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  1. mtf

    currently drinking

    I recon I could spend a few bucks there haha
  2. mtf

    currently drinking

    Mouthwatering photo there Frank, very nice 👍
  3. Leather covers, wow, what are they?
  4. Way too much glitter for my liking, each to their own though but it seems a bit tacky to me at that price point. But damn they are the best I’ve heard that’s for sure 👍
  5. Haha fair call, only one I took.
  6. I have been fortunate enough to have been offered the new Chord Music speaker cables and a set of XLR to borrow for the weekend. These things are crazy expensive but wow, what a difference! I believe these are making their way around the country and they are leaving Perth in a few weeks. These things are amazing. ps They look s..t though
  7. mtf

    currently drinking

    Enjoying this wonderfully spicy and juicy ripened fruit Italian offering as suggested by @Mendes. A quiet, ..... well actually quite noisy night in, listening to some borrowed cables in the system, huge step up 🎶 Damn!!
  8. mtf

    currently drinking

    A real beauty that drop hey Mendes🍷
  9. mtf

    Beer: "proof that God loves us"

    Exploring these Frenchies brand this weekend, this being a lovely malty beer in a style from Northern France. 7.2% Very nice beer with a nice spicy after taste, be back for more🍺
  10. mtf

    currently drinking

    Cheers vinilink, good information to know 🍷
  11. mtf

    currently drinking

    How did the Hardy’s stack up?
  12. mtf

    currently drinking

    Thanks caddisgeek I shall put it on the list for my next visit to that great region
  13. mtf

    currently drinking

    You must, you must haha
  14. mtf

    currently drinking

    I dropped into 4 Pillars a few years ago, fantastic place to visit👍.
  15. mtf

    currently drinking

    Look, I’m bringing this word out for another run, I can’t help it.. Amazeballs!! Find it,drink it, Amazeballs. That’s all I’ve got....cheers haha🍷