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  1. I used to own one of these before trading it in the for AVP/POA. I even did the 1080p upgrade as well. Good luck with the Sale Tasso
  2. I have to agree AL Im impressed as well. I haven't clocked as many hours as you have but Ive watched a few films and Im enjoying it. Its great not too have to fiddle with controls when watching a movie.
  3. Watched Lion King today. Fantastic. Im starting to use scene by scene to compare to Frame by Frame.
  4. It does Al as mine does the same Thanks mate
  5. All good Al. My mistake I was looking at the frame of the fan, I looked closer and it works
  6. Btw guys has anyone noticed on low lamp mode at reasonable room temps if the front vent fan works ? Ive. noticed last night looking at the projector from the front the air was only coming out from the left vent. I noticed the right fan not moving. The aircon was on comfortable room temp and at low lamp mode. It was whisper quiet.
  7. I leave the door open. Will have to organise extraction fan. Thanks for your help
  8. Will have to run extraction fan. I have 2 Rotel RMB 1585 and a 1552 mk2 and marantz 8805 all with cooling fans above pushing air forward towards the door.
  9. Ive been told because my projector is close to one side of the wall ( right side ) the heat from the front will travel down the back which then could be sucked by the projector from the back. Ive had 3 JVC their before no issue. For the time being I went to Jaycar electronics and rigged up 3 fans by trigger to push the air back to the front. I have 200mm distance from the front wall / port hole. 200mm from the ceiling to my projector. Apart from the right wall everything is wide open.
  10. That’s okay then no issue with noise on my end.
  11. Our American friends tell me to put a glass in the port hole ??? Why would I do that. Why go through another glass when projecting.
  12. The port hole where the projector projects through is open which cold air comes from the theatre room.
  13. Thanks Al I’ll have to look into that. I have a thermometer in the room and it reached 31 Deg in the room during the day when outside hit 39/40 Deg. I do have a shelf put in my room from my wall which is 550mm ( unfortunately Sony made me do it ~ another long story ) not happy to be honest about it. If it’s in the room I noticed last night measuring the base of the projector to the back was only 430mm.
  14. Well the room the projector sits in doesn’t have aircon and it can get warm on hot days. I don’t watch movies during the day but at night I won’t use it if the room is warm.
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