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  1. I will take The Cult off your hands now if it falls through. Thanks, Matt
  2. Hi there stever...can I grab radio KAOS if it is still available please
  3. If you are still looking for a copy of Damn signed let me know. I have one I will sell. Cheers Matt
  4. Hey there mate....is this system still for sale? Cheers Matt
  5. Item: Marantz TT-42PA Location: Central Coast NSW Price: $400 Item Condition: Brand new in original box Reason for selling: Offloading excess tt's Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Hi there. I have a brand new Marantz TT-42PA turntable. Bought new in July 2007, the box had never been opened, until I took a peek to make sure everything was in the right place (which it is). Chance to save hundreds on the cost of a new deck. This is the model with the built in pre-amp. Delivery via courier can be arranged at the buyers expense. Pictures:
  6. I can't believe Talk has not gone.....until now. Paul Kelly and the Dots please - Talk. I look forward to looking at Monday's list.
  7. Can you organise postage to NSW?
  8. Ahhh...thanks everybody got is sorted....ended up using the suggested by Zaphod method...and its worked a treat.
  9. Zaphod excuse my ignorance but is in addition to doing what Muon suggested or instead of doing what Muon suggested?
  10. Awesome thanks Muon....wili give it a go, thanks.
  11. Thanks Muon, thats the best reason for looking at using the Sansui. I have an external phono pre-amp for the Rotel, but its pretty ordinary. And, yes, running them side by side the Rotel sound reproduction is kinder to my ears (not withstanding that the Sansui needs a really good service). I think they both have their place - the Sansui may end up being a small room stereo. For the moment though, it may be a way to get around having to spend another chunk of change getting a quality phono pre-amp. Thanks to both of you for your replies, it is appreciated. So, is it something worth exploring?
  12. Hey there everybody...other than my very basic knowledge of cleaning equipment, and a love of vinyl, I have very little idea about most everything else that is on the technical side of the ledger. I was going to search the internet and look at some youtube clips, but thought that stereonet is a better resource fro finding out specific information. And, every interaction I have had thus far has been overwhelmingly positive because it seems everybody is genuinly here to help. What I am wondering/asking is if I can use the Sansui AU 317 as a pre-amp for the Rotel Ra985bx - or should it be the other way around. Is it possible? If so, how would you connect them? Is that the best way to go i.e should the Rotel be the pre-amp? I did notice that there is a forum post about restoring/renovating/servicing the Sansui, which is the first thing I will have to do. Having given it a good run, I can see the potential but it is not sounding great. Definitely needs some tlc. I have opened her up and had a good look, and everything is in tact without any noticeable corrosion or damage, but the sound is rather murky, esp when the turntable is used. So, it needs a service before it gets used again. I guess the most important questions is does the Sansui lend itself to be used as a pre-amp (or vice versa) in my particular case? Cheers, thanks for looking everybody. Looking forward to (hopefully) some replies.
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