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  1. Sirmorebeer

    Dynaudio Contour S1.4 LE - amp advice

    The Contour loves a bit of muscle as well as finesse to sound great. Out of the three above I would pick the Octave but wouldn't play loud with it. But it is certainly a beautiful lush sounding amp when paired with your Contours.
  2. Sirmorebeer

    Dynaudio Evoke

    New range from Dynaudio. The Evoke 10 costs £1250, the Evoke 20 is £1800, the Evoke 30 and Evoke 50 floorstanders are £2900 and £3900 respectively, while the Evoke 25C is priced £1100. Thinks this range replaces the Focus series.
  3. Sirmorebeer

    Plex does Tidal

    Likewise, I am also a Plex Lifetime member. But It is only for Movies mainly. My mac mini is performing Spotify duties, might give Tidal a go. Jriver running on the mini and the backend is my Qnap NAS. Tried Roon, wasn't to my liking..haha. Think this is my most flexible setup yet. The only downside is constant patches and upgrades associated with OSes.
  4. Sirmorebeer

    Plex does Tidal

    For those who runs Plex, you can now incorporate Tidal. Info here, https://www.plex.tv/tidal/ https://www.theverge.com/2018/11/29/18117564/tidal-plex-subscriptions-costs-less-together
  5. Sirmorebeer

    SOLD: FS: PS Audio DirectStream Junior DAC

    Lovely piece of gear and pics depicting the actual item for sale. Might I add it is sharp price too!
  6. Sirmorebeer

    Blank slate, NAD & SVS maybe?

    How about this to start with? http://au.kef.com/wireless/wireless-speakers/ls50-wireless You can always add a DAC later on. A sub if you need more bass. For price/performance ratio at around 3k, it is hard to beat. Shop around you should get below 3k and your misses will appreciate the look too. 😏
  7. Btw, my sincere thanks to your @evil c for the invite and organising dinner, thus allowed me to put aliases and faces together.🤔 😁😆 Do drop by there is always a bottle of red...or two waiting for you. Cheerz
  8. Sirmorebeer


    Wonderful piece of kit! Best of luck with the sale. I somewhat agree with @Tony B said. The buyer market window has only just begun, wait a little bit longer, more savings to be had I reckon. Not entirely sure what stage of property buying you're in. But, if you already have your eyes on a home and starting a family then go for it, higi gears are just things. When finances improve you can re-evaluate buying stereo gear again. To sale or to keep, either way you're envious of a lot of people as can been seen on the coments.
  9. Even though your speakers says it's impedance is at 8ohm. According to Stereophile, it can dip to 3.6 Ohm @ 185Hz. The Parasound should be okay IMHO. How it sound, that's entirely up to your ears. "The Paradigm will play at satisfyingly high levels with relatively low-powered amplifiers. Its impedance (fig.1) remains between 5 and 8 ohms over most of the audioband, though a minimum magnitude of 3.6 ohms at 185Hz and a combination of 5 ohms and –37° electrical phase angle at 110Hz mean that the amplifier used should be capable of dealing with 4 ohm loads. Read more at https://www.stereophile.com/content/paradigm-reference-studio-60-v5-loudspeaker-measurements#bTRKK7dKh7p4JGcr.99"
  10. Yeah, you just missed out one in the classified. It was well under 4K. If buying new you should aim for 15-20% discount. Good luck hunting.
  11. Sirmorebeer

    Venom Anyone?

    Yup, thanks for that, agreed with ya and @Ray H. Not up to scratch with the other Marvel super hero movies. Rather un-polished, less than average plot line. Nerdy villain don't cut it for me. But it is funny in parts. Just pass mark for me for a brain dead Friday night movie.
  12. Parasound HiNT6 http://www.parasound.com/hint6.php Has all the features you asked for. You should be able to get close to your range in terms of pricing.
  13. Sirmorebeer

    Venom Anyone?

    Off to the big screen for this one soon, any fellow SNAer seen it yet? No spoiler plz..😁
  14. Are you saying audiophiles are insecure bunch of people?
  15. I'll take the day pass from you, if you don't mind.