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  1. I've been using the iso-200, initially on my desk and now on the stands as well. They are a great fit, but you would need stands with the top plate at least 200 x 250 mm . @antcarrier : from my experience Kiis would benefit greatly from being put on stands behind the desk. In my room the difference in imaging is quite striking.
  2. I have just built a PC with similar objectives: lotsa processing power while remaining as quiet as possible. This machine is intended as a home office workhorse, while also being my main music source. Not into games though. As you well know, the noise and processing power are conflicting objectives: the faster you go, the more cooling you're gonna need. Coming from a 10 years old platform, I had only a vague idea of what to expect from the hardware available these days, so I spent weeks researching. Cooling-wise, I went for my preferred solution being air, with the assu
  3. I have a bunch of DSD discs, but they all have been carefully transcoded to 24/96 PCM - and that's how I listen to them. To these aging ears the sound is identical, but once in PCM I am more in control of the output. The main benefit here is the ability to apply the ReplayGain, so there's no loudness difference between DSD discs and the rest of my collection. So far I have no need or intent to do any external DSP or attach subs. Very happy with the output as is.
  4. I matched 43 titles, but my collection is all digital. Overall quite dated choices - no surprise here.
  5. A couple of considerations from my experience: - When I tried replacing W7 with W10, it turned out I can't get the drivers for some of the devices I have. The older your gear, the more likely this may be a gotcha, even though W10 is pretty good with providing generic drivers. - To me a real showstopper for a fresh install was the unability to get the same software versions I own. Some of them were online purchases and the vendors have disappeared, features have been "upgraded", licencing models changed, etc.
  6. Sounds like KEF LS50W must be close to what he wants. All you need is a pair of speakers. They have wifi input so phone as a source is fine. And they fit the budget.
  7. Why would it??? The amp already has a common ground for L and R chanels in the TRS socket, and we're just splitting the ground at the beginning of the cable rather than at the end (this HAS to happen anyway). Going the opposite way and connecting a headphone cable which only has 3 wires to a balanced amp would be a problem, but in the OP's case this is not the issue.
  8. I update only if I know the new firmware has something I can benefit from, e.g. new features, better interface.
  9. Luckily for me, Iwi has a different concept of the sweet spot...
  10. Another vote for acoustic treatment. Most Aussie bars/cafes/restaurants I've been to have really nasty accoustics and adding music to that only makes it worse.
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