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  1. Well, the player is now randomly skipping, warmed up or not. It's under warranty, so I'll send it back to the service agent again to look it over. I feel your pain Anne Marie Robertson, Rega are not generous with returns and will only do returns within 14days of purchase, thereafter it must be sent to a service agent for repair.
  2. I have a Rega apollo R CD player that is relatively new and of late it is skipping and sometimes not initialising cds. It has been serviced and the laser was replaced. It worked fine for a few months and now it's skipping again. What I have noticed is that it only happens when the player is first turned on and not warmed up. If I power it up and wait for about 30mins it seems to works fine, but if I play a cd straight up it will inevitably skip and not read discs. Not always but often. Has anyone else come across this issue and/or shed some light on possible causes?
  3. DdDesign

    FS: Zaph L18RNX low baffle-step speakers

    They look nice. How big is your current room. I'm surprised they are too big. And why the padding around the tweeter?
  4. DdDesign

    Help me shortlist a vintage tuner

    Thanks for that link. I ended up buying that tuner and so far I'm pretty happy with the sound. The FM reception is crystal clear using my tv antenna. Unit looks great too. I'm listening to classic fm at the moment and the tone is quite lovely. I am now trying to sort out the AM side of things. I am not sure how the antenna should be connected? I have a typical cheap AM loop antenna and have it connect to the brass connector plate in the image below. From what I can see that brass connector plate seems to be joining the AM ANT. to the GND, bypassing the connector between (or is that screw connection the plate is going over the GND?). On top of that brass plate is a hole that I have twisted both cables of the loop antenna into. Im getting reception that is listenable but its got a bit of static that I would like to cut out if possible. Im wondering if that brass plate is designed to connect in the loop antenna or have I got it wrong and is there a better way to connect a loop antenna to this unit? Here is a link to the original Steronet ad for more general pics : https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/251625-sold-fs-yamaha-ct-710-am-fm-tuner/
  5. DdDesign

    Help me shortlist a vintage tuner

    I would but it got snapped up and I missed out!!
  6. DdDesign

    Help me shortlist a vintage tuner

    Thanks, looks perfect.
  7. After some mucking about and an email to Dougs scripts, I finally have some success in copying files from iTunes to my new DAP. Doug suggested I use this script, which is pretty handy for organising your iTunes files for a sd card or usb drive. https://dougscripts.com/apps/m3unifyapp.php Its called MU3 unify and is pretty handy and only costs US$5 Or if you just want to imbed the artwork and transfer the files one by one this one is free or by donation and also works good. https://dougscripts.com/itunes/scripts/ss.php?sp=reembedartwork @ a. dent thanks for the link to Dougscripts.com
  8. I am a little lost? I'm not sure if I am approaching this correctly? I have downloaded and run the script. Now I am simply dragging my albums from iTunes onto my sd card. On the sd card I make a folder for each album but I can't see a jpeg folder? Any help would be much appreciated :)
  9. Thanks for the tips...Ill give that script a go. Cheers
  10. I have just bought a new Cayin N3 DAP and put a few albums on by dragging them from I tunes. I was wondering if anyone can guide me on how to imbed the Album artwork into my album files? Is there some helpful software that I use to catorgize and sort all my music (currently in iTunes on a macbook) for using with a DAP? Cheers Doug
  11. DdDesign

    Rega apollo issues

    I bought a reconditioned Rega apollo R CD player from a dealer a couple of years ago and had issues with it skipping or not reading discs. In January this year it got really bad and I contacted the dealer and made a warranty claim. They sent me to a local technician who swapped out the laser and it fixed the issue for a bit. Just in the last month it is having issues again. This time it is skipping when I first start it up. After it has warmed up for about 3mins it's fine and doesn't skip anymore. I contacted the technician and he has noted the issue and I am going to monitor it for a bit...may have to go back onto his bench. He tells me electronics can be sensitive to temperature. Its annoying because I like the sound of the player. I would like them to just replace it really rather than having to keep going back to the technicians and waiting up to 2 months for the repair.
  12. DdDesign

    Help me shortlist a vintage tuner

    Based on your recommendation on another thread, I have been looking for one of these, but yet to find one. If you happen see one, let me know Cheers
  13. DdDesign

    FS: BAD Panels (Free)

    I like the design of these panels. Did they work well? Is the pattern of the holes important to the design and how well they work?
  14. DdDesign

    Help me shortlist a vintage tuner

    Thanks for the link. I have looked at that and its packed full of tuner info, but I'm somewhat overwhelmed by the shear number of tuners there. I guess Im looking for a shorter list, to get me started.