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  1. If you ever get a chance TP1 have a go at the spears and munsil one. It actually shows you the iris the moving to being fully open and then fully closed.
  2. Yeah definitely. But if you ever get a chance to get the spears and munsil disc UHD it’s worth it for other tests but definitely a good test for your iris. I do it every now and then to check mine.
  3. If you have the Spears and munsil disc the best way to check the iris is using the Luminance Loading under Video processing. Don't stare directly at the lens but on and angle you can actually see the Iris at work. It fully opens and fully closes.
  4. From Kris “Sorry for the confusion. There are not two settings. The Auto and 5 manual settings are only used if you are NOT using theater optimizer. The 3 selections of low, medium and highonly apply to when you ARE using theater optimizer. So two different approaches. You can also even choose their old static tone mapping or the tandem with Panasonic. So they still offer all the different options” So if you decide to use the optimiser there is no auto. Or you can go back to what we’re using know with Auto but has 5 settings instead of the three. looks like there will be a good day of testing edit: What are the 5 manual settings ?
  5. Regarding the hours if it’s just hitting that set button on each installation mode it’s not that bad. But I agree it should of been self refreshed. Maybe that will follow in another update.
  6. It looks promising but the question how many hours will many members go in and change the lamp setting ? are we looking at every 500 hours or less ? edit my guess is when you calibrate
  7. Thanks Al. I hope so, I've. not had any issues with Auto.
  8. So once we set the install mode for scope and 16:9 apparently their is no more auto settings. Do we have to choose one of the 5 modes for each individual movie ?
  9. I remember trying it, it was actually quite annoying.
  10. Lol like the 870es contrast was ∞ : 1 ( infinity :1 )
  11. I can’t believe the 870es is not getting any upgrade. Not even the auto HDR to SDR switch.
  12. I remember when I used to own the Sony VPL 870es and we had the contrast enhancer which corrects the level of brightness and dark parts automatically to optimise contrast to a scene. Had 3 levels High middle and low. At the time we thought it was DTM but was told otherwise by Kris. Looks like this new one is quite similar.
  13. I’ve haven’t done an update on this projector as of yet. Any tips ? I don’t want too brick it.
  14. I believe one they start coming out with RGB laser that will be for the high end market and the standard laser will be the norm at prices for everyone.
  15. Actually with my mine it seemed quite good out of the box wasn't that much out at all. Its all good to get X-Rite i1Basic Pro 2 for colour as well, does an awesome job.
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