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  1. I'm afraid you already have discovered the answer. In my book this harm is self-inflicted, as running AO in maximum lockdown is seldom beneficial and almost never necessary. Find the right balance.
  2. You may have to configure your player to output the sound through USB - it probably still feeds the headphone plug. If there's no option then look for a different player. I'm very happy with the Onkyo HF Player, although it may feel overwhelming at first.
  3. Could it be that your source outputs everything in 48k? The E17 goes up to 24/192 (SPDIF) and 24/96 (USB)
  4. I'm not sure to what extent the metadata is customisable on streaming services (I don't use them), and that could be an important factor for some. I know it is for me...
  5. A couple of my favs have already been mentioned, so let's bring out this one: The story line as described by Wikipedia: In its completed form, it rotates around a man's scattered thoughts during his midlife crisis. These are explored on a dream journey during which he takes a road trip through California, commits adultery with a hitchhiker he picks up along the way, attempts to reconcile with his wife by moving to the wilderness, and finally ends up alone but with greater insight into a common human compassion. Along the way he also faces other fears and paranoia. The entire story is framed in real time as a fitful dream taking place in the early morning hours of 4:30:18 am to 5:12 am on an unspecified day. At the end of the dream, the man wakes up lonely and contrite and turns to his real wife for comfort, presumably having processed his crisis.
  6. Mine has disintegrated in a similar way about 6 months ago. The issue is aparently confined to the early build units (bad supplier chioice) and has been rectified since. PMG used to have some replacement rubber bands, maybe they still do.
  7. I was lucky enough to check the page when it was up, so I got the update. Connecting bluetooth is fairly easy: just turn on scanning for new devices and Kii comes up. Pairing does not require any pin numbers. After that, you can redirect the output from your phone to the Kii control and it will play. If your laptop has bluetooth it should work as well. I have tried foobar2000 and it works fine.
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