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  1. thanks ethro, I took up this Deezer offer. I have been using Tidal but prefer the Deezer playlists....they have a nice mix of classics and quirky....maybe its the French influence. Hifi Sound quality is great too. Enjoying the Mystical playlist at the minute....nice reggae.
  2. I received my my Hifiman He4xx that I bought from the classifieds (thanks Honey Badger). Really happy with them. I love the wide open silky smooth sound. Lots of instrument separation and details are great. They do need a bit of power. My Cayin N3 Dap just does the job but I have to turn the volume up pretty high.
  3. Thanks everyone. I bought some Hifiman He4xx here in the classifieds.
  4. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and suggestions. I ended up buying the hifiman he4xx.
  5. Any thoughts on the HifimanHE4xx. There is a possibility of getting a second hand pair
  6. Can you pm me a price?
  7. Yep they seem like good ones and I’ll audition them along with the hd58xx
  8. If I’m looking at the ones I think you mean. They are closed headphones and I’m keen to try open headphones
  9. Item: Open back headphones Price Range: up to $200 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Im seeking a comfortable, set of open back headphones to use while I work at my computer doing CAD drafting. I'm open to various brands as long as they have a nice clear, open sound and are comfortable wearing for longer periods. I will use the with an audioquest black dac/amp connected to my phone, Cayin N3 DAP or a MacBook. Regards FOUND
  10. I’m looking to try openback headphones for the first time and want a shortlist to go and audition. My budget is up to $250 and I’m looking to wear them while I work (draft/design) at my computer. I have tried closes back headphones but don’t like the isolation from the environment. I thought open back will give we an immersive musical experience without feeling isolated. Comfort is important and I would like a pretty lively and spacious sound. I would love any recommendations from those with experience to include on my list and thoughts about the following: Grando SR80e ( not sure they will be comfy?) Audio Technica AD700. Akg 240 Seinheiser 58x ( on sale at addicted to audio) Thanks
  11. I haven’t compared bluetooth versions, but when I looked into buying the bludento reciever, reviewers etc suggested the better Bluetooth codec helps music quality and signal strength. If your source device doesn’t support aptX codec then the Bluetooth receiver reverts to lower quality so the signal quality is limited by your source. I use iOS devices which sends an AAC signal to my bludento and to my ears it sounds as good as a cable connection.
  12. I bought a Bludento BLT HD Bluetooth receiver from amazon and it’s great. It supports aptXHD if your computer sends that? Otherwise it reverts to the standard Bluetooth signal. Has a good dac in it too.
  13. I was also looking for a Bluetooth receiver so decided to try the Bludento BLT-HD, after reading this thread. I have just hooked it up directly to my Rega brio amp and playing music from a little Cayin DAP and have to say that I am very happy. For $120 au its a great way to get Bluetooth into my system.
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