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  1. ...and of course........there is this this workaround option, I guess.
  2. pdcoo7 - you could test your Bel Canto by taking up a free 21 day trial of roon. When I tried roon it automatically found all sorts of playable devices - Yamaha, Cambridge Audio, Jriver on my laptop, and old Chord dac driver, etc. Found the 600 FLACed CD's on a drive attached to my WiFi router and merrily "data mined" them automatically. It was relatively simple to install on a PC...and it's proven to be quite amazingly flexible and stable. It even has a graphic-interface drag-and-drop DSP function you can apply to any "output" set of speakers. I ended up buying it!
  3. Thanks - but they sold in minutes!! Must have unde priced them.
  4. Further information: I have been using these as rear surrounds in a 5.1 system in a 2nd room - so they have barely been used for the last 4 years. NOTE: These are the later upgraded "12L2" versions, not the original 12L. They are finished in a really beautiful birds-eye maple finish. The actual color is deeper than in the pics - really rich and lovely. In excellent condition - one minor caveat. A few of the plastic lugs that hold the grills on have busted off - BUT the grills still stay on no problems. See pic with grills on as proof. They work perfectly, look gorgeous, and sound lovely........I just don't use them enough......so time to find a new home. As you can see, I have the box, so can post them no problem. Assume around extra 25 for postage in Oz. Pickup is fine...in which case no extra shipping cost. Advertised elsewhere so be quick or they'll be gone. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  5. Further information: I have 4 x MA500 monoblocks for sale. As advice from SNA moderators, the price noted is per unit. If you buy more then 2 I can discount the unit price. PM me to discuss. These MA500's are very versatile: Using 1xMA500 to power a single channel gets you a 125W into 8 ohms Class A/B monoblock If you bridge these units you can create a monster 450W into 8 ohms "monoblock", consisting of 2 x MA500s. See cut and past below from the SA500 manual confirming this. You can use these standalone to power 4 channels of a 5.1 surround-sound system Please note 2 have the THX logo, and 2 don't. But in all other respects they are identical. I used them in both 125 and 450W configs, and I noticed a small increases in background noise at idle in the 450w config, which I guess is to be expected. All units are black, and as I have all the boxes, I can post them at you cost. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  6. OK - so let's maybe get to the bottom of this. I just managed to take a picture of the Uni-Q tweeter. It's maybe not the clearest, but I believe it show exactly what should be there - a centered tweeter with a steel ring around it. I shone a torch through the fabric dome, and the tweeter is quite visible. As CamBam said, often the manufacturing process can change over a unit's life. It's likely KEF decided that adding an extra cloth dome gave the tweeter more protection. And as CamBam also pointed out...its the sound that counts. They sound wonderful.
  7. Thanks Cambam. I have owned these for several years, and they are exactly as I bought them. As I said elsewhere, the top driver definitely doesn't have a "dust cap" over it - its a fabric protective dome. And there is most definitely a tweeter under that cloth because I've (VERY carefully) placed something over that area when they are running - and you can immediately hear the high treble being cut out. So there is absolutely a Uni-Q tweeter under their. The cloth is there simly to protect the tweeter....much like newer KEF's have the tangerine wave guide over the tweeter. So I have no evidence that the top driver pair was ever replaced or modified, and (most importantly) it sounds absolutely fine.
  8. I can't comment on your claim that the "original rubber surrounds" on the midrange drivers "have been replaced". However, I can ASSURE you that the tweeters have NOT been covered over with "dust caps". The coaxial Uni-Q tweeters are protected by an dark acoustically transparent cloth. Sadly the flash I used has meant that this make them look a little unusual. However, in the top pic you can see some glints of the underlying drivers. Also.....at least one of the others who commented on these has actually owned this model...and he dodn't see anything amiss.
