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  1. Item: Roon Nucleus + Price Range: PM me Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I thought I had scored a Nucleus + on the forums but unfortunately it fell through. So just seeing if anyone else is keen to off load one. cheers Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  2. Thanks guys I’ll give this a go tomorrow. I suppose plugging the DAC straight in to the amp approximates a passive pre amp? Of which there don’t seem to be a whole heap of passive pre amps pop up when I search for them?
  3. My understanding is it’s not a good idea to connect both the RCA and XLR inputs of the pass labs amp, hence the need for a pre amp to combine the DAC and AV receiver outputs. While I think the Anthem sounds great I’m wondering if a dedicated pre amp would be better.
  4. Being based in Melbourne in lockdown for the second time I’ve been building up my home audio system. My listening is entirely digital using Roon. I’m currently using a Oppo 203 (as network player) > Chord Qutest> Anthem MRX 720 ( as pre amp) > Pass Labs x150.5 ( which I added a few months back) . I also used the Pass Labs to drive L & R for a 7.1.2 home theatre setup. My thoughts about continuing to build my 2 channel setup was to add a pre amp. I’ve been eyeing off pass labs pre amp (Xp10 or 12) to use home theatre bypass for the MRX and another lot
  5. Item: Pass labs Pre Amp XP 10 or 12 or equivalent Price Range: 5-6k and under Item Condition: Excellent used Extra Info: Picked up a Pass labs X150.5 in great condition a couple of months back and looking to add a Pass Labs Pre Amp in the mix to add to the 2.1 channel system. I'm based in Melbourne so unless you live around 3031 postage is going to be a must (At least for the next few weeks ......and potentially beyond.... 🙄..) Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  6. I didn't leave it there long enough to find out. But yes not a good place to leave something..
  7. Thanks, I think they sound pretty good especially with the amp, although I'd love to upgrade my speaker (too many wants....not enough money) I use Roon and was using my Oppo 203 as the Dac/Streamer and using my Anthem MRX720 for amplifier duties. But since picking up the X150.5 I've been trying out my Mytek Brooklyn Dac+ as the DAC (had been using that in a headphone setup). While the DAC is working find I've just found that the left channel input for the theatre bypass isnt working on the Mytek, and its not a cable or AVR issue (Devastated!). Will have to get in touch
  8. System got a nice little addition today. Added a pass labs X150.5 to the setup today. Such a solid unit... the 250 and 350watt amps must be absolute beasts.
  9. Further information: Selling my SVS SB 2000 after recently upgrading my subwoofer to a REL. Very good condition, light use and works perfectly. Has some very light linear marks on the top which would probably buff out and you can't seen them unless you look hard for them (they don't show up in the photos). Original owner bought from a local distributor in Melbourne I think I've got the receipt somewhere Would prefer a local sale but do have the boxes and foam so could organise shipping at the buyer expense. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are ad
  10. Another Lock Down 2.0 Victorian Post Given spending alot more time listening to music and won't be doing any travelling anytime soon upgraded my sub from an SVS SB2000 to a REL 212/SX. I need to set up properly but WOW this thing makes the SVS seem like a toy.
  11. Jamie XX -Loud Places has some great low notes. In terms of orchestral music with some great darker tones I discovered The World Of Hans Zimmer album last year. While the entire performance is great (in particular the gladiator score) the Dark Knight and Inception:Time will give your sub a work out.
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