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  1. Well...this would just put my integrated to shame....any comparison would just end up with egg on my face. GLTWTS to OP. SMB
  2. One more alternative, https://aurender.com/acs10/ smb
  3. Vivid? A colourful/creative audio brand?
  4. Review of Confidence 50 with frequency and impedence plot. Please use Google's chrome translator.
  5. @Darren69!!! Just because... Looks superb! And probably sound excellent even though I have not heard one before. GLWTS to OP.
  6. This is from Otto of Dynaudio and I quote, "The Confidence 20 does use a dedicated stand, not the Stand 20. The Confidence stand does have room for cable, what's meant by the stand being part of the port does not mean the port goes through the stand - it means the top plate of the stand is shaped to function as part of the port, shaped to reduce turbulence (port noise)." See pic in close up of Contour 20, it will be very similar to this I reckon.
  7. Here you are C20 unboxing, looks good to me.
  8. Nice looking pair of speakers, congrats. I assumed they are ported design? Have you tried positioning them away from the wall?
  9. Ensure TV HDMI (with ARC labeled) to HDMI 1 (also with ARC labled) on AVR. From memory the minimal standard for HDMI with ARC 1.4. Not sure which TV model you have, mine (LG) I set it to HDMI with ARC.
  10. @JulianR the Contour 3.4Le is rated 86db. Actual measurement rated them at 85.5db. Which means they are not very efficient or loud. To get the best out of them you need an amp with power and current. Preferably a solid state with bipolar (BJT) design. I know...currently listening to them in my living room. 😁
  11. The second half of my reply to Clive is was implying another amp...
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