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  1. A quick head to head with Tidal today and sonically I’m leaning towards Qobuz, for my system it seems to be an improvement anyways and it was good fun to crank “The Plan” from the Tenet soundtrack again, Tidal dropped it a while back, that song damn near loads up my entire house with luscious juicy bass👌
  2. First time I’ve tried this variety and I’m pretty damn happy I did. Stone fruit and pear, such great length too, wish it was a tad more affordable but absolutely worth a try.
  3. @Tubularbells how is the volume os smoke emitted from this new unit compared to you pellet smoker? More neighbour friendly or same same?
  4. This 2017 vintage in particular is a cracker
  5. @Mendes, @Chanh, looks like you lads have done well! 👌
  6. Latest addition to MR Chardonnay while listening to latest addition to PSA disc spinners, damn nice evening I must say.
  7. Finally found the 2009 and what a great drop it is!
  8. What a great way to get the ball rolling, how are you finding it?
  9. It’s been a hard week alright, back home now. The Archaeus is holding up pretty well, very acidic to start with but it’s unfurling very nicely indeed, in fact it’s amazing the transformation this bottle is going through, can’t think of one that has changed so much in such a short time! Tunes and a nice drop of red, much needed therapy right now Cheers 🍷
  10. My good buddy gifted me this a few years back, can’t believe it’s taken me this long! You’re a legend @Mendes 🤙 Cracked a bottle of the Ruggabellus 16 Sallio last night, not going to be everyone’s cup of tea but I thought it was bloody amazing.
  11. What is your pick of those three Steve?
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