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  1. Hi Simon and welcome. Yeah the Maggie’s did sound pretty good at the show. In fact I ordered a pair of stands for my 1.7i’s based on the demo. There’s a Magnepan thread in the speaker section if you have any questions, enjoy the site!
  2. Nice photo. Clifton suspension bridge Bristol UK, over the river Avon. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clifton_Suspension_Bridge
  3. Seems like you don’t have an LFE (low frequency effects) input. Just high and low inputs and shouldn’t be connected at the same time of course. Have you tried different length power cables or plugging them into different outlets? Other than that, not much I can suggest.
  4. I use the LFE inputs purely for extra grounding. The sub is still connected to the power amp (high level), therefore sees the same sound signature
  5. I had the same problem hooking up a pair of rel subs via high level. Ground loop hum. I think with your subs they should be plugged into the same power strip as your amps. With mine, I ran an rca lead from my preamp to the LFE input on each sub which added extra grounding. Don’t think your subs have an LFE input though?
  6. I have an MZ2 also, bought here in the classifieds. I use it as a preamp for my Sanders Magtech. Drives my magnepans nicely. Also good for tube rolling to tailor your sound / gain 12at7's 12au7's etc. Punches waaay above its price. Surprised this hasn't sold yet. GLWTS. https://www.lineartubeaudio.com/products/mz2mz2-s
  7. Welcome Glenda, from another LP12 owner! l see you are in Victoria. If you’re close to Melbourne I can recommend Andrew Coles of Hifi Restorations, he works at Audio Trends in Ringwood and is a Linn tech. He could probably help with other elements of your set-up as well. We’re a helpful bunch here, a good place to get you enjoying your records again. You should post the questions in the vinyl & turntables forum 👍🏻 Pete.
  8. Yes they are slightly, unadjusted, which is when I took the photo. I Listen relatively near field at 2.8 metres and used one spacer with the old feet. So I replicated that with a one metre level as a starting point.
  9. Van den Hul The Magnum hybrid Andy, AWG 8. https://www.vandenhul.com/product/the-magnum-hybrid-halogen-free/
  10. Yes, with a nice tube pre (Linear Tube Audio). Yep, love ’em already.
  11. Well my new Mcleans Maggie stands arrived yesterday, from Adelaide. Merry Christmas to me! A two box affair, total weight 30kg, these are not flimsy by any stretch and they are very well finished, quality kit. The bases weigh 6kg each and each strut weighs over 3.7kgs. An easy affair to attach to the panels, with a spanner and allen key included with the nuts bolts and screws. The left hand base post does overlap the speaker binding post plate, but removing the bottom left screw made it sit flush, which hasn’t posed a problem. I took the option to screw the struts to the top of the panels for added security as suggested in the instructions, there are holes provided for this. When set up and levelled, these things are rock solid. I put sharpie dots on each knurled knob to help with adjusting each stand evenly. So much easier to adjust the angle without having to take the feet off and mess with spacers! With the stands attached the speakers are a 2 man lift, or use sliders as I did. Glad to get rid of the old stick-on spikes and garden pavers wrapped in cushion covers on top of the feet which I’d been using lol. I Immediately noticed the sound was more coherent and focussed. Also the upper frequencies seem to be tighter. Just a cleaner sound. The difference is not subtle. Haven’t had a really critical listen yet... too busy, but IMO the stands get the most out of the quasi ribbon tweeters. I can only imagine the improvement over having the speakers set up as they come out of the box (especially on carpet). some pics:
  12. In the words of Kim Kardashian... Yeah....Nahh!
  13. Had the same issue connecting a pair of Rels to my power amp, high level. Whether it’s the longer power leads causing a ground loop not sure. As I had a spare input on my pre amp, I connected that to the LFE input on each sub as extra grounding, fixed mine. This was suggested in the Rel manual. Not sure about SVS though
  14. The Kirmuss uses a frequency of 35kHz. The Degritter uses 120 kHz. Which ones better? 🤷🏼‍♂️
  15. It seems I was wrong about the get-out clause anyway, just shows you can’t believe all you read.
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