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  1. You. beter be quick. https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/lg-b8-65-4k-uhd-ai-smart-oled-tv-ex-display
  2. TBH, Electrocompanie makes very good amps. Not sure which model you're using. High current designs, which suits Deli. Looking at your "preferred" list of amps, you're going sideways. But, that's just my humble opinions .
  3. Yes free delivery with one year warranty, all for 60k.😁
  4. Looking at your speaker's measurement by Stereophile. A moderate gusty amp is recommended, one that could comfortably drive 4ohms load. The Plinius stated it could do 16A short peak duration. But the Acram doesn't provide such spec. There was a Cyrus amp with additional PSU thrown in, it would have been a good deal. Like previous post stated, best to listen the combo yourself and ideally at your own listening space. Good luck with your search.
  5. Couple of these should help https://www.bunnings.com.au/our-range/building-hardware/general-hardware/wheels-castors/dollies
  6. Agree with @Darren69, just add decent amplification. Preferably one with lots of current capability and you won't be disappointed. 😁 GLWTS to OP.
  7. Thanks Daz. Yes, very nice, classy indeed. But reno coming up, speakers is on back burner. 😖😶. GLWTS to Op.
  8. Doable..? https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/288948-gryphon-antileon-stereo-power-amp-in-excellent-condition/ If funds allowed try this - http://audioconnection.com.au/collections/gryphon/products/gryphon-mephisto-solo-mono Spec:
  9. Yeah, regardless of sensor size, shooot with the lowest iso will provide the best dynamic range it is capable of. Fast lens do come in handy. If your budget allow, the Nikon D850 is capable of wide dynamic range (around 14 stops) and resolution. Fantasic ergonomics, but it is a ful size Dslr tho. Hunt around for a used one.
  10. Do tell...Russ? Long exposure? HIgh Iso? Need to pull lots of detail from shadows? Most cameras if you set them at their base iso say 100, the image should be clean enough.
  11. Here is impedance plot of your Contour 30 (source: https://www.hifi-voice.com/testy-a-recenze/reprosoustavy-podlahove/1494-dynaudio-contour). Quote (via google translation): Behaviour to the amplifier can not be described as Contour 30 other than trouble-free - eventually, although the impedance (red) "licks" in a relatively large range of 3 ohm, a good amplifier to this price level of the speakers should probably do without hesitation. My take? If the amp can drive 3 ohm without clipping, you shouldn't have any issues. My pass experience tells me Dyns love a bit of juice (current) to perform the best. Price ratio between speakers and amp is only very general guide, not an absolute. Trust your ears.
  12. Well...this would just put my integrated to shame....any comparison would just end up with egg on my face. GLTWTS to OP. SMB
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