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  1. Never heard the PrimaLuna. Sorry can't comment.
  2. Sirmorebeer

    FS: DYNAUDIO CONTOUR.S 3.4 Speakers

    Pair this with the right amp and they truly sing for you. Great speakers for the asking price. GLWTS.
  3. I've heard the current Elektra combo on my Dyns, also heard on this with Wilson. When compared with Sanders, Parasound (A21/P5), it is more musical and soulful. Slight warmth but not overtly. For the money it is stonking value IMHO. You have to spend a lot more coins (heaps more) to step up to the likes of Gryphon, Halcro or any other top name amps.
  4. Sirmorebeer

    FS: Magico S5 Mk1 in Pewter colour

    Always a gentleman do deal with. GLWTS Eagle.
  5. Sirmorebeer

    Dynaudio C4 Mk2

    Thanks for the heads up Daz. Very noice! Hadn't moved into the new house yet still a long way away...sigh...
  6. How about now...? GLWTS, magnificent pair indeed. 👍
  7. Sirmorebeer


    Taken from Dynaudio website (C2 Signature) which is identical.😁 Sensitivity: 87 dB (2,83 V/1 m) IEC Power Handling: 300 W Impedance: 4 Ohms Frequency Response: 28 Hz – 25 kHz (± 3 dB)
  8. For those who wants to get into digital streaming cheaply, better grab yourself one before it is gone! https://www.engadget.com/2019/01/11/google-chromecast-audio-discontinued/ https://techcrunch.com/2019/01/11/google-cans-the-chromecast-audio/
  9. Sirmorebeer

    Dynaudio Audience vs DM ranges Speakers

    Spot on, the Evoke (some borrowed tech from Special 40) that fits right in between Excite and Contour. Quote from Otto of Dynaudio, "Evoke is not a direct replacement of Excite, it is more fitting to see it as a replacement for the passive Focus line that was discontinued a few years ago. Evoke sits in the middle between Emit and Contour, replacing both Excite and Focus with a line of speakers that are all clear improvements compared to Focus. Evoke employs a lot of driver technologies derived from the Contour and the new Confidence" The current Confidence will be replaced with new Confidence series starting from 20, 30, 50 and 60. This new series will also replace the current high end Evidence Platinum. But I'm afraid the Confidence is out of my reach. More info here.
  10. Sirmorebeer

    Dynaudio Audience vs DM ranges Speakers

    +1 hadb oth the DM and Audience 50 and 70, preferred the Audience 50 over the DM. More "musical" and emotionally more engaging, for me anyway. : )
  11. @Darren69...please use this...
  12. Sirmorebeer

    Dynaudio Contour S1.4 LE - amp advice

    The Contour loves a bit of muscle as well as finesse to sound great. Out of the three above I would pick the Octave but wouldn't play loud with it. But it is certainly a beautiful lush sounding amp when paired with your Contours.
  13. Sirmorebeer

    Dynaudio Evoke

    New range from Dynaudio. The Evoke 10 costs £1250, the Evoke 20 is £1800, the Evoke 30 and Evoke 50 floorstanders are £2900 and £3900 respectively, while the Evoke 25C is priced £1100. Thinks this range replaces the Focus series.
  14. Sirmorebeer

    Plex does Tidal

    Likewise, I am also a Plex Lifetime member. But It is only for Movies mainly. My mac mini is performing Spotify duties, might give Tidal a go. Jriver running on the mini and the backend is my Qnap NAS. Tried Roon, wasn't to my liking..haha. Think this is my most flexible setup yet. The only downside is constant patches and upgrades associated with OSes.