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  1. As mentioned elsewhere, 10Gb network at 55m and I did get my source from wiki. For average home networks most will probably be on a Gigabit network, with that in mind 100m theoretical limit is it, taking into account one should keep the max length at around 90-96 meters with various terminations in place.
  2. Do you still have the original shipping boxes? Still under warranty?
  3. The answer is no difference. As long the cable you are using is a certified Cat 6 or 5 cable. And it doesn't exceeds the maximum length specified by Ethernet standard. Cat 6. Cat is 55M and 100M for Cat5e.
  4. Not sure where OP is at regarding his pursuit of digital streaming Nirvana. Keep you setup simple - KISS - gives you less hassles if you're less technical incline with computer tech. If you can afford a good sounding end streamer all in one unit, go for it. I have not heard many good sound streamer in my travels. Probably the best I have heard is the dCS Bartok but that's way out of budget for most. Others have mentioned Auralic Aries G1 , which is closer to your budget. You have mentioned you do like you "analogue" sound. Also mentioned in this thread and more inline with your bud
  5. Parasound Halo/Hint 6 Integrated. Plinius Hautonga Integrated Accuphase E-460 or 470 used if you can locate one. Electrocompaniet Integrated new or used. Dream amp...Gryphon Diablo 120 or better still 300. My preference is from bottom up. Good luck with your search.
  6. You sure? https://www.bluesound.com/products/node/ The NODE 2i has enhanced dual band Wi-Fi which provides best-in-class performance even in crowded airspace. With state-of-the-art Bluetooth® aptX® HD, the NODE 2i can easily support 24-bit streaming directly from your phone or tablet, as well as transmit studio-quality music to Bluetooth headphones and speakers. High-end DAC technology built into every Bluesound Player allows the NODE 2i to decode and stream MQA files in all their lossless glory.
  7. For picture quality, me thinks Sony has a very slight edge due to their processor. For day to day usability LG Web OS is the best out there - just try their magic remote in shops like JB or HN.
  8. When you work in IT, standardisation and adhering well practised industrial protocols it the way to go. IMHO.
  9. Well, I just replaced my ISP router/wireless modem thingy with Ubiquiti systems. The new systems consist of Edge Router, PoE switch and a wireless ap (access point). My NBN lead point sits in my garage and currently where the wireless ac is. We get somewhere between 3 to 4 bars on our tablets and Macbook pro up on the third flood townhouse - that is passing two concrete walls. To give you an idea, here is an Iphone 7 wireless signal strength: Setting up is not that hard for the wireless AC (just set network name/pw). But the Edge Router does take some Googling, thanks
  10. Noice👌, very noice 👌 👍.. Buy it with the upmost confidence, a true gentleman to deal it. GLWTS, Chupa
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