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  1. I look forward to having a drive out that way.
  2. This is a beautiful drop of Shiraz from Sunbury, a perfect twist of the arm to shell out the bickies for a few from the current vintage🍷
  3. Wow!! It worked out fantastic, 4.5 hrs on smoke and a quick sear on the WeberQ, Phew!! Happy days👍
  4. Still waiting, nearly there👍
  5. Nice Sunday session, that Magpie hill is cracking!
  6. Was thinking about some Nordost, will they give a more accurate reading or is it all about speed?
  7. First go at smoking a chook, Fingers crossed🤞
  8. I was recommended to try these, glad I did👍
  9. Those Black label Cab Sav are such great value for money.
  10. They do have some great bargains.
  11. Great drops, I really like the Jack Mann, pity they up and left the swan
  12. Wine from Valtellina and smoked pizza tonight, happy with that🤙
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