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  1. Higherhertz

    SOLD: Audio Research Reference 75

    PM'd with interest.
  2. Higherhertz

    FS: Densen pre/pwr and source system.

    For anyone thinking about this combo, I have compared directly with price equivalent British options - Cyrus, Musical Fidelity, Linn - and in my opinion the Densen gear is a cut above. Very open and refined at the retail price point. Bargain at this price point! GLWTS
  3. Higherhertz

    AMR DP-777 Audio Dac

    PM’d with interest
  4. This is a sweet sounding tuner for anyone in the market - and a great price. I've got too many to buy another! GLWTS
  5. Have sent PM with intention to purchase
  6. Higherhertz

    SOLD: 2 Matched Quads of Valves

    Have PM’d re RCA tubes with intent to purchase
  7. Higherhertz

    SOLD: FS: Purist Audio Design Corvus Speaker Cable

    PM’d to purchase
  8. Have sent PM with intention to purchase
  9. Hi there id be interested if these are still avail and you’re happy to ship to Melbourne 3052 obviously at my cost. If this works for you please feel free to send details and I’ll sort payment. regards silv
  10. Higherhertz

    SOLD: FS: Mytek Brooklyn DAC in silver

    PM sent with intent to buy
  11. Higherhertz

    Hello from Linear Tube Audio

    Hi there Can you advise re the smaller Zotl10 and what db/impedance speakers it is designed for? Thanks
  12. Higherhertz

    FS: Audio Note pre& monoblocks combo

    Great looking gear. Could you confirm what tubes you've got in the 300Bs?
  13. Higherhertz

    FS: Wywyres Cables -updated

    PM sent for cables and power cord