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  1. Genesis is great, I was considering selling it at one point but im glad I didnt. Who knows what other updated features will be added to Genesis.
  2. I had a JVC X9 a long while back and the first thing that went was the motorised lens cover.
  3. I agree. But you know what all brands of projectors have issues some you can live with some you clearly cannot.
  4. Exactly ! Once they can find what has caused the issue they can do a factory recall and fix the issue.
  5. Im curious as to why this would happen. It has to be more than jjust a shipping issue.
  6. So the Bug is something JVC is looking into ? Would be nice if the could get it fixed
  7. Thanks will hopefully do it next weekend. Btw are you guys using the beta version ?
  8. Thats good to know will have to give it a go soon
  9. How are you guys going with genesis? Havent had time to try it yet.
  10. Depends on the new ARC Genesis and its performance and being that it goes up in value it might do well in the second hand market. Your right with the new technology though eg HDMI 2.1 ( Depends on how many people are going to change their systems for it, 8K anyone ?? ) or a new audio codec ( Which won't be changed for a long time ) but if Audyssey is still lagging behind and not seen any sign of improvement the good ole Anthem can be still a sought after product.
  11. Yes might have a look tonight once everyone is asleep
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