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  1. Hungary 2019 all over again and RB knew it. Poor strategy. As Lewis said, as long as they keep making mistakes... Good to see Dan getting more comfortable in the Macca. Also good to see Bottas get his elbows out.
  2. As Carlos Sainz said, he’s driven 4 different makes of F1 cars and each one felt like he was driving in a different category.
  3. He seems to get all the luck. I know they say you make your own luck but... The rule’s designed to get slower cars out of the way of the restart, not undo a mistake that puts you a lap down!
  4. I run mine with a pair of REL subs, I run them high level as the LTA MZ2 doesn’t have a spare preamp out. I have the speakers 1.2mt out from the front wall and toed in. I also have Bills stands, which make a huge difference. Bill sells and uses Autoformers, which he had with the Nuprimes at the last show. As I said, you’re welcome to a listen, just pm me. Pete.
  5. You’re welcome to come and listen to my 1.7i’s, powered by Linear Tube Audio / Sanders Magtech. I’m in Melb. S.E. Pete.
  6. I got excited the other day when I saw on Foxtel, multiple “motor sport special” programs with no details, around F1 testing times, sadly nothing eventuated. I saw someone post a link to sportsurge.net supposed to be free. I don’t have a VPN though.
  7. My Linn was the first to get a Univector, courtesy of Duc and can vouch for how good it sounds. I think that is a 9.5” Univector though, like mine. GLWTS. Pete.
  8. Bought mine from Vanbar in Fitzroy, if anyone’s looking for some: https://www.vanbar.com.au/catalogue/product.php?id=115246
  9. That’s an awful lot of IPA, I’ve refined my mix for the Knosti to 930ml disto, 70ml IPA & 5ml ilfotol, which works well. I use the London Jazz Collector mix for my vacuum cleaner. https://londonjazzcollector.wordpress.com/for-audiophiles/home-brew-cleaner-for-vacuum-rcms/
  10. Discogs is your friend. The link below is for your Pink Floyd issue, on the right of the page has prices the album has previously sold for. you can search the Zep. ? https://www.discogs.com/Pink-Floyd-The-Wall/release/5873890
  11. New Quintet red = ~$449, retip with elliptical stylus at Garrott bros. = $180. Had a retip done there on an old Linn cart. and they did a good job. But if suspension or the like needs repair as well, better off with new as @dwbasement suggests. https://garrottbrothers.com/repairs-retipping
  12. Got a 2.5 mtr pair of VDH Magnum Hybrids for sale. Factory terminated with the large Berri Bus connectors, plus full set of screw in spades & bananas. $340 plus post.
  13. Yeah, me too. I do get some, but very very few, might have to change to my gmail account.
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