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  1. Finally got an email from anthem apparently we will be getting the Imax upgrade later in November.
  2. Thank you for your reply. Will look into it but I will wait to see what madvr will come at in Aus before I take the plunge.
  3. Hi there as my previous post I’m unsure in what to do but thanks anyway
  4. With this Madvr excitement going on I’m curious to see it in action. Ive noticed some people build their own pc. Now I’m a Noob when it comes to all this but are the Pc fitted with 4k players ? I went to go and ask the local PC shop and asked them about HTPC and Madvr in which I got a blank stare. So where does one start ? Is their anybody in WA who know how to build the correct PC ? Thanks
  5. Does anyone know the ETA on when this IMAX enhanced will be available?
  6. Since they work closely with JVC this might give them an idea to add it in. Let’s hope they add it in mate give you a good excuse to upgrade
  7. I agree 100% what JVC is doing for its customers is awesome. I’m hoping Panasonic could add that function to its players as well.
  8. Dave don’t worry mate I’m in the same boat after my last purchase. I would love to see a MADVR but I will have to sit on the bench for this one. Unless there able to make the base model $5kAU then I “might” be able get some funds together but close to $10k my mrs will make me sleep in the car.
  9. Just the base model alone after the conversion rate and taxes could put it close to $10kAU
  10. Im glad you guys talked me out of selling my Anthem AVM 60. Ive been playing around with Genesis this time calibrating each speaker at 200hz. I was told about the Schroeder Frequency and It sounds great, more detail in the movies. Basically let the speakers naturally do what they do. I originally started at 500hz and that sounded good but 200hz even better. So a big thanks very happy guy here. Btw does the Marantz Audyssey with the App allow to adjust at different freq ?
  11. If the the moderators can close this sale thread that will be great
  12. Your right. Last thing i want to spend X amount and find there isnt much difference. Genesis does an amazing job but have never tried Dirac. Looks like their is no need too.
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