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  1. Damn! And some silly person just bought a pair advertised today for $1100....and not so nice as yours! Go figure. Love the pics you took.
  2. Item: Primare A34.2 Stereo Power Amp (Bridgeable) Location: NSW 2257 Price: $1,050 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: See Below Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I purchased this from “overjp” in December last year – in fact I have recycled his original pic’s. This really is a very nice stereo power amp putting out 150W / channel into 8 ohms - more than enough, really. However, being a bit “power hungry” it was my intention to find a 2nd (black) A34.2 and use them as bridged mono-blocks. Astoundingly, in that config a single A34.2 will push out over 500W / channel into 8 ohms!! That said, I got a bit impatient, and I found a set of 350W / channel Class D’s at a decent price, so this unit is now surplus. Reselling it for what I paid a few months back – a VERY reasonable $1,050. (For comparison, there is a Silver demo A34.2 on Gumtree now for $2,199! ) Excellent online reviews. Takes both balanced and RCA inputs. Cosmetically perfect unit, as far as I can see. Comes with original box, and all extras – bridging cable, CD instructions, manual, etc. Happy to post if you meet the cost & insurance. OR……pickup from 2257 Central Coast, NSW - or 2071 Killara. Manual: https://www.primare.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/A34.2UserGuide_1.pdf Review: https://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/primare-a342-class-d-power-amplifier/ Pictures:
  3. Well.... I can vouch that his OTHER Hugo 2 works fine. Listening to it now.
  4. Hi Tri-K - mighty impressive kit! A few people will be salivating......I'll bet! That said, a tad confusing! Assume a DEQX HDP-3......correct? And if the Tannoys are dual concentric, they'd probably need 4 power amps off the DEQX? So 2 x Benchmark Monos (big black beats at the side, I assume?) So how many Hypex 250 watt mono-blocks?? I'd assume 2...but there seem to be 4 shadows in the cabinet?? Bottom line.....a full kit list would really help. But congrats on the build of those speakers.....Sensational!
  5. I have multiple options. Can also use my tube amp integrated with line out from the HUGO.
  6. Item: Sonic Euphoria Passive Preamp / PLC Location: NSW 2257 but can post @ cost Price: Reduced - $800 to $650 Item Condition: Excellent - bulletproof Reason for selling: Bought Hugo 2 Dac / Pre Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This is a very rare unit, specially imported several years ago from the US. It's a boutique, handmade PLC that's built like a tank and will never wear out. As it's passive, it doesn't even plug in to the power, and its main parts are 2 switches, a high quality volume control, and 2 tapped, hand-wound transformers. Its primary benefit is that it's absolutely sonically invisible. That said, its a beautifully made unit, and weights about 8kgs. Why so heavy? Because at its core are 2 hand-wound "passive transformers" which are tapped off at various places to provide the stepped volume control. To find out more about how this actually works, I suggest you check out the review at Stereophile.com where they explain this, why it works so well, and give it a rave review. Another benefit of its passive design is that basically there is nothing in it that can break or blow up - it should last forever. It has 4 sets of RCA inputs, 2 sets of volume-controled RCA outputs, and a "Tape Out" RCA pair - unattenuated, I beleive. It comes without a front name tag, as the guy who built these was out of them at the time. It also comes with a brief manual. Review: https://www.stereophile.com/solidpreamps/106sonic/index.html It's been sitting in the cupboard for a year as I'm loathe to sell such a gem. The only reason it's going is I bought a Chord Hugo 2 DAC with a built-in preamp, at 5 times the cost! Time it went to a new homw and got some appreciation. :)Pics are a mix of the unit itself, and some file pics. Pictures:
  7. Item: NuForce DDA100 Location: NSW 2257 - post is fine Price: $300 $275 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Not just a 50/75 watts (8/4 ohms) class-D amp, but also an integrated DAC. Tiny foot-print, weighs next to nothing (a bit over a kilo) and sounds wonderful. Quoting a review from “The Absolute Sound”: “If you have sensitive speakers, at least 88dB, and can work around the DDA-100’s ergonomic limitations, you may find that the DDA-100 is simply the best integrated amplifier solution that you’ve ever heard. And for those readers who still firmly believe that all-digital amplifiers are for someone else’s system, listening to the DDA-100 will be, as it was for me, a revelation.” Full review: http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/nuforce-dda-100-integrated-amplifier-1/ Has 1 x coaxial, 1 x USB and 2 x optical digital inputs. Connect it to a phone loaded with “USB Audio Player Pro” ($10) and then stream Tidal or Spotify directly into the DDA’s DAC. Cheapest decent system you’ll ever hear! One sold here on SNA the other day for $310. This one has no remote, so reduced to $275, or $285 with postage in Australia. Pictures:
