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  1. Yup, Wand 14-4 tt. Are you going to use your 9” arm evil?
  2. WooHoo! Finally some racing. Can’t wait 😊
  3. Welcome Adam, plenty of Maggie owners here, including me (1.7is). There’s a Magnepan owners thread in the Speakers forum. Enjoy the site.
  4. If you get no luck, Neil at The Valve Store tests tubes Clive, he’s in Mt Waverley. http://www.thevalvestore.com.au/
  5. You’ll need to use the high level connection on your subwoofer to the speaker terminals on your power amp. Your subwoofer manual will show you how to do this. I had to do this with my Linear tube pre-amp (no pre out).
  6. It looks like an original copy to me. Here’s a pic of mine, bought around the same time evil bought his, complete with warning leaflet on playback levels / tracking.
  7. I think Dan will do well at McLaren. I would love to see Dan beat Sainz in the Ferrari. Hulk was generally quicker than Sainz at Renault in ‘18, out qualied 13/8. I think Alonso has burnt too many bridges and too old, but would love to see him back in F1 and who knows with Ferrari reject Vettel.
  8. Got the Telarc 1812 as well, from Tivoli in early ‘80’s. played ok on my Linn/Grace/Supex back then. The other side, (Capriccio Italien), gets a play every now and then these days.
  9. Much like the Les Davis mat, my Soundeck Mat uses CLD (constrained layer damping). Not using it atm, it’s a little heavy.
  10. Hi Sean, Had any luck finding a 45 adapter? I’ve got one I’m not using, I can sell for $30 plus post. I’m in Melbourne, Cheers Pete.
  11. Hi Simon and welcome. Yeah the Maggie’s did sound pretty good at the show. In fact I ordered a pair of stands for my 1.7i’s based on the demo. There’s a Magnepan thread in the speaker section if you have any questions, enjoy the site!
  12. Nice photo. Clifton suspension bridge Bristol UK, over the river Avon. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clifton_Suspension_Bridge
  13. Seems like you don’t have an LFE (low frequency effects) input. Just high and low inputs and shouldn’t be connected at the same time of course. Have you tried different length power cables or plugging them into different outlets? Other than that, not much I can suggest.
  14. I use the LFE inputs purely for extra grounding. The sub is still connected to the power amp (high level), therefore sees the same sound signature
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