 power amp. I just picked up two nad 218 thx amps and am thinking about selling the sr7008 and getting a av8801 pre amp processor to run with the power amps I have , I could use one nad 218 for the centre channel another for the mains and the perreaux for the rear as I just want to run 5.1. I have Miller and kreisel 750 left,centre and right , bowers 602 S3 rears and a chtq15 velodyne subwoofer. There's nothing wrong with the sr7008 but has anyone else made the jump from a receiver using its pre outs to a dedicated pre amp and noticed any difference?
  2. Item: marantz av8801, av7005 ,av8003 anything like this you what im talking about Location:perth Price: let me know if we can go from there Item Condition: as new Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info:
  3. Item: Rotel RMB 1095 Location: perth Price: let me know Item Condition: as new Reason for selling: Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Just looking for somebody in the Perth area with this for sale
  4. im looking for a as new velodyne cht-15q to match what I have already and also has a 3 or 5 channel rotel power amp in perth so I can come have a look for sale, such as a rmb 1075, rmb 1095 or rb993
  5. I'm steve from perth and come on here to see who has what for sale im running Epson eh-tw9200w Marantz sr7008 perreaux pmf1850 mk lcr950 fronts and centre velodyne cht-15q bowers 602 s3 surround Tara labs cables Roku ultra
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