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  1. mtf

    Technics SP10 Appreciation Thread

    I had the pleasure of hearing the Mk3 recently and it sounded absolutely fantastic!
  2. mtf

    currently drinking

    It’s another one of the good value wines I’ve tried from Sam Scott in South Aus, he makes some really nice Italian varieties at great prices https://www.scottwines.com.au/product/La-Prova-Rosso-2016
  3. mtf

    currently drinking

    This is a little ripper for $20, lingering savoury spice and nice mouthfeel, mild dark mocha and cherry flavours, nothing mind blowing, just very easy drinking this one 👍
  4. mtf

    Beer: "proof that God loves us"

    Had a crack at this tonight, a bit muggy this evening so it got slammed down rather quickly but definitely worth another try🍺
  5. mtf

    Beer: "proof that God loves us"

    ‘‘Twas the only Irish drop in the fridge, Happy St Patrick’s day!!🍺
  6. mtf

    currently drinking

    Cheers for that John 👍🥃
  7. mtf

    Currently Spinning

    Yeah baby!!
  8. mtf

    currently drinking

    Very sexy glasses 😉
  9. mtf

    currently drinking

    It is no Barolo that’s for sure, the Carpe Diem Nebbiolo is a lot closer to the mark in that fashion, but Luke has made a pretty nice drop here.
  10. mtf

    currently drinking

    Having a nip of Neb too Steve 🍷
  11. mtf

    currently drinking

    That must have been a great session Steve🍷
  12. It would be great to see a set of these doing the rounds in over here! 👍
  13. mtf

    currently drinking

    How did a month off feel @A J?
  14. mtf

    currently drinking

    I think I need to do a Feb/May 3 month stop buying wine challenge 😂
  15. mtf

    currently drinking

    You go alright @Rockford