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  1. PleasantSounds

    Would you be willing to pay for advice on Hifi?

    Main concern for me is that this kind of service would take away the learning, experimenting and decision making processes, which many of us consider a big part of the fun. And where's the sense of pride in "I paid $$$ to a consultant who put this together for me".
  2. Each gain stage introduces noise, so if you first amplify and then attenuate the signal, you get the extra noise and not much of a benefit. I would consider using a preamp if there was a need to connect multiple sources and my amp had only one input, or perhaps to deal with impedance mismatch of my source and the amp - other than that I don't see what's to gain by adding a preamp. In audio, very often less is more.
  3. PleasantSounds

    7" + sub vs 8" no sub

    Apart from the frequency range which puts wifi waayy out of our hearing spectrum, there is one more factor: wifi are electtomagnetic waves while sound consists of mechanical waves. We wouldn't be able to hear wifi even if it was using 1kHz signals, because we don't have the right receptors for that. Coming back to this thread's topic: I have used 8" monitors as my desktop speakers and still felt that a sub was necessary. But this will largely depend on how the speakers are placed and how your room interacts with them. If the intended placement is close to a wall then rear ported speakers may have a hard time to sound their best.
  4. PleasantSounds

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    I agree with Marc: my impression was that I'm watching a tribute to a great band and one of a kind individual. From what I remember from the times, some opportunities to make a really great story have been glanced over, but that was compensated for with great music. The Faroukas fangs though nearly spoiled the whole show for me. Felt like the mob who made them was only experienced with vampire movies.
  5. PleasantSounds

    Bands or artists you just never 'got' ?

    I don't get Joni Mitchell...
  6. PleasantSounds

    DAC with digital loop in/out

    You could set this up quite easily with Lynx Hilo, and probably a number of other pro-grade converters.
  7. Cheers Mike. Happy to see that it worked.
  8. PleasantSounds

    End Game?

    With age as my bank balance improves and my hearing worsens, I think I have reached the point where further upgrades don't make much sense. That's my equilibrium....
  9. Check Preferences -> Media Library and see if the library viewer selection playlist is Enabled.
  10. PleasantSounds

    How to drop digital signal level

    And what specific devices does the coax connect?
  11. Assuming your music library is organised by artist/album, you just need to select the View -> by folder structure in the Album List window.
  12. Note that if this effect is real, it could be linked to different inductance or capacitance of the 2 cables.
  13. PleasantSounds

    Upgrade turntable and cart or just cart.

    If you're considering the upgrade purely from the sound quality angle, then in my view the cart will make much more of a difference. The table itself may impact the low frequency rumble coming from the drive, but as long as that's not an issue you should be fine keeping the Project. The only caveat is that switching to MC may change the noise levels you get now. Another possible consideration for the table upgrade would be if you have tracking issues that for some reason cannot be rectified in your current TT. Personally I have quit the vinyl game some time ago, but if I was to do it I would start with the cart. TT can always be changed later.
  14. PleasantSounds

    StereoNET Kii Three Review

    Are you sure you can use the Apple remote without Kii Control? The only IR receiver I can see is on the Control... And I'm pretty sure it's not any IR remote: Apple or RC5 are the only options that the manual mentions.