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  1. Can thoroughly recommend these. I have a pair in a large room and I use two amps to drive them. 1) A300B valve amp integrated. 2) 2 x 300W Class D monoblocks with a Hugo2 as preamp. They sound amazing with either.....and the A300B only has about 8 watts / ch!! It gets way with it because of the Tritons builtin high-level subs. Incredibly versatile speakers. And they go deeper with more control than any other speaker I've owned. GLWS
  2. Hi - you say "speakers" - plural. Is this for a single speaker (as I suspect), or a pair? Cheers.
  3. These Yamaha "all in one" amps are really excellent qulity, and real bang-for-you-buck. They do everything! GLWS
  4. WHOA!!! A steal at this price!!! Wonderful speakers.
  5. It's a cliche, for sure....but these little guys DO punch WAY over their weight. Attached them to some really good amplification, and you'll be amazed! Unbeatable for the $$$. GLWS.
  6. I have some of these....they are brilliant. The real surpsie is that you don't need a lot of power to run them....I use a 300B valve amp with only about 11W / channel - yet they are thunderous, with earthshaking bass. (Try Janelle Monae's "Screwed" at volume - at about 0:58 in, does your room shake??) They seem to be able to do this as the 300B valves doesn't have to sweat driving the woofers...the Triton's inbuilt sub amp does this. The amp really only has to run the mids and tweeters.....so it all works. But I also run them off some 300W class D monoblocks.......they sound great too! A very versatile speaker. And a great buy (IMHO) at this price. Sorry for the rave Jeffro - hope it helps sell them 4 you.
  7. Or both ways...... I use my HUGO 2 off a PC streamer using line-out as a DAC powering a Cayin integrated valve amp. But I also use it with volume control as DAC / Premap to some grunty Class D power amps. Best of both worlds, really. Plus it's a headphone amp, par excellence.
  8. Alan and the guys at DEQX will probably send you out a replacement remote...I had an issue with mine (failed) and the sent one out FOC the next day. GREAT service.
  9. Yes....... A/B. Too old for Class D, even though they have a small footprint. Bonus......if you have 4, then you can bridge 2 into a single 260w "monoblock". 4 of these gets you 2 x 260w monblocks.
  10. This is probably the best value for money I have ever seen on SNA. White hot bargain!!!!!!! (Sadly I have 2 many speakers already, otherwise I'd buy them in a flash.)
  11. Bugger! Steve's wife might make you as happy as she did me.....as I inherited another of her rejects the other day..... some wonderful KEF R300's. Buy with confidence here.......so long as you don't have a wife! Steve - quick Q - would you sell them separately?
  12. And the manual at https://audio-database.com/SANSUI/amp/au-x1111mosvintage-e.html even comes with authentic, high quality 80's Jinglish. You just don't see that any more in modern Amp manuals! " In order that the amplifier which operates on the basis of a grounding might drive a speaker between an amplifier output and a grounding, it was easy to receive the noise and the distorted influence from a grounding, and it carried out the tone-quality failure" Ah yes.....what we all love in an Amp..... "tone quality failure". Of course.....I'm sure it sounds MAGNIFICENT!
  13. And there I was thinking........."Should't they have called this model "Precisa", rather than "Vega"??" GLWS - I'm sure they are Precisa!
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