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  1. Did any Conterno make it to day two Steve?
  2. How did you enjoy them both @audiohippo
  3. Tasted a lot of Margs wines over the last 3 days so I thought I’d pop open something from the other side of the country upon our return. Beautiful drop it is too.
  4. Some wonderful Syrah and some chillin tunes Life is good tonight🤙
  5. That’s a cracking array Zammo
  6. How good is a Hunter Sem, I’m definitely cracking one next week🤙
  7. Cheers, beers and a happy New Years!
  8. Gotta wait till next year for that 😉
  9. I think leaving them longer would be of benefit, mine was a one off 13 but if I had some more I’d be burying them for a couple of years. Sometimes curiosity gets the better of me😁 I have some 16s to come when it is a little cooler in the new year,,,,, will have to be strong.
  10. Nice one, look forward to checking out the new digs
  11. Fantastic! Bloomin Sami ODI, I new I’d seen the label but couldn’t put my finger on it. Looks like a great night out Steve.🤙
  12. Oh stuff it, one more Neb tonight, why not.
  13. Lovely match up, this 2017 Nebbiolo from Victoria takes this beautiful cheese to another level!
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