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  1. Wanted to try that on too, where does it sit on your Nebbiolo scale Steve?
  2. Last one for a little while and this is bloody tasty stuff, worth snapping up a few if you can find it😉
  3. It their BDX blend, pretty good stuff for the coin and hopefully it balances out with a bit more time. Doing pretty well mate but I really need to get away from Netflix and get back to work!! 🤪
  4. Some Margs red, some Chet Baker and some Spangled Emperor tonight, happy days.
  5. Always trying Steve, always trying 😉
  6. Still trying to get my head around the sparkling Shiraz concept, it’s a bit better for me tonight🙂
  7. Some beautiful songs from Sia Colour the small one on white vinyl.
  8. Paid another visit to the French butcher Steve? 😉
  9. Some red stuff from the beautiful Yarra Valley, going down a treat 👌
  10. It sure is mate. It’s good to have some quiet time with a few lovely vinos and chill for a bit.
  11. I’ve managed a few average attempts but this is melt in the mouth delicious, hotdiggettydog!!
  12. These are the pick for tonight with some smoked ribs, time to take a break from the ...
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