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  1. Some very local vino that I picked up from cellar door a few years back. It’s a great vineyard to visit if in Perth.
  2. No contemplating that email you would have received today I bet Mendes, just a straight up YES!😆
  3. What drop might that be similar to Mr Mendes?
  4. More Australian than Darryl Kerrigan and jousting sticks they recon😉
  5. That’s a very nice matching opener too!👌
  6. That should do the job, fantastic duo!
  7. Happy new year all. May the Bush Chook be with you.😀
  8. Perfect G&T weather in the west today, this SOR distillery is definitely worth popping into if you happen to be in Perth and enjoy the odd Juniper tipple or two, really nice stuff. 😉
  9. Took me a little while but I finally got one to try @DRC, nice one🤙
  10. Started with some southern Tassie Chardonnay and now enjoying some smoked beef shorties with a few glasses of damn nice 2012 McLaren Vale Shiraz. Cheers all 🤙
  11. This is not a bad effort in the “one standard drink” category
  12. Still yet to visit that winery, must put it on the list next time I’m down there.
  13. A fella from around these here parts called Steve graced me with a glass of this drink a while back and I’m still smitten, wonderful stuff it is.
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