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  1. I always liked the Walkman with tapes....still need big pockets
  2. I did consider that and I am about to upgrade my iPhone 6 but.......not sure a phone in kiosk mode is a wise move. He is 9 and easily distracted and a very persistent negotiator. As soon as he has a phone it’s a small step towards him bargaining to unlock games and more screen time.
  3. Hi, I want to get my son a device to stream music that is not a phone. I would like him to be able to browse music on Spotify or similar without the distraction of the internet or games. I,m considering the FiiO M6 and wondering if others can suggest other options in a similar or lower price range.
  4. Item:Bucharcht S300 or the s400’s Price Range: up to $1k and can stretch for S400 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: ideally I would like to audition them first so if there is anyone in WA looking to sell that would be great. Alternatively, if there are east coast sellers, let me know and I maybe able to find an owner here in WA that would like share a listening session. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  5. I use Jaybird x4 Bluetooth iem s for running. They are nice and secure with the comply foam tips that are included. I like that they still have a cable connecting the two ear phones so if I stop I can hang them around my neck and less chance of losing one. They sound good.
  6. I subscribe to Deezer and they offer a range of tracks encoded using 360 reality audio. I am enjoying this spacious musical experience. It’s nice! I believe it’s offered on tidal as well. There aren’t heaps of track available as yet but I am listening to music I wouldn’t necessarily choose because I’m enjoying the 360 experience.
  7. Thanks for that. I'm thinking that model is quite old and the tech. has probably improved since then.
  8. Item: Digital piano Price Range: Up to $400 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: My 8yr old son has taken up Piano and he is using an old Roland digital piano with a few keys not working, so I am in search of a replacement. I thought to ask amongst the community here at stereonet and see if there is anyone looking to sell a piano?
  9. thanks ethro, I took up this Deezer offer. I have been using Tidal but prefer the Deezer playlists....they have a nice mix of classics and quirky....maybe its the French influence. Hifi Sound quality is great too. Enjoying the Mystical playlist at the minute....nice reggae.
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