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  1. Further information: For sale: Epson SC-P600 A3+/13” professional quality photo printer, in excellent condition with all original packaging and a complete set of replacement ink plus a second spare Matte Black cartridge, as well as the ink that's in the printer currently. The cartridges new would be about $500, though these are past their 'use-by' date I've never encountered a problem with them. See screenshot below, showing current ink levels in the printer--the extra set of cartridges is in addition to the ink that's in the printer already. I’m only selling because I’ve upgr
  2. Do you happen to have the remote for this unit still? I’d gladly pay for that to be mailed to Sydney if so, I lost mine in a move!
  3. Hi Dave - I've got the same one, but lost my remote, so I'd be very interested in this if you've got it! Could pick up this week if you're around? R
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