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  1. I was looking for some nice bookshelves a few months back and was linked to these which I think look pretty nice and they offer a free money back home trial. https://www.buchardtaudio.com/shop-1/s400-white-pair-pre-order-discount-bbpwd-efmb2-2hpdh-dzsk6 In the end I decided to stay with my existing bookshelves and integrating a subwoofer and I'm happy with that set up now.
  2. I'm also thinking integration of a subwoofer into nice bookshelves is a good plan if bass is important. You may have more scope to tune the base to your room. I guess it depends on your room size if you can do that within your budget.
  3. Final price drop $250. Bargain!
  4. DdDesign

    SOLD: Rel T5i subwoofer

    I am tempted to get a second as well, also want black to match my other one.
  5. DdDesign

    REL and SVS subwoofers

    I agree, it seems intuitive to keep a sub well coupled to the floor. The paver idea sounds like a good plan. I've had the Rel T5i in my system for nearly a week now and its presenting my music in a wonderful new way! I wouldn't be without it now. As you say intergration is very good and easy to get right.
  6. DdDesign

    Long rca or long toslink?

    Looks like there is no clear benefit either way. My dac isn't at all fancy so I reckon long toslink is the best in my situation. It's probably cheaper and I can keep all my gear set around the amp.
  7. I am connecting my tv to a dac via optical toslink. My amp is 3m from my TV and I'm wondering if I am better to have a short rca cable from dac to amp and long toslink to tv or long rca to dac and then short toslink into tv? Or am I splitting hairs and it's going to make no difference in sound quality either way?
  8. DdDesign

    REL and SVS subwoofers

    Today I played some Massive Attack, which has plenty of base and is helping me to fine tune the Rel. I tried the rubber vibration pads under the sub. To my ears the base wasn't quite so tight. I'm thinking its because the driver in the T5i is down firing and has been designed with an optimal distance off the floor to work its best. I'm really enjoying this little sub
  9. Another price drop!
  10. DdDesign

    REL and SVS subwoofers

    Thanks JamesMay. I use those same pads under my speakers and cd player. They are great and 'Ill given them a go under the sub. I have actually moved my sub out of the corner, which in my space is very boxed in by a couch, plus my amp and other gear resides there. Its sounding better now sitting slightly out from the back wall ,just beside and under the left speaker, and 1.5m from the corner.
  11. DdDesign

    (another) Subwoofer hum query

    I have no idea if this helps? I was setting up a subwoofer yesterday. It was all good then I moved my gear around and reconnected the sub and there was hum! What I discovered is that when I put my am/fm tuner back into the amp via rca the sub hum disappeared. I don't know why but I assume the tuner acts as a ground?
  12. DdDesign

    REL and SVS subwoofers

    By the way does anyone have any tips for subs on suspended timber floorboards. Would something with a bit of mass like a concrete slab under the sub be a good move?
  13. DdDesign

    REL and SVS subwoofers

    I picked up a demo Rel T5i today. I'm still playing around with positioning, crossover and gain at the moment. So far I'm pretty happy with the sound. I just have the one, as that's all they had in stock and for now that's all I can afford. A second will have to come down the track. With my small speakers, I'm not wanting for more or deeper base. What I am finding is that I am wanting to smooth things out a bit, so there is work to do on positioning and room treatment. A second would also help with that I guess. I have the sub in a corner as recommended by Rel and the dealer. It's integrating pretty good, in that I don't have any sense there is a separate box in the room. My speakers are performing quite nicely and there are 'smiles on my face' moments as the sound is more rich and full . It's not quite as good when the volume goes up, so Im not sure what's going on there? My bookshelves are small (4.5inch drivers) so I suppose they have their limits. I guess it's also my room because the same issues arose with when I was using floor standers.
  14. price drop $300 Ono
  15. Item: Rel t5i or T7i or SVS sb1000 subwoofer or 2 Price Range: up to $600 each Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I'm open to other brands, as long as they are musical. Primarily the sub is for music. I would be interested in one or a pair.