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  1. You mean Tracing Point 😂
  2. Looks like a Sherbet record... 😬
  3. I can probably help with some adapters. I’ve got 2 x Neutrik fem/fem, 2 x Neutrik fem xlr / male rca
  4. Looks a bit like my Lignum Vitae puck made by the late Duc, (all 421gms of it). I use it as a paper weight.
  5. Yeah, great race, certainly not boring! Nine DNFs. Latifi almost got his first point 😂 who’d have thought the track limits would be the equaliser.
  6. Yup, Wand 14-4 tt. Are you going to use your 9” arm evil?
  7. WooHoo! Finally some racing. Can’t wait 😊
  8. Welcome Adam, plenty of Maggie owners here, including me (1.7is). There’s a Magnepan owners thread in the Speakers forum. Enjoy the site.
  9. If you get no luck, Neil at The Valve Store tests tubes Clive, he’s in Mt Waverley. http://www.thevalvestore.com.au/
  10. You’ll need to use the high level connection on your subwoofer to the speaker terminals on your power amp. Your subwoofer manual will show you how to do this. I had to do this with my Linear tube pre-amp (no pre out).
  11. It looks like an original copy to me. Here’s a pic of mine, bought around the same time evil bought his, complete with warning leaflet on playback levels / tracking.
  12. I think Dan will do well at McLaren. I would love to see Dan beat Sainz in the Ferrari. Hulk was generally quicker than Sainz at Renault in ‘18, out qualied 13/8. I think Alonso has burnt too many bridges and too old, but would love to see him back in F1 and who knows with Ferrari reject Vettel.
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