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  1. I started putting together a sort of foobar setup tutorial. It's far from complete, but what's already there may cover your needs. PM me if interested.
  2. The evolution ha equipped us with a mechanism that warns us when some part of the body is running a risk of permanent damage. It is called pain. It will manifest itself long before you do any harm to your ears. Having said that, the evil side effects of listening to the HD800 are grossly exaggerated. This is one of the most comfortable headphones to wear, and with the right upstream gear it can be simply amazing. However if the price of the headphone itself is all you can aford, then think again: to experience the full capabilities of these headphones it won't be your ears hurting, but your wallet.
  3. draw.io Diagraming / flowcharting tool, similar to Visio, has online and desktop versions. https://www.draw.io/ WinDirStat A quick way to find out where all that disk space has gone. https://windirstat.net
  4. I have the black ones. They remind me of Darth Vader.
  5. What sets them apart from most other nrarfield speakers, is that they wouldn't be out of place in the lounge room. An option worth having!
  6. I'm pleased to see that your visit has left a lasting impression, Joe! Since then I have moved the speakers to stands behind the desk. Most stands are either not tall enough for the desk height or the top plate is too small, but I found a solution by putting the Isoacoustics stands on top of the 600mm speaker stands and this works well both in terms of height and isolation. And best of all the sound is still better than before. I wouldn't hesitate to back your recommendation as the Kiis work very well even in the most difficult placement scenarios and they are very popular among audio professionals as well as audiophiles - just that the investment is probably several times more than most people are prepared to spend on a desktop setup. However if the budget stretches that far, I can't imagine anyone being less than extatic having these speakers on their desk.
  7. Assuming the 80dB dynamic range (and 14 bits resolution), if I set the volume to play the loudest parts at ~120dB, I'll have the quietest at ~40dB. Note that the noise will be at the same level as the quietest signals, and at 40dB quite audible. Personally I'd like to have the noise somewhat below the quietest signal. This issue is largely academic, as we rarely have to deal with 80dB of dynamic range and most material will have at least 16 bit depth, but in my view there's more to it than just the difference between the loudest and quietest signals. Don't quote me on that, but I seem to recall that we typically can hear noise down to 30-40dB below the signal level - and that figure should be added to the desirable dynamic range.
  8. Agree that a) is the preferred solution. If it was me though, I wouldn't partition the drive but leave it as one: this way you won't run into situations like having one partition full while the other still has lots of space. Partitioning makes more sense with mechanical drives where you can reserve the faster part of the disc for time critical operations, but with the SSD the access speed does not depend on data location.
  9. Sound quality is the main criteria, but there's a few more things we consider. Aesthetics is one of them, then there's connectivity, reliability, availability and quality of service. Many of us are happy to pay more just to get the gear from the dealer we feel will support us better. Then there's also a set of less tangible factors like specific brand, particular technology, or the "statement" impact of the gear. We also spend considerable time researching, and our selections reflect the properties we consider important. Some of these are the reasons I would not trade my system for a cheaper equivalent. If budget was one of my main criteria, I'd go for the cheap system in the first place.
  10. I totally get your dillema. I never had a chance to hear any of the Geithains, but among the pros they are considered one of the top brands. Which model do you have? Going for Kiis could get you different sound, but not necessarily better.
  11. The HS8 just confirmed for me that this is the right direction, but the sub even though it helped a lot was never spot on. When I heard the Kiis I knew right away that they've got the sound I wanted, and financially this was the right time for me to take that step. The room they're in is fairly small (home office), so it really helps that I could do away with the sub, plus the room modes are under control, even with the placement a few inches from the side walls. Sub definitely not needed - here's the in-room FR graph before corrections:
  12. I started my active journey with Yamaha HS8 monitors supported by the Temblor T10 sub. Worked pretty well, but as soon as the Kii 3 became available in oz, I got them. They work so well I can't imagine ever replacing them.
