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  1. How long have they been waiting to get a response ?
  2. I agree mate with that price you cannot beat it. Add Lumagen or Madvr I reckon you might get a serious competitor.
  3. Still waiting for my NX9 im very impressed with this projector. I always choose the 10000 nit option and these photos and the previous photos are taken with my Apple iphone 11 max. I’ve also found which I didn’t know that Calman has an auto calibration feature for the TW-9400 Projectors. Forgot to mention that’s on Natural. I’m not using the Cinema or Digital Cinema you lose so much brightness.
  4. Well just started using it today and going through the Vertex 2 video directly to the projector and the audio out to the Marantz Av8805 I found the handshake time has definitely reduced. I bought it to use with the JVC but that is in repairs and now Im using it with the Epson T-9400W for the interim. Looking at the menu going via ip on the mobile this unit can do alot of things I haven't even scratched the surface. Im glad I decided to keep it. Im going to read up on what this can do plus check the forums as well. Unfortunately I will have to shut this thread down.
  5. Problem with mine It occurred later and its a known issue all over the world. Lets hope it gets fixed
  6. I agree Tasso. I wonder sometime why didn't I just buy a large TV
  7. Totally agree woofer. I bought so much from them and too be treated like this is quite appalling.
  8. I’m done buying from my dealer, used to be good but lately I’m finding if there is issues they’re like seagulls they flee. I should not have to be dealing with the Distrubution centre directly. Curious to know what fair trading makes of that.
  9. From what I’ve been told in AVS there a sealed unit dust blobs has come direct from the factory. My Sony did as well first one ( First time I started it. ) I had dust blobs throughout the optical block. So they sent it too Japan or are they waiting for confirmation from Japan? Apparently I read JVC Aus they cannot do anything until Japan gives the go ahead.
  10. There must be a disgruntled employee who is working at the assembly area at JVC who is purposely messing these up. How can this happen ?? Yours does not look good at all. Reminds me of my Sony. I had two with dustblobs one with bad lens and the other with an optical block issue ( green tinge ). Yours is all packed in one. Have they got back to you at all ? Yours needs to be replaced.
  11. Your right Al JVC doesn't want to deal with B Stock. I ended up B stocking 3 760es and 1 870es. Sorry but if they come to me with dust spots or optical block issues or even focus issues they were going back. Unfortunately now JVC doesn't like swapping the unit, they look at repairing the fault first. Problem is when spending $15K + on projectors you don't want to go back and forth
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