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  1. Good to see it worked out for you. Peter is a nice guy.
  2. Yeah I agree good to know. So far so good with mine.
  3. No issues my end. Maybe it’s due to my screen size but couldn’t be happier with the JVC DTM.
  4. I notice Al when I purchased the JVC I rewatched some of the movies that I watched with the Sony especially the dark scenes the difference is seen between the two. The JVC definitely wins. Don’t get me wrong the Sony is great during bright scenes but dark scenes that’s where you need to get into the menu and tweak. Not something you want to do when watching a movie. With my Sony’s I had to find a happy balance but at a cost.
  5. Watched this the other night looks awesome. I still yet to see any issues with DTM on the JVC. I even watched Solo and that scene in the beginning where his in that room where it’s dark with that creature you can see everything so clear. The Sony laser struggled with that scene.
  6. How did you go ? Get it all sorted ?
  7. Just curious to know how many members have had these projectors after a certain amount of hours eg 200hrs + have run into issues ?
  8. What cause a failed sub power supply board ?
  9. Hope they sort it for you quickly, the price of these projector they should of been checked before sending out.
  10. Damn! That’s no good. Curious what month and year is yours ?
  11. Before you pack it away just try plugging It in at another power source. You don’t have a USB connected ?
  12. Hey mate I feel your pain. I had 4 Sony laser projectors all of them with issues. So its not just JVC its Sony as well.
  13. Its good to see Netflix putting in the effort for the audio. Looking forward when they get to disc quality.
  14. Looking forward in watching The Irishman. I’m a big fan of goodfellas and Casino. Only problem I have with streaming is the audio is at 800kb ( I’ve been told ) but the discs audio are higher up in numbers. I remember watching Tarzan on Apple TV 4K then on UHD and with the disc the jungle came alive.
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