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  1. PleasantSounds

    NBN ISP decision time

    I've been with Exetel on the 100Mbps unlimited no contract plan for the last 6 months or so. The only hiccup I had was with the VOIP setup, but if you're not getting that, it should be smooth sailing. Peak time download speeds are consistently above 70Mbps, and typically above 80Mbps. No line downtime experienced, but the ZTE router they supply does not handle heavy loads very gracefully - I'd recommend to look for something better (I'm about to start looking too). The reliability of service may be area dependent, so don't rely exclusively on my experience... But in the end all providers use the same network and the only practical difference is how quickly your individual issues are resolved, should any arise.
  2. PleasantSounds

    Laptop to DAC Advice

    Neither was network.
  3. PleasantSounds

    What to do with old CDs?

    Is it even legal in Australia to keep the ripped versions if you dispose of the purchased originals?
  4. PleasantSounds

    Why are there no balanced speakers

    Following this line of thought: if speakers were unbalanced - would you expect them to have RCA connectors? Headphones have much lower power requirements (generally < 1W), and therefore connectors designed for signal levels are quite suitable for them. 4 ohm speakers will draw about 7A when outputting 200W - I don't think you would want that much current to flow through xlr connectors?
  5. PleasantSounds

    My System this morning

    Enjoying pre-christmas downtime in my home office...
  6. I like them both, but to me they are totally unrelated. In terms of carrying the Yes legacy, IMO Transatlantic is much closer.
  7. PleasantSounds

    Most influential electronic band?

    I think Isao Tomita belongs on this list as well.
  8. PleasantSounds

    What’s in your bedroom

    To keep this at least vaguely on topic: this power cable retails for more or less what I paid for queen size with mattress:
  9. PleasantSounds

    What’s in your bedroom

    The brand is TEMPUR. I got mine from a nearby Domayne store, but the usual suspects (HN, Snooze, Forty Winks, Bedshed) also carry this brand. If you go for it, don't stop at the frame and get the mattress too - they are HEAVENLY comfortable.
  10. PleasantSounds

    What’s in your bedroom

    That looks awesome, @Musician ! Mine doesn't look (and probably sound ) that flash. To give you an idea: not the actual photo, but one just like that serves as my bedroom system In addition to the obvious adjustments, it's got bluetooth sound, USB ports, ambient light, plus several massage functions. What it lacks in stereo imaging and detail retrieval, it makes up for with the warmth of sound (it's got even a subwoofer!) and other comforts it provides. Used with mobile phone as a source.
  11. PleasantSounds

    Auto rca switching?

    I have no knowledge of such auto-sensing input switching devices, but you may get very close to what you want by using a mixer. Quite a few avalable below $100. Whether the ability to play all the inputs at the same time is desireble, is another story...
  12. PleasantSounds

    StereoNET Kii Three Review

    Kii THREE review by Martin Colloms has just been released: Dropbox - HiFi Critic Kii 3 Nov 2018.pdf
  13. PleasantSounds

    Would you be willing to pay for advice on Hifi?

    Main concern for me is that this kind of service would take away the learning, experimenting and decision making processes, which many of us consider a big part of the fun. And where's the sense of pride in "I paid $$$ to a consultant who put this together for me".