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  1. currently drinking

    This is a very nice drop , cracked a bottle with @coeuslee on the weekend . A little time to breathe and it really opens up wonderfully Slowly making my way through the Coates wines and having a blast.
  2. currently drinking

    Cheers for that, I shall go and track some down
  3. currently drinking

    Yes indeed a well rounded meal
  4. currently drinking

    Did I mention moreish
  5. currently drinking

    Hands down nicest Gin I’ve tried, lovely lingering flavours. Im also listening to a Nick Drake record, not sure that’s a good mix, I just keep staring at the floor.
  6. No problem mate, you can try any of the panels
  7. currently drinking

    Some people just got no patience I tell ya
  8. currently drinking

    This is enjoyable for sure, not tried this variety before but I like it! Shes a funky one alright I also got the Shellac Syrah which I look forward to knocking the top off soon
  9. currently drinking

    About as close as I will get to trying a Maynard Keenan wine, couldn't help myself🎶🎶🍷🍷😀😀
  10. Great write up That's a sweet set up you have there. I am a very satisfied Kuzma owner as well
  11. currently drinking

    I really hope to do a trip through there one day. Have a blast Surge
  12. currently drinking

    Haha sounds like I better visit the room of glowing hot glass again soon
  13. I'm not good at selling stuff but I'd be keen to have a look if I'm in town