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  1. You mention that it and the Aurieges preamp are 120 volt. Are they switchable ? Do they work with 240 volts ? Thanks
  2. Clearer Audio Copper-line Alpha RCA interconnect, 0.5m, OFC copper, English-made. Eichmann Bullet Plugs. Price : $50 ($157 new) Location: Melbourne (Carlton) Price: See above Item Condition: Reason for selling: too many cables Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, EFT Extra Info: Pictures:
  3. Item: HRT Streamer II DAC & Kimber USB Ag (silver) cable ) 0.5 metre Location: Melbourne Price: DAC $80 ($200 new) Cable $80 (current RRP $142). Can sell separately. Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Upgraded DAC and cable not needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: DAC can handle 24 bit files up to 96 kHZ thru asynchronous USB. Is compact enough for desktop. Cable has silver signal conductors, power cores and shield are silver plated copper. Has type A and type B connectors. RCA connector cables also available : Stager silver, Kimber PBJ (with WBT plugs), Clearer Audio. Pictures:
  4. Item: Townshend Isolda 2metre Speaker cables Location: Melbourne Price: $350 Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling:Too many cables Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Extra Info: These are excellent cables. Please see attached review from The Ear magazine for an explanation of their design and performance. Townshend Audio Isolda EDCT speaker cable | The Ear.pdf
  5. Item: Sumiko Blue Point No. 2 High output MC Location: Melbourne Price: $200 (current RRP $ 800) Item Condition: In very good condition,has had limited use. Reason for selling: No longer used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Moving coil design, high output, 2.5 mV, can be used with nearly any amp/phono stage.Standard 1/2" mounting. With original packaging. Pictures:
  6. Item: Meridian F80 Location: Melbourne Price: $800 Item Condition: Good Reason for selling : Not being used Payment method : Pick up-cash Extra info : This is a CD/DVD player and FM/AM receiver with multiple inputs and settings. Please see attached Stereophile review for full details. This is the US 110volt version and comes with a Tortech step-down transformer. This is Australian made and is very quiet. The F80 is Ferrari badged and they were involved in its design and development. It is reasonably portable and produces a very big and detailed sound. Review : Meridian F80 CD Receiver System | Stereophile.com.pdf Pictures:
  7. I am guessing these have been sold. If not please let me know,can pick them up .
  8. Item: REL T3 sub-bass Location: Inner North, Melbourne Price: $400 Item Condition: In excellent condition, no marks or scratches (please see photos) Reason for selling: Have new larger speakers Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: Has 150 watt amplifier, 8" downward firing driver and 8" forward facing passive driver. Has multiple connection options with Neutrik Speakon cable. Can be wired simultaneously at speaker level so sub will adapt to music (with connections made in series with main stereo speakers) and from the .1/LFE channel for multi channel use. So can switch between sources without needing to change settings. Comes with Neutrik cable, original packaging and manual. 343hx330wx356d mm. Pictures:
  9. Location : Carlton North Price : $ 250 + postage Item Condition : Excellent Reason for selling : Have bought a new amp (Audio Note OTO). Payment : Pick up - Cash,Paypal,COD only Extra Info : This amp is a hybrid valve /transistor design with a valve (ECC82) input stage and MOSFETS in the output stage. It is rated at 50 watts but measures at around 70. It has a very good switchable MM/MC phono stage. It comes with remote,user's manual and packaging. Received good reviews on release (Hi Fi Choice review available) Pictures :
  10. From another new member.
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