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  1. Great read Anthony, thanks for taking the time to write about your experience 👍
  2. In your element there brother👨‍🍳
  3. That was a cracking finish!
  4. How was that AR PE PE Steve? Rhetoric question? 🤣
  5. Absolutely gorgeous on the nose🥰
  6. Haha, hows it going mate, hasn’t changed since that photo was taken either. Will leave it at that for a while I think 👍
  7. Flicking through this again tonight with Mrs MTF, we are both rapt, the grunt that is coming out of these speakers is just phenomenal!!
  8. Wow, this is different, it’s smooth but she’s an acquired taste for sure.... not for the masses.
  9. There are some ripper set ups in there. Actually they are all ripper set ups because they are all enjoying music!
  10. Great looking room Steve, what you are looking at doing there will make a significant difference, 👌
  11. That picture disc you speak of is one of the worst records in my collection, yes let’s hope that doesn’t happen again.
  12. Won’t allow downloading due to region restrictions, any easy way around that?
  13. Just finished second and louder run, wow, this recording is spectacular! My ears will be ringing for quite a while haha. Streaming through Tidal HiFi so it’s going to be even better when I can gets me mitts on a CD version. @awayward the subs will get a working out all right, there is some great bass in this album and the drum kit, now that’s how you record a drum kit!!
  14. If it’s true to form it’s going to take quite a few listens to take it all in
  15. Happy Birthday @Mendes Sabre, kanpai, salute and cheers brother.
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