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  1. Item: 4X Global Cache GC 100-12 Location:WA Price: $200 + Shipping Item Condition:good Reason for selling:excess Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only , Bank Transfer Extra Info:these units i dont use anymore i just have too many. Great for users who are using Simple Control etc. There will be some scratches on units but they work very well. I only have 3 boxes but 2 can fit in one box. Pictures:
  2. franin

    2019 projector releases ?

    Very happy with mine.
  3. I have the uhd 820. Just finished watching Blade Runner 2049 through the oppo the Pq was outstanding.
  4. I have to say the Oppo 203 produces an amazing pic on the VPL760es. I have the Oppo and the Panny and with all the talk on the Panny I was suprised when I did my own testing between the two how well the Oppo handled itself.
  5. Item: OPPO 203 Location:Perth Price: 600 + shipping Item Condition:good Reason for selling:not used I have 2 oppo 203 no need for 2 Payment Method: Pickup or bank transfer Extra Info: I don't have the boxes due to wife is tired of me keeping boxes .Will do pics tomorrow night going to sleep
  6. Hi there Yeah unfortunately for that size you will require Isco III Lens
  7. Okay maybe it's best to wait when I accumulate some more hours. Who are the other calibrators ? I'm curious to know.
  8. @ al I read that as well. I need to find out how we store the Calibration once its done on auto calibration so I can call it up anytime.
  9. We only have one store over here that has it cannington West coast Hifi ( from what I know[mention=105453]tasso[/mention] may know some other store ) in their reference Home theatre room
  10. Also once calibrated I want to be able to store it in my autocal functions so I'm able to call them up when when needed. Does anyone know how to do it ? Manual is not very informative.
  11. Anyone know with the lasers when is it the best time to get it calibrated? I can't see why not straight away but I could be wrong.
  12. Congratulations you will love it.