  8. Item: Location: Karri Walpole Speakers Location: Central Coast 2257 Price: $600 $540 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Upgraded to something much more $$$ Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Quoting from Australian Hi-Fi in 2015……”Karri Acoustic's smallest speaker is the floor-standing Walpole, which uses an upward-facing 152mm-diameter bass/midrange driver in an omnidirectional mode, bass-reflex configuration with a downward-firing port. The driver has a cast aluminium basket and geometrically reinforced aluminium cone. This is crossed, via a series 6dB per octave crossover circuit, to a tweeter with 64mm diameter aluminum cone that’s driven by neodymium magnet and operates in a waveguide-loaded dipole configuration.” What I can say is that the open baffle tweeter gives them a wonderful open sound, and the ported bass goes WAY low…..much lower than you’d expect from a 152mm (6”) driver. Hand made in Western Australia. Bonus…beautiful design, real Jarrah veneers, and Marri frames for the tweeters. Original new price - $1,500, and I understand these are no more than 3 or 4 years old. I have boxes which will safely facilitate local delivery, but sending via the mail / courier could be problematic, as I’d hate for the tweeters to be damaged, plus packaged they are 115cm long. Pickup from 2257 Central Coast, or I could arrange pickup from Killara (2071). https://www.avhub.com.au/news/hi-fi/karri-acoustic-walpole-407053 Pictures:
  9. See picture of the rear. Bottom left there is a toggle switch marked "INPUT SELECT". Up is "RCA Input", down is "Cast Input". Use RCA Input if you want to use it as a Power amp and simply plug into the L/R RCA inputs. Switch to CAST input to add a single digital source using Densen's Optical input. Eg: The Chromecast unit I have bundled with this gives it capacity to steam in Spotify etc using the optical unit, and your phone as the control unit. In this mode the Densen acts a the DAC and amp, with your phone acting as volume control. Or.....add a streamer such as Yamaha WXC-50 which can stream in pretty much anything to the Densen via its Optical out, and has a builtin preamp and also a remote. I have include a link to the Densen site where they outline more abou how the unit works. Suggest you read that to get more detail - such as how to upgrade the DAC later it you want.
  10. Item: Densen "Cast Amp" - Power amp + DAC + streamer Location: NSW 2257 - will post Price: $1,500 REDUCED TO $1,350 Item Condition: Excellent - near new Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Densen’s “Cast Amp” includes a 60w / 120w into 8 / 4 ohm stereo amp, a high quality DAC and is designed to be used as an “all in one system” when teamed with a digital streaming source such as a Google Chromecast Audio – which I have included in the sale. Use your phone as the control unit. Or…..use any digital optical source with a volume control to drive it. Better still, it can be used “stand alone” as a power amp using the analogue RCA input and a normal preamp – which was how I was using it. I believe this may be the only such unit in Australia, and it’s less than a year old and barely ben used. In the attached link it’s priced in the UK at UKP 2,895 – which is over A$5,000!! I purchased this direct from the Aus Densen importer, but in the end I was only using it as a power amp, so not really using its full capability. I ended up opting instead for a more powerful 200w / channel Class D power amp, so this Cast Amp is not being used. That said, it’s a really wonderful sounding bit of kit – as you’d expect from Densen. No box (as I got it) but I will package it well for transport. $1,350 cost includes a near new Chromecast Audio puck, cables, postage, insurance and tracking inside Australia. Price reduced from $1,500. http://densen.dk/index.php?page=densen-b-castamp http://www.8thdimensionaudio.com/product/densen-cast-amplifier/ https://hifipig.com/densen-releases-its-first-streamer-the-cast-amp/ Pictures:
  11. Not sure. I guess you could check if you are interested. Optoma do a DDA120 which seems very similar.
  12. RE the drivers source.......according to the Absolute Sound review (link at top in description)....... "Drivers are some of HiVi's best: the Q1R fabric-dome tweeter and the D6.8 polypropylene cone woofer (a modified version of it is found in the Forest floorstander by Totem Acoustic)."
  13. Actually it's a bit more complex than even that. They have a bottom port, so the deep bass comes out the bottom...so to speak. But they DO seem to "disappear" more than normal front-facing, closed-box designs.
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