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  1. Still waiting for ARC Genesis to come online
  2. Will still be cheaper than a Lumagen. Im looking forward to its release
  3. Sorry about this everyone my mate who im selling this player for has contacted me and wants to hang on to his player. Thank you
  4. Item: Oppo UDP -203 UHD 4k Player Location:Perth Price: $850 +Shipping Item Condition:Excellent Barley used Reason for selling:I bought this on mates behalf at West Coast HiFi Malaga last year ( Lucky find ) as he is a FIFO worker. He didn't use it as he was working and when he was home he spent time with his family so not really much movies. He asked me to sell it on behalf of him. I have the unit at my house which I have stored away. Same as me he didn't keep the box, not the plastic for the book and he cant find his HDMI cable as he didn't use the one that came with the Oppo. Basically you are getting the unit, remote and power cord. He's in no rush to sell so when if anyone is interested please pm. He wants too use Pack and Send as we prefer them too pack it and insure it ( warranty it as they call it now ) Payment Method: Bank transfer as I did with my last buyers Extra Info: Most people here know what an Oppo is about :) I Put the photos but they didn't seem to come in order. Pictures:
  5. Im interested in this too JAVS I've left my email address but will subscribe to this thread just in case I miss it.
  6. Awesome Rich looking forward in seeing the new site up and running.
  7. Good too see JVC AU step ahead in keeping their projector line up always current 😜
  8. I’ve dropped them down to $850 each but I really cannot go to far from the price
  9. I’m happy to sell it unfortunately for me where my Sony is situated I can’t fit the lens in the front. They placed the mount forward for the Sony so it’s difficult now. Pm when your ready
  10. Thanks for that. Yeah I had the JVC at the same spot no issues at all so I might put the lens in front of it as I have it in the box to see how it looks.
  11. Would that work with the Sony projector due to chip size Rich ? I was told it wouldn’t but then I’ve realised the JVC x5900be is only 0.70” Thanks regarding the sale
  12. Ive just noticed my Sony is 0.74" while the JVC X5900BE which I previously sold using my lens no issues is 0.70" I was told because it was slight larger that it wouldn't work. Worked perfect on my JVC X5900BE, X35 and X9 no issues at all. Ill have to check regarding the 0.04 size different if it does make a difference. You will have to look at your throw ratio also because that also can make a difference. I had mine sitting around 5.01m give or take 0.01 on a 117" 2:37 Aspect ratio screen. Not the best at throw ratio I got surround sound to organise so its best also to check
  13. Hi there Its done by 12v trigger so you just have to program it in your remote and off you go. regarding the Panasonic not sure but it worked great on all my JVC projectors I had. Best to check with the projector specs to make sure.
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