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  1. I have just built a PC with similar objectives: lotsa processing power while remaining as quiet as possible. This machine is intended as a home office workhorse, while also being my main music source. Not into games though. As you well know, the noise and processing power are conflicting objectives: the faster you go, the more cooling you're gonna need. Coming from a 10 years old platform, I had only a vague idea of what to expect from the hardware available these days, so I spent weeks researching. Cooling-wise, I went for my preferred solution being air, with the assumption that if it doesn't work well enough, I'll swap over to a water cooled one. But having just completed the build, I know that I won't ever have to do this: air cooling works well enough for me. My system is i9 10900K based, which is a power hungry beast. Rated at 125W, it can go up to 250W under load. But paired with the be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 air cooler, it hardly ever gets over 50 degrees, and most of the time sits around 30. Fans run slow enough not to be heard at all. Only under extreme load there's a low level hum from the case fans. The case is a biiig one: be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 rev 2. I went for it for several reasons: - large cases accommodate more fans and larger coolers if need be, and allow less obstructed air flow. This one comes with 3 x 14cm good quality fans, and I added 2 more. They all run at very low revs, but still provide enough airflow to effectively cool down the box - since I intend to use a fanless graphics card (still in transit), I want it to sit above the CPU, not below, to enable better convectional cooling of the lot. This case allows you to swap the motherboard mounting plate from the right side to the left, while turning the MB upside down. So the GPU will sit near the top of the case, and right below a case exhaust fan. - I just like the way it looks, the quality and flexibility of this box As @xr1st1anos above mentioned, some of the better PSUs run with the fan off until they reach certain level of load. I went with the Corsair HX850W which is platinum rated and doesn't turn the fan on until 40% of the load is reached - in my case thiss means hardly ever (the GPU draws < 75W).
  2. I have a bunch of DSD discs, but they all have been carefully transcoded to 24/96 PCM - and that's how I listen to them. To these aging ears the sound is identical, but once in PCM I am more in control of the output. The main benefit here is the ability to apply the ReplayGain, so there's no loudness difference between DSD discs and the rest of my collection. So far I have no need or intent to do any external DSP or attach subs. Very happy with the output as is.
  3. I matched 43 titles, but my collection is all digital. Overall quite dated choices - no surprise here.
  4. A couple of considerations from my experience: - When I tried replacing W7 with W10, it turned out I can't get the drivers for some of the devices I have. The older your gear, the more likely this may be a gotcha, even though W10 is pretty good with providing generic drivers. - To me a real showstopper for a fresh install was the unability to get the same software versions I own. Some of them were online purchases and the vendors have disappeared, features have been "upgraded", licencing models changed, etc.
  5. Sounds like KEF LS50W must be close to what he wants. All you need is a pair of speakers. They have wifi input so phone as a source is fine. And they fit the budget.
  6. Why would it??? The amp already has a common ground for L and R chanels in the TRS socket, and we're just splitting the ground at the beginning of the cable rather than at the end (this HAS to happen anyway). Going the opposite way and connecting a headphone cable which only has 3 wires to a balanced amp would be a problem, but in the OP's case this is not the issue.
  7. I update only if I know the new firmware has something I can benefit from, e.g. new features, better interface.
  8. Luckily for me, Iwi has a different concept of the sweet spot...
  9. Another vote for acoustic treatment. Most Aussie bars/cafes/restaurants I've been to have really nasty accoustics and adding music to that only makes it worse.
  10. Rather than going D->A and then back A->D, why don't you use a Toslink splitter instead on the TV output? I presume the Sonos has an optical input?
  11. ok, here's what I've got so far: 1. Siberia 2. Silence of the lamb 4. Mister Ed 41. Four weddings and a funeral 42. Ghostbusters 55. To kill a mockingbird
  12. I'm afraid you already have discovered the answer. In my book this harm is self-inflicted, as running AO in maximum lockdown is seldom beneficial and almost never necessary. Find the right balance.
  13. You may have to configure your player to output the sound through USB - it probably still feeds the headphone plug. If there's no option then look for a different player. I'm very happy with the Onkyo HF Player, although it may feel overwhelming at first.
  14. Could it be that your source outputs everything in 48k? The E17 goes up to 24/192 (SPDIF) and 24/96 (USB)
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