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  1. I had them refurbed by a fellow in Melbourne. The bass/mids needed re-foaming and coning and he cleaned and checked the tweeters at the same time. I certainly wouldn’t bin ‘em as there is a market for them.
  2. I had a pair of Celef mini pro’s (ProAc) with those tweeters bought in the late ‘70’s. Had them in storage for a while and had that white alloy corrosion on them as well, nowhere near the sea though. Had them cleaned up and still sounded pretty good!
  3. Show us your Turntables!!!

    Ah, you’ve got the improved version. [emoji848] I got a blank switch with mine: I don’t use it though as I have T/P Khan without a switch cut out. You could buy a badge off fleabay and stick it over the hole...would look better than the “M” https://m.ebay.com/itm/Linn-LP12-Badge-for-all-vintage-Linn-LP-12-plinth-Stainless-steel-nice-/272703030744
  4. LP12 Upgrades - Where to start?

    Black is good! [emoji6]
  5. LP12 Upgrades - Where to start?

    Cool [emoji41] Let us know how it sounds. I had a noisy Mober motor first up, but the replacement is much better. Can recommend a tiger paw Tranquility also [emoji6]
  6. Yeah, I went there to listen to the M3s especially, very nice but some sibilance in the HFs put me off. Won’t be trading my Maggie 1.7is anytime soon.
  7. Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    Me too How strange! The dulcet tones of Annie Haslam always good, l think she is still touring. Great live band, seemed to have more success in the US than the UK. Never got to see them live though.
  8. Currently Spinning

    Hi Clive, I've lived with the Elbow live at Abbey Rd cd for years, cd & dvd, didn't realise it was out on vinyl, thanks!
  9. 2018 https://www.ato.gov.au/General/New-legislation/In-detail/Indirect-taxes/GST/GST-on-low-value-imported-goods/
  10. I looked at the Greenstreet when I was upgrading my LP12. The finish quality didn't grab me. Don't know of any SNAers with one. Ended up with a Sole mk viii as I needed an armboard to suit my 9.5" Univector. It's well made and a big improvement over the Cirkus s/c. I also have a Mober p/s. After Edmund exchanged the first dc motor (which was noisy), I'm very happy, big improvement over the Mose/Herc. Pete.
  11. https://m.ebay.com.au/itm/Mose-Hercules-II-for-Linn-LP12-acclaimed-External-PSU-to-replace-old-Valhalla-/252568063920 No GST, (under a grand) Didn't include shipping. ($560 with shipping)
  12. A new ones only $490! [emoji6]
  13. Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    Hi Andy, No, I've not heard that one. Probably heard the music though, might try and find a copy.
  14. Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    Ah, that's how it went north! [emoji1303] Mine is all his own compositions, on the EMI custom label, nice record (and recording). https://www.discogs.com/Chris-Freeman-10-John-Shaw-Chris-Freeman-And-John-Shaw/release/8323829