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  1. Further information: Hi - This has been sitting in the cupboard for the last year, so time it went to a new home. This is a very versatile unit. WiFi MusicCast streamer so I recall works with Spotify Connect. Tidal via the MusicCast streamer app. Plug in a USB with your music. Aux inputs. DAC, or stream out to a better DAC. Line out OR Pre-amp. It comes with the remote, WIFI aerial and the original box. Happy to post in Australia - should be fairly cheap as not heavy. In great shape, other than some tiny marks in the paint on the
  2. Look under the covers and you'll find it should integrate seamlessly with your phone. It links perfectly with my Samsung using BlueTooth LDAC and streams Tidal, Spotify, whatever in DIGITAL format from my phone straight to the N3.
  3. I can recommend this Cayin unit very highly. I recently got one identical to this......and it really is good. Battery life is also amazing good - given in 3.5mm tube mode its running a pair of REAL tubes. GLWS.
  4. Tekton are not well know here...but they deserve attention. I recently took a gamble on some small, older Tektons - 1 open baffle 4" Fostex and 1 more in a ported box. I got them for a great price, considering ther were on slabs of Bubibnga wood. AMAZING sound - right down to where the additional sub takes over, If my small Tektons are that good, I'd LOVE to hear these. Check the Tekton US website and reviews......they get some unbelievable good press. If I didn't already have 2 many speakers, I'd get these.
  5. The link here has two pics which show how it can be connected. Apparently it adds "holographic depth" to the music. Cheap at the price, I'd say! https://reverb.com/au/item/4909431-omnisonix-801-omnisonic-imager-audio-holography-unit
  6. Original add from Nov 202o when I bough these - contains more pic and original pricing info.
  7. Further information: I purchased these a few months back off SNA - mainly out of curiosity, as I always wanted to try some. I can now "tick this off the bucket list" and move on. They were very, very nice sounding speakers, and were surprisingly petite in terms of profile - but not sound! In the end I decided to stick with my upgraded Adelaide Speakers Summoners - which cost more than twice as much! The speakers are in exactly the same condition as the original pics from late 2020. I added one of my own, taken today. Mail is OK if you'
  8. Further information: Extremely versatile Pioneer DAP in pretty much mint condition. I have removed the little ornamental bridge (see box cover pic), as it got in the way…but the bridge and screws are included, and it can be refitted in 5 mins. I recently upgraded to a far more $$$ Cayin DAP, and I marginally prefer that as it has a “tube” mode which the XDP-100 doesn’t. BUT……the XDP is much more versatile as it has a full Android interface and will natively run Tidal, Spotify, etc. It is also directly addressable via my in-house “roon” system – see pics. (Roon means you
  9. IMHO...if you are interested in equalization.......just go straight to 'roon'. Not only do you get all the other benefits of roon, but you can create tailored sound profiles in seconds, and store each under a special name. You can switch between profiles in seconds, and turn off EQ completely. It's GOT to be the way to go.
  10. Hi Rps01 - this approach may help you: For each item XXXX type into Google search FS stereonet XXXX Eg: FS stereonet Garrard 401 Turntable You may be surprised just how many hits this turns up.... and its all info relevant to prices in Australia, and Stereonet buyers!! Those old listings may also contain info on condition, pics, etc. Good luck
  11. Wow - 2nd of these on SNA in 48 hours!! And both from North of Sydney. I think there were only 1,000 or so made? I had one...really excellent...and this is a great price.
  12. 100% agreed. I recently bough a tweaked set of slight larger Summoners (9.5" upgraded bass and upgraded Satori treble, + birds-eye maple veneer) and I can report that are TRULY impressive. For the price, pretty much impossible to beat. So this set with added center and cables.....HYPER-bargain!!
  13. ........ and a killer StereoPhile review - all be it from 1995. Summary here. https://www.stereophile.com/content/vtl-mb300-mb450-signature-monoblock-amplifiers-page-3
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