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  1. Not personally tried those but I’m guessing it’s worth hitting those older Shiraz first with a nice red meat dish🍷
  2. Pretty sure I had a longboard and a big wave a few weeks ago, as part of my journey 😁
  3. Rain, fire, tunes and a dram, good times indeed
  4. That’s the advice I like to hear😉
  5. I will have to get photo tips from you, that looks great!
  6. Very nice looking treats there Steve, making me thirsty for some of the good stuff 😛 Enjoy those waves 🏄‍♂️🏄‍♂️
  7. Looks like a few misses tonight.
  8. Jayzus! Who the hell would charge that, or pay that? ah I see
  9. Beautiful work Thomo
  10. And so his search continued.....
  11. Strewth!!! I have hot found one that mighty yet, what a beast!!!!
  12. I’ve managed to get one so far, the hunt continues 🍷
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