  13. Price Range: $100 to $1000 1. Q Acoustics Concept 20 $699 2. Dynaudio Emit M10 $999 3. Audioengine HD6 active stand-mount $960 incl power amps 4. Monitor Audio Bronze 2 $699 5. Krix Equinox Mk4 stand-mount $900 6. Pioneer SP-FS52 $700 7. JBL LSR305P Mk2 stand-mount $400 incl power amps Price Range: $1000 to $2000 1. VAF i90 $1,998 2. Dynaudio Emit M20 (Stand mount) $1250; Emit M30 (Floor standing) $1990 3. Krix Phoenix Mk2 $2,000 4. Monitor Audio Bronze 6. (Floor Standing) $1700 5. Kef LS50 passive stand-mount $1500-$2000; LSX active $1890 incl power amps 6. JBL Stage A170 $1,700  7. Klitschko RP 160m $1399 Price Range: $2000 to $5000 1. Lenehan Audio ML-1 $2,800 in 2014 2. Kef LS50 Wireless $3,495 3. Paradigm Prestige 75F $3,999 4. B&W 603 $2,699; 703 $4600 5. Magnepan MG1.7i - $3,790.00 with Elac Debut S12EQ $1,300 (cannot recommend the 1.7 without a subwoofer) 6. Spatial Hologram M3 Turbo S $4290 7. Focal Aria 926 $4500 8. Krix Harmonix Mk2 $3,000 9. Golden Ear Triton 7 $3000 10. Proac D2 $4950 11. Dynaudio Special 40 $4,690 12. ATC SCM 19 $3,999 Price Range: $5000 to $10000 1. PMC Twenty5.23 $6,490 2. Dynaudio Focus 20 XD stand-mount $7,999 incl power amps; Contour 20 $ $8000 3. B&W 805d3 $7900 4. Krix Neuphonix Mk2 $5,300 5. ATC SCM19 AT $8099 6. VAF I66 $8500; VAF Signature i66 Mk2 $8,000 7. Magnepan MG3.7IR - $9999; 8. Audio Physic Classic 30 $8000 9. Harbeth 30.2 10. Krix Esoterix Altum $6995 11. Revel F208 $9,400 12. Devialet Phantom Gold pair $10,000 13. PMC Twenty5 24 $8,990 14. ATC SCM 40 $8,799 Price Range: $10000 to $20000 1. Dynaudio Confidence C1 Platinum $11,999; Focus 60 XD $15,499 incl power amps 2. Revel Performa F228Be $19,000 3. Martin Logan ESL 11A $16,999 4. Yamaha NS5000 stand-mount $19999 5. VAF I93 $12500; Signature i93 Mk3 $13,500 6. Legacy Audio Focus SE - $18000 7. Magnepan MG20.7R - $19,999.00 8. Duntech DSM- 15 - $12000 9. Dutch & Dutch 8c (active) $16999 10. Spendor D9 $15999 11. JBL 708P stand-mount $10,600 incl power amps Price Range: $20000 to $30000 1. Focal Sopra 2 $22,300 2. SGR CX3B Mk II active stand-mount speakers $22,000; 3. Kii THREE stand-mount $22,700 incl power amps 4. Meridian DSP5200 $25,000 incl power amps 5. Quad ESL 2912 $21,500 plus Rythmik subwoofer of choice $2,000-$5,000 6. Duntech Senator- $20000 7. Harbeth 40.2 – stand-mount 22k AUD 8. Hulgich Audio Duke $18,600 Price Range: Beyond $30000 1. Proac K8 $64,999 2. Avantgarde Uno XD $Unpublished 3. Wilson Benesch Discovery II stand-mount $32,500 4. Vivid Audio Giya G4 $Unpublished (guess $38,000 since the larger G3 is $45,000) 5. Vivid Audio Giya G2 $60,000 6. Voxativ 9.87 (fieldcoil/tube PSU) 69K USD 7. Dynaudio C4 Platinum $32000 8. Kef Blade $49k 9. Revel Salon2 $41,000 10. Vandersteen Model 7 Mk2 USD 64,000 (guess $120,000) 11. SGR CX4F Mk II active speakers $33,000 12. B&W 802 D3 $31,900; 800 D3 $41,900 13. German Physiks Borderland Mark IV Speakers $44 k 14. PMC MB2SE $45k 15. B&O Beolab 90 (active) $110,000
  14. I don't like the excess cable lengths either - it serves no purpose and can only create issues. Some slack helps when rearranging the gear without having to disconnect, but that's about it. When buying off-the-shelf cables, the options are somewhat limited as itis not practical to manufacture variety of cables in say 10 cm increments. But some vendors offer custom lenghts when ordering. I also tend to make the interconnects myself.
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