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  1. Yes I heard that clicking. Not good at all. From Kris regarding TO: Some thoughts on TO vs non-TO. First, they are the same thing in terms of tone mapping. JVC isn't using different tone mapping algorithms for one vs the other. TO is designed to give the tone mapping more information to work with so that it can (hopefully) make better decisions when it comes to how to implement the tone map (basically trying to get a good idea of how much light it has to work with) instead of making a general assumption to work across all usage cases. For example. If you have say 1
  2. Make sure you turn off Theatre Optimiser
  3. Just letting you Marantz owners know that DTSX PRO is available to update
  4. Looks like westcoast hifi has them up on their website.
  5. Going by remembering what the DENON AVPA1HD price was in the US $7999US our price could be $12999 for the AVM90.
  6. This is from a member on AVS Can finally say it. SpareChange just mentioned on his live video on youtube about the new Anthem processors. AVM70 and AVM90. AVM70 will be 15.2 channels, AVM90 has upgraded audio circuitry and 15.4 channels. MSRP for the AVM70 is $3,500 and the AVM90 MSRP is $7,000.
  7. From Mike "Just found out, Theater Optimizer will automatically update the lamp usage hours every 100 hours. Also Theater Optimizer will account for anamorphic modes. The beta firmware does not do this but the final version will. This firmware offering keeps getting better and better." Wonder if they will auto for the theatre optimisation ?
  8. If you ever get a chance TP1 have a go at the spears and munsil one. It actually shows you the iris the moving to being fully open and then fully closed.
  9. Yeah definitely. But if you ever get a chance to get the spears and munsil disc UHD it’s worth it for other tests but definitely a good test for your iris. I do it every now and then to check mine.
  10. If you have the Spears and munsil disc the best way to check the iris is using the Luminance Loading under Video processing. Don't stare directly at the lens but on and angle you can actually see the Iris at work. It fully opens and fully closes.
  11. From Kris “Sorry for the confusion. There are not two settings. The Auto and 5 manual settings are only used if you are NOT using theater optimizer. The 3 selections of low, medium and highonly apply to when you ARE using theater optimizer. So two different approaches. You can also even choose their old static tone mapping or the tandem with Panasonic. So they still offer all the different options” So if you decide to use the optimiser there is no auto. Or you can go back to what we’re using know with Auto but has 5 settings instead of the three. looks like there
  12. Regarding the hours if it’s just hitting that set button on each installation mode it’s not that bad. But I agree it should of been self refreshed. Maybe that will follow in another update.
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