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  1. You can download it here: https://www.vinylengine.com/library/sony/ps-x75.shtml You’ll have to sign-up first though.
  2. Yes that’s right, Still a little low, but so was the Supex 900 I had on my G707 and that was a good match.
  3. The OM30 has a much higher compliance (35) than the AT-VM95 (7) I’d be looking at cart with a higher compliance due to the Graces low mass (7gm I believe) https://www.vinylengine.com/cartridge_resonance_evaluator.php?eff_mass=7&submit=Submit
  4. Both the G707 mki & mkii were called Quadmaster, developed for 4 channel records, had one on my Linn for 30 years. https://www.vinylengine.com/library/grace/g-707.shtml
  5. I was looking at his website the other day... through Pinterest. You can order them here: http://anamightysound.com/shop/tone-arm/schick-12-tonearm/ €1500
  6. Grew up half-way between the Rega factory and “The Lane” used to stand behind Pat Jennings at their home games. Greavesy used to live near me. Nice tt’s by the way... way better than the old 1978 Rega Planar 3 I used to have!
  7. They’ll wipe the floor with “AJAX” He He [emoji6]
  8. A new Linn plinth and a Mober dc power supply are pretty similar price wise. In terms of “bang for buck” the power supply wins by a quite margin, plus the ability to play 45rpms. Been through the same upgrade path myself. Just my 2c.
  9. I used the phono enhancer mode when I had a P75 mk 3, but that was with a DV-XX2 mk2. The sound was more dynamic. The guys that did the review below (maybe you've read it?) used an RP8 with an Apheta 2 cart and an XX2 and were impressed with the PE mode on both carts. As pointed out in the review..."This depends on the resistance of the cables between cartridge and stage as well as the coils themselves, so results will vary from one set up to another" So YMMV... But I'd say the PE modes are definitely worth trying. http://www.the-ear.net/review-hardware/dynavector-p75-mk4-mmmc-phono-stage
  10. Agreed, although he was faster than Vettel at RB and I guess we’ll see where Vettel and Leclerc stand after a few more races.
  11. Don’t think DR got a time in before Albon’s big off cut short P3. Hulk did.
  12. Absolutely... It matches well with my Sanders Magtech.
  13. Plus, my amp only has 7hrs on the clock, virtually brand new.
  14. Agree... I bought the one in the ad. you referenced [emoji1303]
  15. Sorry Chris, seems like they only saved the first half dozen pages of the LP12 threads...bummer. i was a member but can't log in either. Below is the underside of my 2016 linn rosenut plinth. You can get an idea of the size of the corner braces. I have the motor corner bolt and switch corner bolt as well.
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