  9. Further information: KEF's 'Reference' series are classics, and this model was from before KEF sold out to a company in China. I believe they date from the late 90s, but this pair is in amazingly pristine condition. I've even included a shot of the base....you'd expect some wear-and-tear - but clean as a whistle. Also, shots of the interior show the coupled-captivity bass units seem pristine. I've had these speakers for several years - and they really are awesome. Supremely natural, and bass and slam from heaven. Treble might be ever-so-slightly rolled off at the high end, but these speakers would be absolutely ideal if your system has a a hot high end. And note these have a Max output of 115db!!! That's a powerful speaker! Spec's below. As each speaker weights about 35 Kgs, and as I have no boxes, I'm afraid this is almost certainly a local pickup job. Talk to me of you have an alternative option. Pricing. These speakers are rare as hen's teeth, and these two are in amazingly good shape. I believe in the late 90's they were maybe around the $15K mark (?) so $2K seems fair to me. Some more info: https://us.kef.com/explore-kef/kef-museum/1990s/reference-series-models-one-two-three-four Specification: Model Three System type: Four-way, floor standing Enclosure type: Twin coupled cavity Size: 1137 x 275 x 340mm (44.8 x 10.8 x 13.4 inches) Weight: 35kg (77 lb) Nominal Impedance: 4ohms Amplifier requirements: 50-300W Frequency response: 40Hz to 20kHz +/-3dB at 2m on reference axis Sensitivity: 91dB at 1m/2.83V (anechoic conditions) Maximum output: 115dB on programme peaks under typical listening conditions System: SP3187 Drive units: 2 x B200 bass unit (SP1343), B160 lower midrange unit (SP1348), B160 midrange unit (SP1345), NT25 tweeter (SP1353) Crossover: SP2225 System: SP3246 (with boundary compensation device) Drive units: 2 x B200 bass unit (SP1343), B160 lower midrange unit (SP1348), B160 midrange unit (SP1345), NT25 tweeter (SP1353) Crossover: SP2256 Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  10. Further information: A set of powered KEF X300As in very good condition. Work brilliantly - maybe a bit TOO well for a desktop monitor! NOTE: This is not the WiFi version - although if you added a $40 APTX bucktooth dongle you'd have one that almost was. Specs as follow, from this review: https://connectedmag.com.au/kef-x300a-speaker-system/ Features • High Resolution 96kHz/24 bit quality digital input and inter-speaker connection plus hi-fi components and configuration • Class AB amplifier and audiophile grade DAC • Fully two-way active on each speaker – separate amps for woofer and tweeter • KEF’s multi- award winning Uni-Q driver – derived from KEF’s flagship Blade speaker • Simply plug and play – USB digital or 3.5mm analogue • No need for complex fine tuning – switchable modes for wall/desktop/free space • USB connection cables included for true plug and play I've included some small KEF risers so they can tilt up a little. There is one very small nick top left on one of the speakers - see pic. Otherwise they are in very good condition. And they are definitely the same color, even if the pic doesn't suggest that. I have the original box, and at the asking price, shipping and insurance are included in the cost. If you want to bargain down the $$$, you may have to pay the shipping. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  11. Further information: I never thought I'd be selling this beauty, but due to other changes I need a DAC that can output XLR. This Hugo 2 is in essentially new condition, and has only been used indoors in my main system. You'll know just HOW good this is if you've read the reviews. As a bonus, it comes with a MITER leather case, and I'll thrown in a Ghent Audio mini-coax to coax cable. More than happy to demo it if you want to come up to 2257 Umina Beach. I can package it well and mail it for a small additional cost. And don't forget...it does APTX bluetooth. I guess you could even plug it into your car stereo (if it's good enough) and Bluetooth material from your phone! Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  12. Further information: Good-as-new A&K KANN in Silver. Pretty much flawless condition. One of the best DAPs you can buy, at a sensible price. I'll throw in a near new 2.5mm balanced FIIO MMCX cable ($70) and it also comes with a leather case (around $150). I don't have the original box, but it will be well packed, and I'll post and insure it in the asking price. The cheapest I can find on ebay was one from Japan - used - for #$1,368 + postage + 10% GST. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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